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Accessory Review Quick Zip Sheets Review

The days of struggling to yank the corners of your fitted sheet down over your mattress are over. No pulling, yanking, tucking, or even awkward folding necessary any longer. QuickZip has found a way to keep your fitted sheet from popping off the side of your bed, all while making it even easier to wash, fold, and put your fitted sheet back onto your mattress. Want to know how? Keep reading and we will tell you all about the Quick Zip sheets.

QuickZip Sheets easy on and off

How It Works:

The Zip-On Fitted Sheets are really the star of the sheets made by QuickZip. A replacement to the old design of fitted sheet, the Zip-On sheet consists of two parts, the fitted base, and the zip-on top. The fitted base has extra fabric to truly wrap around your mattress, ensuring that there is no way it is going to slip off of the corners or sides.

The zip-on top sheet makes it incredibly easy to clean without having to take off the entire fitted sheet. Imagine how quick and easy putting your sheets back on your bed will be after laundry day without having to stretch the corners of your fitted sheet over your mattress.

QuickZip Sheets Latest Savings


organic cotton sheetsThese sheets come in either a Cotton Sateen or a Cotton Percale materials. Both of these made with 100% cotton, however they have a different feel to the two of them. The percale sheets have a more traditional cotton feel, crisp, cool, and will keep you feeling comfortable all night long.

While the sateen sheets have more of a luxurious feel to them, extra soft and have that 5-star hotel feel to them. (We got to try out the sateen sheet set for ourselves, skip down to Our Experience to see how we felt about them). OEKO-TEX even certified that these sheets are 100% cotton.

Sheet Set Options:

Beyond just the fabulous zip-on fitted sheet, QuickZip also makes complete sheet sets of different shapes and sizes in order to suite everyone’s wants and needs. The sheet sets at Quick Zip are called Starter Packs, and while many of the individual items are available for sale separately, the starter packs are well named because they are really the way to go when you are just starting out with their products.

  • Basic Set: 1 Fitted Base, 1 Zip-On
  • Premium Set: 1 Fitted Base, 2 Zip-ons
  • Classic Set: 1 Fitted Base, 1 Zip-on, 1 Flat Sheet, 2 Pillowcases
  • Euro Set: 1 Fitted Base, 1 Zip-on, 1 New-Way Duvet Cover and 2 Pillowcases

how to use the zip-on sheets by quickzipIf you would like to purchase a single zip-on sheet so you can switch between washes, these are sold separately. However, in order to purchase a zip-on sheet with a fitted base you will need to start with the Basic Starter Pack. The Classic is a traditional sheet set while the Euro skips the flat sheet and instead has a New-Way Duvet Cover instead. This duvet cover also utilizes the QuickZip zipper technology.

These sheets also come in a large variety of sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Twin XL Dorm, Full, Queen, Queen RV, King, California King, and Split King. They also have their own line of crib sheets that are made with similar technology.

QuickZip Sheets Latest Savings

Our Experience:

When we first heard about the concept of the QuickZip sheets, we did not completely understand the benefits to their design. The traditional fitted sheet and duvet designs have their own issues but it has always been what we were used to. Sure we were used to our fitted sheet popping off of the sides of our mattress, but that was just status quo. After trying on these sheets, we are thoroughly spoiled.

First and foremost, these sheets are comfortable. We got to try the Cotton Sateen Euro sheet set, that comes with a New Way Zip Duvet. The cotton sateen finish looks luxurious due to it’s slight sheen. The material is silky soft and very breathable. The white set makes our bed look like a fluffy hotel dream bed.

When we first got the set in we went ahead and made sure the fitted sheet would indeed fit our 16″ thick mattress. (Which it did, with room to spare) Then we put all of the sheets in the washer before use, as suggested on the tag. We followed the care instructions and then we were ready to rock and roll.

Assembly –

The elastic on their special fitted sheet is especially thick, which made it a little more difficult to put on. The great news is that we never have to struggle with the elastic of a fitted sheet again. Now all we need to do when washing our bedding is simply zip off the top layer and wash that.

The duvet came with user friendly clips that snugly grasp onto the corners of the duvet and duvet cover, ensures that the duvet doesn’t go swimming. The zipper aspect of the duvet made it to where we did not need to flip anything inside out. Which means no more shaking pulling or tugging to get your duvet cover on. Then it simply zipped close and we were ready to go.

The Zippers –

We were concerned that the zippers had the potential to be rather irritating but Quick Zip did a great job at designing their fabric to cover the zippers in order to keep the plastic away from your body. One thing we did notice with the duvet is that with how their zipper is set up, you will either have a an end facing you with a zipper going across or with the end of the zipper at one of the head corners.

This was a mild irritant to my significant other, however it did not bother be at all. So we simply flipped the duvet so the end of the zipper would be on my side. This seemed to fix the issue for us. While most people may never notice this, we thought it was worth mentioning.

Would We Suggest These To Friends?

We would absolutely suggest these sheets to friends. They are almost as pretty as they are comfortable. If anyone is looking for a quality sheet set that is incredibly easy to wash, these are a great option for you. The best part? We no longer have issues with our fitted sheets popping off of the sides of our mattress. This feature alone makes these sheets total winners.


quick zip sheetsThe prices have several determining factors, material, pack preference, and bed size. Starting from the bottom of the range at $90 is a Basic Starter Pack of the Percale Cotton sheets. While on the more expensive side of the range is the Split King Euro Pack in Sateen Cotton for $380.

Every order made in the US gets free shipping. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you can even return within 30 days of your purchase.

With such a unique sheet set, you are be getting great sheets as well as a new way of life. Especially when it comes to washing your sheets on laundry day. If this has always been an annoyance for you then the Quick Zip sheets are incredibly valuable.

To get the pricing for all of the QuickZip sheet options visit Or use the link below to access the latest savings offered too.

QuickZip Sheets Latest Savings


QuickZip suggests machine washing on warm. They also say not to use bleach on their sheet and only to use non-chlorine bleach when absolutely necessary. You can line dry these sheets however you can also put in the machine and tumble dry low. If you do not follow the proper care instructions and damage occurs, you will not be able to return it.

Quick Zip Sheets Overview:

These sheets are not only unique in the way they hang on and cover your mattress, while remaining easy to clean and take care of. They are also unique in their wide variety of sizes and styles. Once we are able to try these sheets first hand we are sure we can attest to how clever and helpful this unique design is. So stay tuned for more information on the Quick Zip sheets coming soon! In the meantime, learn more at

the quick zip zipper fitted sheet review

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