Accessory Review Sealy Premier Posture Dual Sided Crib Mattress Review

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The Sealy Premier Posture Dual Sided Crib Mattress is the mattress my daughter, Lily, currently sleeps on. It was bought after I had purchased a less expensive mattress that initially didn’t seem firm enough, as well as had more off gassing then I would have liked when I took it out of the bag. This Sealy crib mattress had appealed to me due to the fact that it was dual sided and seemed plenty firm, had a cotton waterproof cover and wasn’t too expensive.

Sealy Crib Mattress Rating
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This crib mattress checked all our boxes. The price is right and has a good sturdy feel and construction. It also is comfortable for infant and toddler stages and adjusts to each.



To give you a quick look at the specifics of the materials this crib mattress has 204 coilsborder wire that runs around the edge as well as extra support in the corners and on the longer 2 sides. There is also an anti-sag distribution system in place to help evenly use the coil system even where direct weight isn’t applied. The toddler side has an added layer of plush cotton and the cover is made of waterproof, breathable cotton. Also the entire mattress is gold GREENGAURD certified.

What these specs mean to me as a Mom and my baby. First off, there are plenty of coils to give the necessary firmness and support my daughter needs, which is a top priority in choosing a mattress. The added support in the corners is a little less important because honestly she isn’t spending a lot of time on the edge of the mattress and edge support seems much more relevant when you are sitting on the edge or rolling in and out of your bed from the edge, in a crib you aren’t really using much of the edge surface, so this added support seems like a little bit of a waste. The anti-sag system however is necessary; any way to help distribute the wear and tear of the mattress evenly will keep it like new longer and also help prevent sleep impressions that we don’t want our little ones sleeping in. The cover is one of my favorite features. It is waterproof and antibacterial and has a woven cotton coverthat is much more natural and doesn’t have the strong off gassing smell most of the plastic encased mattresses have.



This mattress has two sides, one firmer for an infant and a slightly softer side for a toddler. The soft side is differentiated by an added layer of cotton; however the two sides would be hard to tell apart if they weren’t labeled. Regardless, I think any child from infant and upward is better off sleeping on a firmer mattress, so not having too much of a soft, comfort layer wasn’t a negative for me. It is little hard to get my five month old daughters opinion on how comfortable she finds her mattress, but after she successfully transitioned from her Rock ‘n Play to her crib she has been sleeping her first stretch of sleep for about 6 hours and then after getting a little snack returning to sleep for about another 4-6 hours. I would say that she finds it plenty comfy!



The Sealy Premier Posture Dual Sided Crib Mattress comes in right around $130 dollars depending on where you purchase it. Initially when comparing crib mattresses this price seemed high, however, when you look at the amount of time your child spends on the mattress and all the priorities as far as wanting a solid, firm surface as well as something that is safe, free of any noxious gases and comfortable I would say that a $130 isn’t bad at all.



At the end of the day this mattress has been a good investmentfor our little ones crib. It has been firm, yet comfortable and easy to clean if necessary and came in at an affordable price. I would recommend this mattress for anyone who is looking for a mattress crib for their baby.

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