Accessory Review Muse Memory Foam Pillow

The Muse Memory Foam Pillow proves that your either side is always the cool side of the pillow. Using innovative technology to create a surface that adjusts temperature to remain comfortable and wicks away moisture. All while also using a memory foam core that adjusts to you perfectly.

Materials in The Muse Memory Foam Pillow:

This pillow is made of memory foam but is unique because the memory foam is in two different forms. There is a layer of molded memory foam as well as clustered memory foam that makes for a unique feel. This allows for a solid core with optimal support as well as providing a more conforming layer with the shredded foam. The shredded layer also helps keep the pillow cooler by allowing air to flow between. All of this is surrounded by the Muse’s signature cold wire technology cover. This cover is made of a material that absorbs the rooms ambient temperature as well as wicks away moisture. Between the cover and the shredded memory foam this pillow stays unbelievably cool all night long.


The Muse Memory Foam Pillow is a very comfortable & a uniquely cool pillow that allows you to choose your loft for ideal support but still conforms to your neck and head. Regardless of what size you choose it remains supportive and doesn’t flatten out. The dual forms of memory foam create an ideal surface that is a great combination of sink and support. The cooling technology keeps the surface a comfortable temperature all night long. Overall this pillow is a comfortable memory foam pillow that performs great. If you like the feel of this memory foam pillow and want a mattress that has the same cooling technology, check out our review of their mattress too Muse Mattress.


The Muse Memory Foam Pillow is available in 4 lofts, extra low, low, middle and high loft. The loft height is basically how thick the pillow is. The ‘extra low loft’ is the thinnest of the four about 5” thick and is most ideal for someone who doesn’t like a thick pillow or who is a stomach sleeper. The next is the ‘low loft’, this one is about 5.5” thick and will work for most back sleepers. After that you have the ‘middle loft’ which is probably what most people will prefer, this one is about 6” thick and will work for most side and back sleepers and people who change positions throughout the night. The thickest one is the ‘high loft’ that comes in right around 7” and this works well for side sleepers and for someone who likes a thicker pillow. All of these options still provide optimal support and comfort but it’s really nice to have a choice especially if you like a thinner or thicker pillow.


This Muse Pillow is $120 which for an all memory foam pillow with great cooling technology, is a great price. However, with the code:OURSLEEPGUIDE you can get this pillow for $25 less.


This pillow is a great addition to complement the Muse Mattress, or any mattress, especially if you like your pillow to stay cool. It also ships and returns for free and has a 30 night sleep trial period. We would definitely recommend this pillow, especially for anyone who likes the feel of Memory Foam and the Muse Mattress.

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