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The Real Bed mattress is a latex hybrid mattress made by the brand Charles P. Rogers. This online retailer offers a variety of mattresses, bed frames and bedding accessories. However, their most popular mattress, the Real Bed, has been in such high demand that they have dedicated a website solely to it. Offering the public a well made green mattress that is also affordable. Keep reading our mattress review to get more insight into this latex hybrid option.

Real Bed Latex Hybrid Mattress At A Glance

  • real bed charles p rogers mattress12″ Thick | 7 Layers + Cover
  • Universal Medium-Firm Comfort
  • Optional Topper For Softer Feel
  • Motion Transfer: Some
  • Sleeping Cool: Very Good
  • Edge Support: Good
  • 100% Natural & Sustainable
  • USA Made (New Jersey Factory)
  • 100-Night Sleep Trial & 25-Year Warranty
  • Price Before Coupon: $749- $1350

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In Depth Real Bed Mattress Review

Now that you have a rough idea what this bed may offer it’s time to jump into the details. Below we will break down how this bed in constructed. As well as what materials lie inside and how sustainable they are. Then, we will see how this translates to the comfort of the bed. As well as how it performs when it comes to isolating motion, sleeping cool and edge support. We will wrap up with all the basics of what to expect when ordering an online mattress with Brentwood Home.

What Is The Real Bed Made Of?

real bed materials

The Real Bed is a latex hybrid build that combines a steel coil support system with comforting natural latex and wool layers to create an almost 12″ thick bed. It is covered in organic cotton cover over a eucalyptus based rayon fire barrier. All tufted to make sure each layer stays in place and holds up for the long haul. The specific material layers are listed below and correlate with the image to see just how this bed is layered.

  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • Eucalyptus Based Inherent Rayon
  • Natural Wool
  • 3″ Natural Latex
  • Power Core Coil System
  • 1″ Natural Latex
  • Natural Wool
  • Eucalyptus Based Inherent Rayon

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How Sustainable is the Real Bed Mattress?

When it comes to latex hybrid mattresses there are several great qualities. However, one that really tends to stand out is how natural these beds are. Making them safer, healthier and more sustainable. The Real Bed pride’s itself on upholding a caliber of green quality in this mattress to ensure you get not only a supportive and comfortable bed, but also a sustainable mattress.

Each materially is carefully chosen to create a bed that elevates your sleep without any man-made fillers. The inherent properties not only create comfort and support, but also a high quality mattress that has you and the environment in mind.

real bed sustainability

How Firm Is The Charles P. Rogers Real Bed?

Knowing more about what is inside a mattress can help you better understand the feel, or comfort. It is no doubt that we like a solid, well built bed that uses great materials. But, we know that a top priority is having a mattress that actually feels good to sleep on.

real bed mattress comfort

The Real Bed is a universal medium-firm comfort latex hybrid bed. The responsive combination of coils and latex offers a more buoyant feel. These materials allow the bed to respond specifically to your weight and size. By offering a flexible yet contouring feel that gives a slight push back under weight instead of sinking in. This is basically the opposite affect of slow responding memory foam. Allowing for great pressure relief, but also by keeping you on top of the bed opposed to feeling stuck.

The comfort of this mattress will work for a large majority of sleepers. The medium-firm feel is ideal for back and stomach sleepers of all shapes and sizes. And will do well for combination sleepers too. Heavier or larger sleepers will also appreciate the long lasting build and durability of this mattress and will find all sleeping positions comfortable.

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Should I Get The Real Bed Mattress Topper?

real bed mattress topperThe Real Bed is a universally comfortable bed. However, this mattress might need some added plushness for dominate side sleepers or anyone who prefers a more medium to medium-soft feel. Especially if you are smaller to more average in size. This topper is an added 2 1/2″ of comfort. Not only that but the unique design of this mattress topper even offers a mini coil system.

Making this mattress topper unlike any we’ve ever seen. The combination of a nano-coil system with latex adds flexible support and comfort, ensuring that you sleep cool and aren’t making the mattress too soft. Covered in the same organic cotton you’ll have added softness to your mattress and all the same benefits.

real bed mattress topper

How Else Will The Real Bed Benefit My Sleep?

This sustainable mattress offers a great product and solid build. And the comfort should work for everyone, especially with the optional topper. However, what other areas will this mattress change your sleep? Below are a few areas of how else this mattress will benefit you. From ensuring minimal partner disturbance to sleeping cool and offering solid edge support.

Motion Isolation:

real bed mattress set upWhen it comes to a new mattress we love the buoyancy of a latex hybrid. However, you don’t want your mattress to be so responsive that it wakes your partner every time you move. The Real Bed is made with minimal motion transfer in mind.

