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When it comes to finding a natural mattress that is completely free of foam the Joybed mattress has you covered. Not only do you have a hybrid mattress that is foam free, but you have three unique Joybeds to choose from. Ranging from the more affordable 11″ LX option, to a vegan, no wool, LXC option and all the way to their LXP 13″ luxury model. Each offers superb quality, natural materials and affordable price points.

Joybed Mattresses At A Glance

We know that reading a lengthy review might not be for everyone. Which is why we like to start with a quick at a glance section that highlights some of the most pertinent information of all three Joybeds. From there, you can decide if more information is necessary, or not!

  • joybed lox lxc lxp mattress review3 Joybed Mattress Options
  • Joybed LX
    • 11″ | 4 Layers + Cover
    • Luxury Firm Comfort
    • Price Range ($495 – $1360)
  • Joybed LXC
    • 12″ | 3 Layers + Cover
    • Medium Firm or Medium Plush
    • Price Range ($790 – $1,490)
  • Joybed LXP
    • 13″ | 5 Layers + Cover
    • Medium Firm or Medium Plush
    • Price Range ($890 – $1,690)
  • Motion Transfer: Limited
  • Temperature Regulation: Very Good
  • Edge Support: Good
  • FREE Shipping & Returns
  • 120 Night Trial Period & 10 Year Warranty

Latest Joybed Mattress Pricing

In Depth Joybed Hybrid Mattress Review

If you want to see all the details that make this mattress special than keep reading! Our unbiased Joybed mattress review will start by covering the materials and build to give you a closer look at what each bed is made of. Along with the materials we will also look at how this translates into comfort for each option too.

After that we will take a peak at some of the additional benefits your sleep will get from any Joybed mattress. And we will wrap up with the basics of ordering online through Joybeds.com and what comes with each purchase.

What Makes The Materials In The Joybed Mattresses Different?

foam free mattressOne of the things that stands out most with any of the Joybed mattresses is the fact that none of them use foam. With 99% of other mattresses found online they’ll have either a combination of foam and coils or all foam. Making this unique find one that offers a one of a kind build and feel.

Instead of foam this mattress uses only sustainable wool and cotton to add comfort and softness. These materials are not only green but also very durable too.

With compacted wool, cotton or both you’ll have a thick, dense layer of comfort over the coils that compliment each other to offer great adaptability and balance. While the spring coils offer flexibility and support the cotton and wool are comforting yet dense, creating a great combination.

joybed natural materials

This completely foam free Joybed is also 100% natural. Meaning that you not only have a bed that feels good but is also good for you and the environment. With three great choices you’ll get exactly what you want with this amazing mattress.

Latest Joybed Mattress Pricing

JoyBed LX Mattress

The most affordable Joybed is the eleven inch thick LX model. Offering the thinnest profile, firmest comfort option and lowest price point. Below is more on what the Joybed LX is made of as well as how comfortable it will be.

Joybed LX Mattress Materials:

If you are looking for the firmest and most affordable option the Joybed LX, or Joybed Luxury Firm, may be the best choice for you. This 11″ mattress uses a pocketed coil system pairs compacted cotton and wool and wraps it in an organic cotton cover to provide a luxury firm mattress.

joybed lx materials

The coils offer precision support that supports each part of your body uniquely. The cotton is dense but still soft and adds a layer that is breathable as well as hypoallergenic. While the layer of wool is a natural temperature regulator that not only keeps you cool and dry but adds a layer of durable plushness too. All together creating a firm yet pliable mattress.

Joybed LX Mattress Comfort:

joybed lx comfortWhen it comes to the comfort of the LX Joybed you have one universal option. However, this thinner profile mattress is the firmest of any of the Joybed mattresses. Coming in at a true luxury firm, or medium-firm feel that is best suited for back and stomach sleepers and occasional side sleepers.

