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July 18, 2019

Helix Luxe vs Birch

helix luxe vs birchMattresses may differ, but the brands you love stay the same. Helix Sleep is a leading brand in the online mattress world. The Helix Luxe vs Birch showcases two mattresses that are very different options, but from one brand you know and love. Their high quality mattresses stand out above the rest and they have a wide variety of options for you to choose from.

The Helix Luxe is one of their most popular options with six different comfort levels. With so many options, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find the mattress of your dreams. Helix Sleep’s Birch is their first ever natural latex option and appeals to today’s natural/organic trends. With the Birch you can sleep well knowing you’re doing good for yourself and the environment. Continue reading to see the benefits of both and make your online mattress shopping experience a breeze.

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Helix Luxe Mattress Overview:

helix luxe mattress comparison birchNo two people sleep exactly the same way, so why would one comfort option work for all sleepers?The answer is, it doesn’t. Which is why Helix believes in creating mattress collections with wide ranges of comfort options. The Helix Luxe comes in 6 different options, ranging from the ultra plush and soft Helix Luxe Sunset to the firm and supportive Helix Luxe Dawn. So no matter what your preferences you are sure to find a mattress that will make you sleep like a baby.

The Luxe series is an upgrade to the original Helix mattress collection that featured 9 different comfort options. While the Luxe has less variety, it is by far the more luxurious of the two beds. The Helix Luxe has a body zoning coil system and a plush breathable pillow top, making this mattress much cooler and comfortable than its predecessor. For such a well made mattress, the Helix Luxe is actually reasonably priced; making much easier to upgrade to the Helix Luxe.

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Birch Mattress Overview:

birch mattress comparison review vs helix luxeThe biggest different between the Helix Luxe and Birch mattresses is that they designed the Birch mattress to be a natural organic mattress. All of the materials used within this mattress are geared toward being a environmentally friendly option.

They truly did a great job at picking materials that not only were organic, natural, and/or eco friendly, but that were also prime materials that make for a soft, breathable, and luxurious mattress. You can also rest assured that sustainability does not decrease durability or support.

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Helix Luxe – Delivery & Unboxing:

First impressions are important, how your mattress is shipped and delivered to you, may have a lasting effect on your overall experience with your new mattress. Thankfully Helix has an easy and relatively quick purchase and delivery process. Your purchase price covers the shipping and delivery costs within the US.

While Helix Luxe mattress is made to order, it should still make it to your door within 6-10 days. Once the mattress is made they compress, roll, and pack your mattress into a box so it can be shipped straight to your home.

After it shows up on your doorstep it is time for unboxing. We suggest that you keep your mattress in the box and get an extra pair of hands for moving the mattress into the room where it will be living. Once it is where you want it, then carefully remove the mattress from its box and outer plastic packaging. Keep in mind that the larger sizes may weigh more than 100lbs.

Your mattress will expand to roughly its full size rather quickly. While it may look immediately ready for sleep, we suggest allowing at least 24 hours of air out time. This is all to allow the mattress to fully expand and for any “new mattress scents” to dissipate fully before you sleep on it. The good new is Helix makes their mattresses in the USA, so any odors being emitted from the mattress should not be toxic. Once those 24 hours is up, your new Helix Luxe bed is ready to sleep on and enjoy!

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Birch- Delivery & Unboxing:

birch mattress boxSince Helix makes both of these mattresses, the delivery process of the Birch is pretty much identical to the Luxe.

The Birch is also compacted, rolled, and boxed for delivery. Once it arrives at the house, we suggest moving the box with a friend as it will likely weigh over 100lbs. After you move the box into the desired room, you can then remove the mattress from the box. Be sure to remove the outer plastic carefully as the compact nature of the wrapping may make it easy to accidentally cut your mattress. This natural mattress will have a natural bounce that brings it to life quickly.

If you have had synthetic foam mattresses in the past, you will notice that this mattress full of naturally sourced materials will smell different then what you might be used to. However, since these are natural materials, none of the smells coming off of your mattress will be toxic.

