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Accessory Review Riley Pillow Review

Riley Down Pillow ReviewThe Riley Down Pillow is manufactured by a company looking out for the comfort of your whole family. The Riley company even goes as far as to make beds for your dog.

While you can find many products on this site, their pillow is a standout among the bedding section. The Riley Down Pillow offers unbeatable comfort. Even offering multiple comfort levels for you to choose from. This makes finding the perfect fit for your bedroom easier than ever with

Riley Down Pillow – Materials: 

luxe pillow reviews with fillThe Riley Down Pillow is made with quality materials that will make you feel like your sleeping on a true premium pillow. Each Riley pillow uses 750 Fill Power white down for the lofty fill. Fear not though, the down is from a certified humane source. These sources that take pride in making sure their animals are well taken care of.

The amount of down in each pillow will completely depend on the firmness and size you have chosen. The softer and smaller the pillow the less down filling it will require. And the thicker and denser the pillow the more filling will be needed.

The Riley down pillow cover is soft and plush. As well as can be washed with an easily removable cover that you will surely love. Made of 100% cotton that feels soft to the touch. The cover is a beautiful satin dobby stripping to make it look perfect in your home. As well as creates a breathable cover for plenty of air flow. Making sure you never get too hot.

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Riley Down Pillow – Comfort & Support:

Riley down PillowThe Riley Down Pillow is made to fit everyone’s needs thanks to the multiple size and firmness options the company offers. The down filling will have you feeling like you’re truly sleeping on a cloud.

Perfected to your needs and adequate support for proper spinal alignment. While the soft cotton cover will be smooth and breathable for a luxurious silky feel.

You can choose from either a plush and firm option. These two feels will help you have a pillow that best matches your particular sleeping style.

As an added bonus you can remove the pillow cover at any time too. This makes for easy washing and drying. Also, you can wash the whole pillow if needed too, allowing you to keep it extra clean.

Riley Down Pillow Options:

Riley HomeThe Riley Down Pillow comes in a few different sizes. The standard pillow size is 20 x 26 inches. The thickness and weight will vary depending on which option you choose. While the plush option is 14 ounces and the firmer option is 21 ounces.

The King size pillow is a little bit bigger at 20 x 36. This gives you pillows specifically designed to accommodate a king size mattress.

The plush option in the king size will weigh 19 ounces and the firmer options will weight 29 ounces. This pillow is great for all types of sleepers; as long as you pick the proper size and feel.

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Riley Down Pillow -Value: 

The cost of the Riley Down Pillow will depend on which option you choose to go with. The standard plush size of the pillow is the least expensive at only $89. The standard firm option will cost you $30 more at $119.

The King size starts out at $109 for the plush option. If you want to jump to the firmer version of the king pillow you will be paying $149. While that seems like a pretty hefty jump, keep in mind that the Riley pillow uses premium and humane down to fill their product.

With your order you also get free standard shipping. As well as a 60-day return window in case you aren’t loving your new pillow. Once purchase your pillow will ship by Fed-ex ground and will arrive at your door in 3-5 days. If you decide to keep the pillow then your product is cover under Riley’s 5-year warranty in case of defects.

Riley Down Pillow Overview:

riley beddingOverall, the Riley Down Pillow is a dream come true for anyone looking to switch to a premium pillow. They made this product out of humane and quality soft down that will make every night you sleep on the product feel like a dream.

They also give you a stylish zipper cover to keep your pillow clean and make laundry time a breeze. The pillow ships to your home for free and will arrive in a speedy 3 to 5 business days once it ships. Even better, you have 60 days to try out the pillow and return just in case you don’t fall in love.

Riley also has a generous 5-year warranty that it gives out with its products. This guarantees that everything the company puts out is up to standard. If you do have a problem all you need to do is contact the company with your receipt to start the easy exchange process.

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