Though this mattress is the firmest it is still comfortable enough to adapt to almost all sleepers and their sleeping styles and needs. Unless you are a dominate side sleeper or are on the smaller or lighter size, than this mattress should work for you. Otherwise if you want a softer feel, the LXP offers a medium-plush feel that may be more ideal for you.

Latest Joybed Mattress Pricing

JoyBed LXC Mattress

The amazingly natural and vegan Joybed LXC offers no animal or animal byproducts to create a vegan’s dream bed. This universal comfort mattress can be upgraded to a softer feel with a vegan topper. While it is a very budget friendly mattress you will have to add a little more for the added comfort. Learn more below about how the Joybed LXC is made and see how comfortable is too.

Joybed LXC Mattress Materials:

If you are in the market for not only a green mattress but a vegan mattress, than the Joybed LXC, or Joybed All Cotton, is going to check all your boxes. This 12″ mattress uses the same pocketed coils as the LX, however, this option offers only compacted cotton and plant fibers to create the comfort of this mattress.

joybed lxc materials

Again, this coil system offers precise support right where your body needs it. The cotton is dense but still soft and adds a layer that is breathable as well as hypoallergenic. There are two layers of cotton, one more densely packed and one slightly looser, for a solid yet comfy feel. Wrapped in an organic cotton cover just enhances the feel of this 100% vegan mattress.

Joybed LXC Mattress Comfort:

joybed lxc comfortThe LXC Joybed also comes in one universal feel that is medium-firm. However, the added inch of overall thickness makes it just a tad softer than the LX. And, if you want a truly soft mattress you have the option of upgrading your purchase to include a 4″ vegan topper made of pillowy cotton to make your mattress that much more plush.

This mattress alone will work again for the majority of sleepers. Ranging in an ideal comfort suitable for back, side and stomach sleepers. Making it great for a variety of sizes and shapes too which means couples and combination sleepers will appreciate this mattress.

Latest Joybed Mattress Pricing

JoyBed LXP Mattress

The most luxurious Joybed is the thickest mattress, the LXP. Offering an amazing all natural bed that is 13″ thick and available in two comfort options.  Though it may cost a bit more than the others, the added upgrades are worth every penny. Find out all the details of the materials, build and comfort of the Joybed LXP below.

Joybed LXP Mattress Materials:

If you want the most luxurious feel of the three with ample layers of wool and cotton than the 13″ Joybed LXP, of Joybed Luxury Plush, will be your winner. This mattress is similar to the XP but not only adds several inches of wool and cotton, but also a nano coil for extra pressure relief and support. All together making this natural mattress dreamy as can be.

joybed lxp materials

Each Joybed offers similar construction, however the LXP offers a few added upgrades you won’t see in the other Joybeds. To start the coil system is not only individually pocketed but also zoned for better support. This not only gives better precision comfort but also targets 7 specific regions of your body even better. It also has a nano or mini coil system. This gives added support and durability.

The comfort layers combine organic cotton and wool to create a solid yet adaptable surface. The cotton is dense but still soft and adds a layer that is breathable as well as hypoallergenic. While the layer of wool is a natural temperature regulator that not only keeps you cool and dry but adds a layer of durable plushness too. All together creating a plush mattress with plenty of support that is 100% natural too.

Joybed LXP Mattress Comfort:

joybed lxp comfortIf you are looking for the most premium Joybed than the LXP is the best choice. The comfort of the LXP Joybed is offered in two ideal feels. One being a medium firm feel and the other a medium plush feel. Giving anyone looking for a sustainable, no foam mattress a slightly softer and slightly firmer option.

This 13″ mattress will work for every sleeper. The medium firm is perfect for back and stomach sleepers as well as works well for side sleepers too. It is the most popular feel that adapts to all shapes and sizes and sleeping needs. Which makes it a great compromise for couples and combination sleepers too.

