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Accessory Review Saatva Dreams Sheets

saatva dreams sheets loftonThe only thing more important than the mattress you sleep on is the sheets that cover it. I mean, it is the cozy part right? Silky soft sheets are the key to falling asleep relaxed and waking up re-energized. And now, the Saatva brand you know and love is also bringing you Saatva Dreams sheet set and bed linens. With these luxury sheets you get comfort, affordability, and durability.

Isn’t it time you put a little extra care into the sleep you need so much? Continue reading to learn about the complexity and innovation that goes into the materials of the Saatva Dreams sheets. This includes the benefits, options available, and true value that you are getting with each sheet set. The Saatva Dreams Lofton organic sheets are one of the top brands on the market, so make sure you get yours while you still can.

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Saatva Dreams Sheets – Materials:

lofton sheets reviewThe truth is, it’s all about what goes into your sheets that makes you get the most out of them. And we don’t just mean thread count. Quality comes from every material in every stitch, which is why Saatva Dreams Sheets only uses the highest quality materials. First things first, Saatva Dreams believes in organic all the way.

This means that from start to finish, their materials adhere to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). From growing to harvesting, and finally manufacturing the cotton, Saatva Dreams is organic all the way. Chemical free and worry free, this means you’re getting the best stuff on the planet. Sound comfy already?

eli and elm wharf sheets review thread countAfter having all natural materials, it’s all about the thread count. Saatva Dreams carefully chooses their thread count, with the knowledge that as thread count rises, the sheets get warmer. That’s why at 300 thread count Saatva Dreams sheets are cool, comfortable, and breathable.

The thread, which is single ply also contributes to the sheets comfortability and breathability. With Saatva Dreams Loften Organic Sheet Set you can experience silky-soft sateen sheets in 300 thread count, long staple, organic cotton weave. That’s way more than what your factory brand sheets have to offer.

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Saatva Dreams Sheets – Benefits:

Sleep isn’t just for sleeping. The biggest benefit is that sleep prepares our bodies for the next day. Everyone may have a different pillow preference, but when it comes to the Saatva Dreams sheet set, one size fits all and benefits all who sleep.

  • Organic through and through– Means you’re sleeping free of toxins. No starchy chemicals to worry about irritating your skin, and no weird smell. Organic means Saatva Dreams has created natural comfort meant to appeal to anyone and everyone
  • Longstaple organic cotton- Gives you sumptuous and more durable sheets. These long organic cotton fibers are woven to create even softer sheets for your resting pleasure
  • Optimal thread count- Keeps you cool and refreshed all night long. Few people know that the higher the thread count the warmer the sheets, so Saatva Dreams sheets handpicks their 300 thread count to keep breathable and comfortable.
  • Fair trade- Means doing the most good. Saatva Dreams Lofton makes their sheets in Fair Trade Certified factories because this is the most effective way to do good everyday.

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Saatva Dreams Sheets – Options:

saatva dreams sheetsJust because one sheet fits all, doesn’t mean there isn’t room for customization. Saatva Dreams sheets come in three different color options: white, ivory, and grey. Each one a modern and elegant tone that is sure to brighten any room. The Saatva Dreams sheets also come in a variety of sizes: twin, twin XL, full, Queen, and king.

You also have the option of extra deep pockets for mattresses 10” to 15” high. Customers claim that this helps the sheets fit “perfectly to their mattress”. Each mattress set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases; except the tin and twin XL that only come with 1 pillowcase. Upon ordering, you can select another pillowcase pair.

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Saatva Dreams Sheets – Value:

saatva dreams in bedIf you’ve never considered it before, your sheets should be an investment. There really is no price for quality, durability, and comfort. Plus the longer you have your sheets, the cozier they get after washing and wearing, and of course, sleeping. The Saatva Lofton sheets are $195 for a queen size and $215 for the king. Compared to your typical brand sheets, this may seem like a lot. But compared to other high end, quality sheets, Saatva Dreams are reasonably priced.

Saatva Dreams also knows that although they will be the sheets of most customers’ dreams, they won’t for all. Which is why Saatva Dreams sheets include a 45-day trial period and 45 day return policy for a full refund. In addition, you get a 1-year warranty on all sheets for any manufacturer’s defects. If that doesn’t say value, we don’t know what does. 

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Saatva Dreams Sheets – Care:

saatva dreams sheets care instructionsCaring for your Lofton sheets is simple. Like other sheets, machine wash cold, no bleach, and tumble dry low. This will keep your Saatva Dreams sheets as soft and fresh as the first day you bought them, even after multiple uses. If necessary, you may iron your Saatva Dreams sheets in the lowest setting, but never use bleach and avoid the dry cleaners. It is best not to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit when drying.

Saatva Dreams Sheet Set – Overview:

The bottom line is: you need the cool, cotton, comfortable sheets by Saatva Dreams. You might sleep on your mattress, but you sleep in between the sheets. It’s time your sleep gets some luxury. Made with all natural materials in a fair trade certified factory, Saatva Dreams sheets are as honest as it gets.

Their natural elements make them soft and silky, while the considerate thread count keeps your sheets from getting too warm. You sleep EVERYDAY, so purchasing Saatva Dreams sheets is an investment that you know you will get your money’s worth.

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