We still recommend that you allow at least a few hours to allow your mattress to fully expand and air out. Also keep in mind that it may take 24 to 48 hours to fully firm up before you can give your Birch mattress a true review.

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Helix Luxe Mattress Materials:

When comparing materials used in mattresses often you are comparing different company standards. With this pair, both mattresses are made by the same company! So you know that regardless of which option you go for, you are getting that same high quality standards of Helix.

Each Helix Luxe mattress has 6 different layers consisting of a quilted pillow top cover, gel foam, memory foam, poly foam, coil system, and base foam. The exact material makeup of each layer will vary depending on which comfort option you go with, however the general layering process is the same.

Pillow Top

This 14″ mattress starts with a breathable pillow top cover, this is what give the Helix its luxurious feeling. It keeps air flow between your body and the mattress while relieving pressure points.

Comfort Layers

Under the pillow top is a layer of Gel Visco memory foam. This foam is also created to help keep your body temperature regulated through the night. This layer is 1″ thick and is a high density foam, this means it is going to supply contouring and support to your neck and lower back.

helix luxe dusk materialsGoing deeper into this mattress we come across the 2 inches of Memory Plus Foam or Helix Dynamic Foam depending on your mattress. This layer of foam adds optimal support.

When you move in and around in bed it is nice to have a layer that provides a comfortable transition of body weight when you are moving. This is what the High Grade Transitional Foam layer is for. This layer adds deep comfort and the ergonomic support you need while sleeping.

Coil System & Base

The next layer is what truly makes the Helix Luxe what it is. The thick zoned body shape coil system. This hardy 8″ coil system includes over 1000 coils that are individually wrapped. They created these coils to be a little softer under the shoulder region and firmer under the hips for optimal comfort. They also reinforced the edges of the mattress by making the surrounding coils firmer than the rest.

The final layer of this well planned and thought out mattress is the base layer of DuraDense Foam. This is a heavy duty foam that gives this mattress a great foundation for the rest of the mattress to rest on. The thick foam stabilizes the layers above and ensures the longevity of your new bed.

helix luxe mattress review

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Helix Luxe Material Variances:

helix luxe mattressesBecause Helix Luxe has so many slight variances in materials within their comfort options, we wanted to touch on that and shed some light on those differences. Depending on which comfort option you choose, and if the mattress is soft, medium, or firm, there will be some differences in the support of the foam.

The supportive foam layers vary from soft, medium and firm. Depending on if you get a softer or firmer mattress will determine which level of foam firmness you will get within your mattress.

No matter which firmness you get you are sure to get contour and relieve pressure, the foams are simply aligned with the support you need.

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Birch Mattress Materials:

birch by helix wool pillowBirch is a stands apart from every other Helix made mattress in one way. The materials used in this mattress are picked for their natural, organic, and eco friendly properties. Every Helix mattress is made with goodness on the inside, but the Birch is even better. From the organic cotton to the Talalay Latex these materials are both durable, long lasting, resilient, and also sustainable and natural. The Birch is a great choice for environmentally aware sleepers searching for a more natural mattress option.

Don’t be fooled by this mattresses natural asperations. This  feature only enhances the mattresses premium comfort. The comfort layers start with 100% Talalay latex and organic wool. This latex is not only naturally derived, which does not emit any toxic fumes, but it is also naturally aerated. This aspect of the materials make the mattress cooler than others that use synthetic foams. While the wool helps to regulate body temperature it also has the added benefits of cushy comfort and being a natural fire barrier. This takes away any need for a toxic flame retardant.

Next comes the support layers. The coil system used in the Birch mattress are manufactured right here in the USA. This is a long lasting and very flexible support system that adapts to your body. Each coils is individually wrapped all on its own to maximize comfort. The long lasting steel is also reinforced around the edges to provide ultimate edge support.

