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Love your lofty mattress, but hate that your fitted sheet is constantly coming off? Or maybe you are just tried of the struggle it takes to remove your fitted sheet and duvet cover to wash it regularly. If you are familiar with these are struggles, then you are going to love the sheets from Quick Zip. Keep reading to get the full details on how these sheets work, their pricing, quality, our personal experience using them, as well as whether or not we would recommend them to you.

QuickZip Sheets Latest Savings

the quickzip zip up fitted sheet review

Quick Zip Cotton Sheets – At A Glance

  • 100% Cotton
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • OEKO-TEX Certified
  • 60-Day Trial Period
  • Made In USA
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

How It Works:

Typically we do not go over the logistics of a sheet set, as most sheets work in the exact same way. However, we have never seen anything quite like these Quick Zip Zip-Up Sheets so we wanted to quickly go over how these unique sheets work.

The QuickZip Fitted Sheets consist of two different pieces that fit together. The first is their fitted base, that has a zippered edge that attaches to a flat sheet that lays on the top of the mattress. Together that create a standard fitted sheet fit, although there is yet another difference between this flat sheet and others you are familiar with. This fitted sheet has far more material that nearly fully encases the bottom of your mattress, and has extra thick sturdy elastic as well. This goes beyond your standard fitted sheet and is what keeps your mattress fully covered, and eliminates the issue of exposed corners or sides of your mattress.

The Quick Zip Duvet Cover has two edges with a zipper, along with easy access slits and ties on every corner. This allows your to put on and take off your duvet cover in a way that is easier than ever.

QuickZip Sheets Latest Savings


review over the zip up fitted sheets from quick zipThe Quick Zip Sheets come in three different finishes which are Sateen, Percale, and Flannel. All of which are made out of 100% Cotton. The cotton sheets from Quick Zip are OEKO-TEX certified so you can rest easy knowing that your sheets are made without the use of potentially dangerous chemicals. We were able to try and test out the Sateen Cotton Sheets from Quick Zip which is what we will be focusing on in this review today.

The Quick Zip Sateen Sheets are extra smooth and have a luxuriously soft feel to them. The sateen finish is less crisp than a percale cotton sheet would be, and are not as thick or fuzzy as their flannel sheets. Sateen is a great finish as it works well in the warmer weather of summer, as well as the cooler seasons. Making them a great sheet set to use year round. While flannel is better suited for winter, and percale sheets are ideal for staying cool in the summer.

Are the Quick Zip Sateen Sheets Comfortable?

sateen sheets 100% cottonThe Quick Zip Zip-On Sheets are absolutely comfortable. The sateen weave gives these sheets a soft and smooth feel to them. They are great for both warmer weather as well as being good for layering in the winter. The cotton is nice and breathable, which allows for amble airflow. This is a great feature to have when you are looking to avoid heat retention.

One thing to note when it comes to the comfort of these sheets is to be mindful of the zippers. While very helpful, if you do not have the zippers in the prime location on your bed, then they can be bulky and you can feel them as you sleep. We recommend putting the fitted sheet zipper to end/start at the foot of the bed. This way you will never feel it when adjusting your sleep position. This trick also works with their zip on duvet cover. Simply keep the end of the zipper toward the foot of the bed and you should not experience any discomfort.

Our Experience:

Fitted Zip Sheets

easy on and off foldable fitted sheetWe get a lot of different sheet sets among other products to test out and review for all of you. The Quick Zip Zip-On Sheet Set has turned into one of our personal favorites. I have personally been sleeping on top of the Quick Zip fitted zip sheets in the sateen finish for over a year now and I absolutely love them.

We have a rather lofty mattress and even the extra deep pocket sheets did not fit over the sides of our mattress. We were constantly struggling to keep the corners of our other deep pocket sheets on our mattress. Even when it would stay on, the sides of our mattress would be exposed. Having the sheets so tightly stretched across our mattress also created a comfort struggle as it become a taught stiff surface to lay on, instead of being able to sink in and enjoy the top comfort layers of our bed.

The Quick Zip Fitted Zip Sheet is by far our favorite addition to our bed. They work wonderfully, cover our mattress entirely, and have made laundry days worlds easier. We simply unzip the top layer and wash with our other sheets. No more struggling to put the elastic section of the sheets on and off. We are looking to get a second set for our guest bedroom.

Zip Up Duvet Cover & Pillow Cases

innovative bedding from quick zip review personal experienceWe also got to test out the sateen pillow cases and duvet cover. The pillow cases are also a part of our daily use on our bed and have a comfortable fit.

We found that the duvet cover was also very easy to take on and off as the zippered edge makes it so much easier to take the cover off and put it back on than traditional style duvet covers. However, it was not our favorite product out of the set, as the zipper is thick and we did find that it became cumbersome to try and avoid it as we slept.

Overall, we would have to say that the Quick Zip Fitted Zipper Sheet is our absolute favorite addition to our bed and we would highly recommend it to friends and family. (In fact we already have on several occasions)

Quick Zip Sheets – Value:

the quick zip zipper fitted sheet review

We have listed a price range below to give you a general sense of the cost for the different set options from Quick Zip. These prices are based off of the Zip-On Sateen Sheets that we are reviewing here today. These prices will vary depending on side, weave, and promotions.

Overall, we would like to note that these prices are notably higher than most other sheet sets you are going to come across. However, the Quick Zip sheets are also unlike anything we have reviewed before. The zipper technology makes daily use and weekly cleaning worlds easier. It also fits on extra deep mattresses unlike any other sheet set. In our opinion, these features make these prices, worth it.


When you shop with Quick-Zip you also get Free Shipping and Free Returns within 60 days. Which makes it easy to buy and return if you end up not being completely in love with your new sheets.

Basic: $110 – $214
$206 – $339
Premium: $180 – $348
Euro: $255 – $395

QuickZip Sheets Latest Savings

Care Instructions:

easy on and off sheetsOne of the major benefits of these sheets is that they make laundry day worlds easier than before. Simply unzip the top of your fitted sheet and leave the sides on your mattress. The duvet cover is also much easier to remove and put back on, the ties all have easy access points, and the zipper makes removal much easier.

After your sheets have all been removed then simply machine wash on a warm setting. Avoid bleach and only use non-chlorinated bleach in necessary. They recommend line drying when possible, although you can tumble dry on low. Be sure to check your sheets for updated care instructions from QuickZip, as not following their proper care instructions could potentially damage your sheets and void a warranty.

Quick Zip Sateen Sheets – Final Thoughts:


We have got to say that these are some of the most unique bedding products we have come across. Their fitted sheet is a must buy for anyone looking to make washing easy, as well as covering an extra thick mattress. While the price point is higher than many other products out there, it is truly unique and high quality. In our opinion it is totally worth it. We love that they even sell individual pieces separately which allows you to customize the sheet set that works best for you. Be sure to click the shop button below for the latest pricing and for the latest deals for saving more.

easy on and off fitted sheet and duvet cover

QuickZip Sheets Latest Savings

Need more help? Make sure to contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help. Also, if you are in the market for sheets make sure to check out all our in-depth sheet reviews