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Accessory Review SOL Organic Sheets Review

SOL organics cotton and linen sheets review

The SOL Organics brand is all about making textiles right. From their 100% Organic certified materials, Fair Trade practices, GOTS certifications and even some American Made products. SOLS Organics is going above and beyond to do right thing every step of the way for everyone involved. From the people growing the materials to the customer sleeping in their sheets. As SOL Organics likes to put it “Organic for the Planet. Fair Trade for the Farmer. Awesome for You!” With such a great outlook and transparency in their process, we wanted to review the final product. Are these sheets comfortable? Keep reading to find out.

SOL Organics – Materials

organic cotton and linen sheets There are several different types of sheets now made by SOL Organics, most of which are made from cotton. The Percale and Sateen sheets are both made out of 100% Organic Cotton. This is such a classic well-loved material for sheets. It is breathable, soft and can be transformed into a number of different weaves and textures. The Percale is cool crisp and while the Sateen finish is silky smooth and has a shiny finish.

Now SOL Organics also makes their own Organic Linen sheets. These are made out of 100% Organic European Linen. European is some of the highest quality linen around, and yet they manage to keep these sheets at a reasonable price compared to other brands. They stone wash their linen sheets to ensure they are wonderfully broken in and soft from day one.

The American Made Organic Cotton Sheets are made with 100% Organic Cotton that is certified by GOTS. This particular sheet set is also only available in one off white color option. Why off white? Because the cotton is unbleached and never dyed. So the color you see it is the natural color of the cotton.

Certifications & Sustainability

organic gots fair trade sheets comfortable for a good price SOL Organics is a company that cares where its materials come from and how everyone is treated along the creation process of their textiles. They make sure that the work with factory partners that never use child labor and pay livable wages. With Organics as a part of their brand name it is only suitable that all of the materials used to create their sheets are 100% certified organic. Their cotton is even grown from non-GMO cottonseeds. You can sleep confidently in these sheets knowing you’re supporting a company that supports good practices for people and the planet.

Cotton Certifications – 100% GOTS Certified, Fair Trade Certified, OEKO-TEX Certified

Linen Certifications – 100% Certified European Linen, OEKO-TEX Certified

Sheet Options

Pick your material – Percale Cotton (crisp & cool), Sateen Cotton (silky & smooth), or Linen

luxury sol organic sheets are they worth the price When you go onto the SOL Organics website you will find that there are a number of different options to choose from. The biggest choice you will need to make first is what material/finish you would love for your home. Their organic Linen sheets are a great choice as they are stone washed, rustic, and very in style right now. While their Percale has a classic crisp cotton feel that is well loved by all and feel like jumping into bed at a luxury hotel. Sateen is a very popular choice as the silky smooth finish looks and feel luxurious and does not wrinkle easily.

Sets – Standard Linen Set, Bedding Bundle, Pillow Case Set, Duvet etc.

Next up you get to decide what you need for your home. SOL Organics sells their sheets in a number of different bundles as small as two pillow cases to a full sheet set including a duvet cover.

Select Your Color Preference – Color option vary per material.

organic sateen cotton sheets from sol organics Depending on what material, weave, and set you choose there will be different color options available. All of the colors are within the soft pale natural color spectrum.

Which of course means, if you’re looking for fire hydrant red sheets, these are not for you. Although, the colors that are available are arguably rather pretty. Then you’re all set to order your sheets.

Are SOL Organics Sheets Comfortable?

are sol organic sheets somfortable? This is the ultimate question. The truth of the mater is that you can do everything right for sustainability, the people, the planet, but if your sheets are not comfortable then no one wants to buy them. Well, start lining up folks because all of the sheets by SOL Organics are high quality luxury feelings sheets. Be sure you get the right material for you.

Linen is a great material for sheets year-round, it has a nice soft weight to is that is cozy but they are breathable and wicks away moisture making it perfect for summer as well. While the Sateen sheets are great for a silky glamorous modern feel. Percale has that classic crisp cotton sheets that will never tire or go out of style. Any way you go, you’re going to get a very comfortable quality feeling set of sheets.

Care Instructions:

full set of organic linen sheets from SOL Before you make the investment of purchasing a luxury set of sheets, it is important to know how to care for them. Especially if you want to ensure that you don’t accidentally purchase fussy dry clean only sheets.

No need to worry about that here. The SOL Organics sheet sets are simple to take care of. Their care instructions say to machine wash on cold with mild bleach-free detergent. Tumble dry your sheets on low. You can iron if you like, be sure to use the correct setting. You can also dry clean (except for linen) if you prefer. It is as simple as that.

– Machine wash cold
– Do not bleach
– Low tumble dry
– Heat iron
– Dry Clean Cotton Only (Do Not Dry Clean Linen)

SOL Organic Sheets Value:

the making of sol organic cotton shets A standard in a Queen size Organic Sateen sheet set consisting of 1 Flat Sheet + 1 Fitted Sheet + 2 Pillowcases in 100% Organic Cotton will run you about $149 from Sol Organics. The same set in Linen, also Queen size will cost $239. For the super high quality of these sheets and their commitment to doing right by people every step of the way, this is an incredible price.

There are many other luxury sheet brands that cannot come near matching these prices. Keep in mind that this includes shipping, and a 30-night trial period. This trial period allows you to really get a feel for your sheets before fully committing to them.

SOL Organic Sheets Review – Final Thoughts

Overall, we were rather impressed by SOL Organics. Not only by their fantastic practices and partnerships ensuring the quality of pay and work from their farmers to their factories. Or their certified organic materials that they use, but also by the overall quality and comfort of their product. Yes they do cost a pretty penny, however you are getting a great set of sheets for the money you are spending.

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SOL Organic Sateen Sheet Rating
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Value

Overall Rating:

If you are looking for the best organic cotton sateen sheets at the best price than the SOL Organic Luxury Sateen Sheets are a great fit. The variety of styles, colors and sizes make finding the right set easy as can be.



If you want a high quality, well pried organic sheet set than look no further. These sheets have a superior soft and durable feel that will last the long haul. The elegant color and style options make choosing a set as easy as can be. Every aspect of these sheets makes for a wonderful sleeping experience!


Still looking for some more information? Visit SOL Organics at Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!