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My Pillow has taken the world by storm with their interlocking fill and individually adjustable pillow that should be the answer to getting plenty of sleep. This pillow is available in multiple loft heights to find the perfect size for everyone. It is just the right amount of support. It also has breathable foam that make this popular brand still the talk of the town. Learn more in our My Pillow Review to see if this one’s for you!


This USA made pillow is filled with 100% shredded  poly foam. This foam is lightweight, responsive and has several various sized pieces. These pieces range from about 1.5″ in diameter to 1/4″ diameter pieces, and everything in between. Having pieces of foam instead of one solid piece allow you to push and move them around as needed. This allows you to customize your pillow to the level of support you prefer.

Having the sizes vary gives them the ability to have the smaller pieces fit in between the gaps of larger pieces. Creating a “lock” of sorts in fitting together to making a unique and varied support for each person. The cover of this pillow is 100% cotton and is lightweight and breathable. This pillow is conveniently machine washable and dryable, making it easy to clean when needed.


Your My Pillow should be a good fit for you, especially if you get the recommended size based on the chart. The sizes are set up to be optimal loft height for each size to provide the proper support as well as ideal comfort. These pillows are also adjustable, in that you can move the fill around to provide more or less support where needed.

My pillow is also very responsive, so moving around, changing sleeping positions or adjusting the fill should be easy and make for the pillow to conform to your desired comfort level easily. The interlocking fill is also very breathable and allows heat to dissipate so the pillow doesn’t get overly warm. Overall the comfort of this pillow should be very nice for most anyone.


This pillow will have a pretty perfect amount of support for each size and having the ability to adjust it makes it even more ideal. The shredded fill allows for the foam to move around easily to make the support perfect for the amount of weight and pressure applied. Many foam pillows use a solid piece of foam that can’t be adjusted and this limits the support options.

Allowing the support to be adequate but also work well for all sleeping positions. This is especially nice for people who sleep in various positions throughout the night and may like a lower loft while sleeping on their stomach and a higher loft while on their side. The support of this pillow is a nice soft support that easily adjusts to your preference and makes for a pillow that should be great for anyone.


The My Pillow comes in a queen or king size and also comes either individually or in a two pack. The queen size pillow is $55.99 and the king size is $62.99. Otherwise the twin pack for the queen size pillows is $99.98 and the king size twin pack is $109.98. This pillow also comes with a 10 year warranty and has a 60 night guarantee. This makes for easy exchanges and returns within that first 60 day trial period. This pillow comes in a good value and for a well made, adjustable and comfortable pillow you shouldn’t be disappointed.

mypillow review

My Pillow Review:

The My Pillow is a great addition to complement any mattress and should make for a great night sleep. It really does allow for perfect support and comfort that adjusts specifically to what you need. It is breathable, washable and priced very well. This pillow may not be for everyone, but it should work very for anyone who likes a responsive, shredded foam pillow that adjusts with them throughout the night.

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