Accessory Review Sealy Crib Mattress Pad & Protector Review

sealy stain protection crib mattress padWe cannot recommend a good mattress protector enough. Not only for your own mattress, but especially for a crib. When you have a newborn there are a lot of messes headed your way. Having a mattress protector like the Sealy Crib Mattress Pad & Protector can really make a big difference in your day to day life as a new parent.

We are going to go over all of the details on what makes this crib mattress protector unique as well as our personal experience using it. Keep reading or click the shop button below to start shopping now!

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Sealy Crib Mattress Pad & Protector – At A Glance:

  • Protection Level: 100% Waterproof 
  • Materials: Cotton Blend Top – 
  • Fits USA Standard Full Crib Mattresses & Toddler Mattresses
  • Greenguard Gold Certified
  • CPSIA Tested – Lead Free
  • Meets ASTM Crib Mattress Standards
  • PVC-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free Shipping
  • Latest Pricing Found HERE

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Protection Level:

water proof crib mattress protector sealy reviewWhen you are looking for a mattress protector as adult, you may only need minimal protection from sweat, dust, allergens etc. However, when you are shopping for a baby you need as much protection as possible. Babies and toddlers create a lot of messes. Which means a highly protective mattress protector is vital.

Thankfully, the Sealy Crib Mattress Pad & Protector is not only 100% waterproof, it also repels liquids and is stain resistant. Which overall makes this highly protective. It is also hypoallergenic which helps to keep allergens away from baby.

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Is the Sealy Crib Mattress Pad & Protector Comfortable?

crib toddler mattress protector waterproof best reviewThis is one of the benefits of having this particular crib mattress protector from Sealy. It is not only a protector but it also has a soft cotton blend quilted pad built in as well.

Which adds a plush feel to the top of the mattress. It feels soft and breathable without a crunchy plastic like feel. Which seems to be much more comfortable than a lot of the thick plastic protectors we have seen before.


best mattress protector for a crib to toddler bedThe Sealy Crib Mattress Pad & Protector will run you around $20. This is a good average price point that you will find most crib mattress protectors fall in. We would even venture to say it is on the low side.

Making this highly protective and comfortable mattress protector a great price for what you are getting. Be sure to click the shop button below for the latest pricing options and to shop now.

Twin: $19.99

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Care Instructions:

sealy meets safety features mattress protector cribs and toddler bedsOf course having an easy wash and dry experience is vital for parents. Thankfully we found that the Sealy Crib Mattress Pad & Protector to be very simple to keep fresh and clean.

Their care instructions were easy to follow. Sealy recommends machine washing and drying. We recommends using gentle detergents and avoiding bleach products for best results.

Our Experience –  Sealy Crib Mattress Pad & Protector:

For me, as a Mother, it’s mostly about what makes my life easier and keeps things clean for my baby. Even in a few months I have had a handful of times that between Lily getting sick or having a major diaper fiasco while in her crib that I have had to strip down the bed and remake as quickly as possible so she could get back to sleep. Having to not worry about the mattress getting dirty and trying to clean it is beyond reason to always have a protector. This Sealy Protection Crib Mattress Pad is not only a good protector but is about ¼” thick and adds a little bit of an extra layer of cushion.

I was pleasantly surprised with this protector. I had initially registered for a different Sealy protector and had received this one instead and really ended up liking this one just as much. The added quilt cushion and soft cover make it feel less like a protector and more like a pad, even though it has kept my mattress 100% free of any stains, liquids and debris. It’s been washed several times and comes out looking like it did the first time. It has proven to be durable and does exactly what it is suppose to.

This protector has been a great addition to Lily’s crib set-up and works great as an added cushion between her mattress and sheet as well as keeping her bed clean and free of stains. The amount of accidents and spills when it comes to babies is never ending and having something as simple as a protector on the crib mattress is key in keeping it safe and sanitary as well as Mom and Dad’s job a little easier. I would recommend this Sealy Protection Crib Mattress Pad for this purpose.

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Sealy Crib Mattress Pad & Protector – Final Thoughts:

seally mattress pad & protector reviewOverall, we found the Sealy Crib Mattress Pad & Protector to be a great fit for our family. It comes in at a good price point, and we love that it is easy to clean.

The stain resistant features and waterproof protection does a great job at keeping the crib mattress spotless and the mattress pad remains looking fresh and clean even after diaper explosions. We would definitely recommend this product.

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