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Helix Luxe Comfort: 

With so many options for comfort, you are sure to find a Helix Luxe option that works for you. This luxurious 14” mattress comes in 6 different firmness options for you to choose from. However, each mattress features a supportive coil system and breathable pillow top. Continue reading bellow to check out the special comfort varieties:

  • Helix Sunset

helix luxe mattress review sunset This overall, softer mattress is ideal for smaller sized persons who sleep mostly on their back or side. It offers a more plush feel and contouring support.

  • Helix Moonlight

Also a softer bed, however the Moonlight has just a bit more support. It is meant for a wider variety of sleeping positions for smaller persons, or for medium to larger persons who life a more plush feel.

  • Helix Midnight

helix luxe mattress review midnightIf there was such a thing as a one size fits all mattress, the Helix Midnight would be it. The most popular of the Helix Luxe options, it has a medium firmness feel and is ideal for side sleepers, but works well for other sleeping positions as well. It’s adaptable comfort isn’t too soft or firm. This is also a great option for couples who need to meet in the middle when it comes to comfort.

  • Helix Dusk

Also a popular option on this list, the Helix Dusk has a medium-firm feel. However, it provides more support than the Helix Midnight. This makes the mattress more ideal for back and stomach sleepers, and larger sleepers too.

  • Helix Twilight

helix luxe mattress review twilightThe Helix Twilight is the best option for larger sized sleepers, who need maximum support and a firmer feel. However, if you are a side sleeper that really wants a firmer feeling mattress, even if you are a smaller sleeper, you may also love this mattress.

  • Helix Dawn

The papa bear of all mattresses, this is the firmest option that Helix Luxe offers. This mattress is ideal for larger sleepers who sleep in every position. If you are a smaller person who sleeps on their back or stomach, you might also appreciate the extra support of the Helix Dawn. 

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Birch Comfort:

sleeping on a birch mattressThe Birch only comes in one comfort option. This supportive, responsive, and contouring mattress has a medium-firm feel. This firmness provides most sleepers with that ‘sweet spot’ when sleeping. The Talalay latex comfortably cradles you, while the coils provide ample support. The wool creates ideal lumbar support, so you get everything you need for a full night’s rest. Each type of sleeper will love the Birch mattress as follows:

Stomach sleepers will love the dense and durable feel of the Birch. This combo of materials creates a consistent and supportive feel that is strong enough to contour to your body without your back bowing. Next, the classic side sleeper; although some may not find it as soft as they would like, side sleepers will love the Birch mattress. The remedy for added softness is the optional pillow top layer which takes the Birch from a medium-firm to medium feel. Thus side sleepers or anyone who loves a little extra plushness may rejoice!

Lastly, even heavier sleepers will appreciate the all natural Birch mattress. Natural means more durable than most, which is exactly what a heavier sleeper needs. The steel coils and Talalay latex are also dense and long lasting for the toughest of sleepers; even the wool has a natural resiliency.

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Helix Luxe vs Birch – Motion Transfer:

birch mattress lifestyle woman dog and manThe important part about motion transfer is not feeling it. All Helix mattresses promise limited motion transfer, however the Helix Luxe may have the upper hand. The Helix Luxe uses an innovative design, which results in hardly any motion transfer, and therefore no partner disturbance either.

The coil system is the key to buoyancy without transference. This means you can move throughout the mattress easily, without disturbing your partner. Lastly, the thick layers absorb any motion, making this mattress ideal for anyone who co-sleeps.

The Birch hybrid mattress is still an excellent option for keeping vibrations under control. Specifically, since the coils are not interconnected, this allows pressure to stay on them and not travel throughout the bed.

In addition, any bounce that is possible is quieted by thick layers of wool and Talalay latex, so your partner will have no idea how many times you’ve rolled over throughout the night.

Helix Luxe – Sleeping Cool:

helix luxe vs If you are wanting to sleep cool, The Helix brand has got your back. The key to a cool mattress is all in the materials and construction. The more airflow you have within a mattress the better. Every Helix Luxe is covered in an extra breathable cool sleep technology pillow top.