The medium plush Joybed LXP is also great for a every shape and size but is going to appeal most to dominate side sleepers. Offering ideal support but a little more contour to truly let your shoulders and hips sink in for great pressure relief. Giving you a bed that is truly premium, green and for everyone.

Latest Joybed Mattress Pricing

Joybed Mattress Additional Benefits

Regardless of which Joybed Mattress you opt for there are several additional perks that make each of these beds great. Though comfort and materials are typically highest on people’s list of needs in a new mattress there are a few other areas to consider. Below we will see how the Joybeds do for isolating motion, sleeping cool, offering solid edge support and their focus on sustainability. Creating three unique beds that check all the boxes when it comes to buying a new mattress.

Motion Isolation:

When it comes to isolating motion all three Joybed mattresses do a great job. Each uses pocketed coils which creates buoyancy and precision support but without creating vibrations that travel. The use of cotton and wool adds comfort and plushness but also great materials that absorb movement and don’t add any spring or movement themselves. Creating three beds that do a great job for minimizing partner disturbance when sharing a mattress.

Temperature Regulation:

A great quality about each of these mattresses is the fact that they all offer materials from top to bottom that are temperature neutral and stay that way all night long. While a coil system is always key for providing great air flow you also have super naturally breathable cotton and in the LX and LXP you have tempeature regulating and moisture wicking wool. All of these amazing materials work together to ensure every sleepers temperature is ideal and comfortable.

Latest Joybed Mattress Pricing

Edge Support:

This solid perimeter of a mattress make it easier to sleep in as well as help with getting in and out and the occasional sitting. With a solid base coil system and durable, compact comfort layers the edges of this bed should feel sturdy. Allowing this mattress to have consistent feel from middle to edge. As well as allows for little to no breakdown on the edge regardless of how dependent you are on using it for getting in and out of bed and even sitting.


One of the most stand out characteristics of this mattress is the fact that the LX, LXC and LXP are 100% natural and sustainable. Which means you get a bed that is healthier for you and the environment. Even the fire barrier is plant based. Learn all the ways Joybed ensures the best materials and manufacturing process HERE.

Latest Joybed Mattress Pricing

What To Expect With Your JoyBed Mattress

The concept of buying a mattress online is more and more accepted with each passing day. Because of the fact that each company has a purchasing model set up to not only make the mattress buying process easy, but also guarantees satisfaction. By offering several added perks, that are now considered standard, when ordering a mattress on the internet you have little risk in trying a new bed before trying it. Below are what you can expect when ordering your new Joybed mattress to ensure you have the best experience, regardless of whether the mattress works for you or not.

Delivery & Unboxing:

  • Free Delivery via ground shipment
  • Delivery is roughly 2-3 weeks from order date
  • Free Returns
  • Easy Unboxing Process (See Below!)
unbox lytton


The Joybed Mattresses offer great three great mattresses all at great price points. While the most affordable option, the LX, ranges between $495 to $1360 with the most popular size, a Queen coming in at just $960. While the LXC ranges between $790 to $1490 and the most popular size the Queen is $1,190. And the most luxurious Joybed, the LXP, ranges from $890 to $1690 with the Queen coming in at $1290. Each mattress also includes free shipping and returns, a 120 night sleep trial and a 10 warranty.

Latest Joybed Mattress Pricing

Joybed Mattress Financing:

Even though the Joybed mattresses aren’t super expensive they can still be out of some folks price range. However, if you are sure that this is the mattress for you but your budget is a little stretched you can finance your new mattress. Joybed is partnered with PayPal to offer an easy  0% interest payment plan that allows you plenty of time to pay off your mattress. For more details check out all you need to know at JoyBeds.com.


  • Trial Period – 120 Nights
  • Warranty – 10 Years
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • USA Designed & Made
  • 100% Natural & Sustainable

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 120 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $495 - $890
  • Twin XL $790 - $1090
  • Full $900 - $1190
  • Queen $960 - $1290
  • King $1360 - $1690
  • Cal King $1360 - $1690
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