By using a pocketed coil system you get the precision and flexible support without radiating movement throughout the bed. Each coil is not only wrapped in fabric but not interconnected. Keeping any movement directly on the coil instead of traveling.

The latex is more responsive, however it is also dense and doesn’t add to the motion transfer. Topped with wool you have yet another comfort layer that helps absorb any energy. All together creating a mattress that works very well for anyone who shares a bed. As well as anyone how wants a bed that is responsive with good motion isolation.

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Sleeping Cool:

sitting on the real bed mattressWhen it comes to sleeping cool, or even better, temperature neutral, a latex hybrid is always a good choice. Each layer of this mattress is ideal for allowing airflow, breathability and not retaining excess heat. Giving you a bed that works for hot and cold sleepers to allow for comfortable rest all night long.

This is all possible by the materials that this mattress is comprised of. Anytime a coil system is used you not only get great support but also plenty of space for air to flow right in the core of the bed. Top that off with aerated latex that isn’t affected by your bodies own heat, wool that is naturally temperature regulating and moisture wicking. Wrap it up in breathable organic cotton and you have a great mattress for keeping your body temperature in check all night long.

Edge Support:

real bedAnother area to consider when buying a new bed is how sturdy the edges are. This is important for a few different reasons. First, getting in and out of bed is a lot easier when you are properly supported. Also, if you sit on the edge of your bed you don’t want it to break down. And lastly, having solid edges means that you have a fully usable sleep surface that you can really maximize sleeping space on.

With the Real Bed you not only get solid and reliable materials, but the coil system uses reinforced coils around the edge. This is to ensure that the edge support provides great perimeter stability for a consistent feel from every angle. As well as holds up for when you are getting in and out of bed and occasionally sit on the sides or edge too.

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Real Bed Mattress Basics:

Buying a mattress online is a bit different that buying in store. However, you will find that the process is easy and there are actually a lot of perks that come with each Real Bed too. Not only do you get a great price, but you also get free shipping right to your door and a trial period to test out the mattress for yourself before committing. There are a few other basics that come with ordering this mattress too, just keep reading.


One thing we can certainly get on board with in this mattress is the amazing price point. This mattress comes in at just $999 in a queen size. With prices varying depending on the size you need, ranging between Twin to Cal King. Along with this already great price also comes a 100-night trial period, a 25 year warranty and FREE shipping.

Real Bed Coupon:

The value of this mattress is already fantastic. However you also get to pair it with the latest Real Bed discount to make this mattress even more affordable and an even better value. Follow the link below to get access to the latest Real Bed mattress coupon code to ensure you save today!

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We know, as well as Real Bed knows, that some folks are in need of a mattress but also need to make monthly payments. Which is why they have also partnered with Bread to help you find financing if you need. Learn more about what options are available at HERE.

Delivery & Set-Up:

real bed mattress reviewDelivery is free and set up is a breeze. Your mattress will be shipped right to your door. Though this box is on the larger and heavier side, and two people are needed to move it easily, especially if you have stairs. It is still compact and can get to any room in your house. Moving the box is by far the most difficult part of the process.

However, once you get the box to the room you want the unboxing process is quite simple. All you need to do is remove the rolled mattress from the box. Unroll the initial plastic and unfold the bed. Then just cut the plastic away, carefully though so you don’t cut the actual mattress. And once you start cutting the plastic away the mattress will begin expanding.

Within a minute or two your new mattress will almost be fully expanded. However, even though it looks ready to sleep on we suggest giving it several hours, if not a day, to let it fully expand. Once you give it some time to firm up and air out before putting any sheets or a mattress protector over the top.

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Trial Period & Warranty:

With the Real Bed mattress you have the opportunity to test it out in your own home for 100 nights. This trial period is in place to make sure that when buying a bed sight unseen that you truly love it before you have to commit. If not, returns are included for FREE too. Though this is the case we, as well as Real Bed, suggest you give your mattress a break in period. Allowing your body to adjust for around 30 days will make sure that you can truly appreciate the new comfort and support before making a final decision.

Also included is a 25 year warranty. This is not only a testament to the quality of materials and construction of this bed, but also Charles P. Rogers confidence in their product. The Real Bed warranty covers any manufacturing flaws or defects. Not to mention any abnormal ware that occurs with normal use. Giving you the reassurance that you will have a high quality mattress that will last you for many years.

real bed mattress basics

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty 25 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $749
  • Twin XL $829
  • Full $899
  • Queen $999
  • King $1350
  • Cal King $1350
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