Under the pillow top is a layer of cooling gel foam. This foam acts as a comfort layer and helps to keep the foam cooler than regular memory foam.

The final line of defense for heat dispersion is in the coils. Helix adds air flow to their Luxe mattresses is with their coil system. So if any heat that does find a way to build up within the other layers, a place to escape.

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Birch – Sleeping Cool:

Every material Helix uses in the Birch mattress is picked to help keep their sleepers cool. From the organic cotton cover, to the special Talalay latex. They picked materials that they knew had cooling and temperature regulating properties.

The cover for this mattress is made out of a organic cotton. This cotton is naturally breathable and helps to pull moisture away from the body.

Under the cotton cover comes the layers of wool. Wool is often thought of as a materiel used to stay warm. While wool can absolutely keep you warm, it is actually a temperature regulator, so if you get too hot or too cold, the wool is going to help maintain optimal sleeping temperatures. Like cotton, wool also helps to wick moisture away from the body. Keeping you not only cool, but dry as well.

Next is the type of latex birch uses for their foam, Talalay latex. This is a naturally derived latex that has much better aeration than memory foams. It is the aeration that makes Talalay so much cooler. It allow heat dispersion and keep the mattress from holding onto any built up heat. From top to bottom the Birch mattress uses premium natural materials to create a cool mattress.

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Helix Luxe vs Birch – Edge Support:

helix luxe vs luft bedOne of the top features of the Helif Luxe is it’s premium edge support. This is all due to the specially created coil system. The coils around the edges of the mattress are firmer than the internal coils. This provides extra support for the mattress as a whole. When you combine the dense base foam with the reinforced individually wrapped coils, you get a level of edge support that is going to be hard to beat.

Helix also put reinforced coils around the perimeter of their Birch mattress. This allows the Birch to have really solid and durable edges. Solid enough to lay close to the edge or even for long periods of sitting on the side of your mattress. So which one has better edge support? It is honestly a toss up. Both of these mattresses have truly fantastic edge support.

Helix Luxe vs Birch – Value:

When it comes to value both of these mattresses are everything you could ask for and more at a price that is more than affordable. The thick and high quality build of the Helix Luxe gives you a 14″+ thick mattress with precise comfort at a price point that falls in line with the quality and durability. The details and meticulous design ensure a mattress that you’ll love for years. Available in every standard mattress size, but with the most popular Queen size coming in at $1745 before the latest coupon, gives you a luxury mattress at a good price.

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The natural appeal of the Birch also offers a great mattress at a great value. With a thoughtful design and eye for detail in every material you’ll surely love this healthy mattress option. This bed is very affordable for the durable and high end components. With the most popular size, a queen, coming in at $1499 before any Birch coupons. As well as every standard mattress size available too. With either mattress you’ll get an incredible mattress for a great value.

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Helix Luxe vs Birch – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialAs mentioned above, the trial period and warranty between the Helix Luxe and Birch are pretty evenly matched. The Helix Luxe includes a 100 night sleep trial plus 15 year warranty and the Birch includes a 100 night sleep trial plus 25 year warranty. These are standard values in the mattress business.

The warranty is specifically designed to coincide with the natural wear and tear of a mattress. This guarantees coverage for as long as these incredibly durable mattresses hold up. The great thing about brands that offer these reliable trial periods and warranties is that you know you’re buying a product you love from a company that loves its customers right back.

Helix Luxe vs Birch – Summary:

Between the Helix Luxe and Birch mattresses, we love both and so will you. Although these mattresses come from the same brand, they are highly unique. A natural hybrid versus six comfort options, but the one thing you can’t count on is that Helix Sleep quality. We highly recommend the Helix Luxe for its personalized comfort options.

But we also highly recommend the Birch for natural enthusiasts. Natural mattresses can provide a healthier, cleaner sleep. However in the end, the more sleep you’re getting, whether on a Helix Luxe or Birch mattress, the better you’re doing for health.

Helix Luxe Mattress vs Birch Bed

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