Accessory Review Kolcraft Crib Mattress Review- Pediatric 800

kolcraft crib mattressThe Kolcraft Crib mattress was the first mattress I purchased for my daughters crib. Initially I thought that it felt firm, would be easy to wipe clean and was at a great price. However, once I got it home and took it out of the bag I decided that this wasn’t going to be the mattress she would be sleeping on. First of all as soon as I took it out it had a lot of off gassing, it needed to be left out to air out for several days and even then the surface still had more odor than I would ever want for my little one to be sleeping on, regardless of the protector and sheets over it. The second thing I noticed was once I put it on the crib it felt like it wasn’t as firm as it should be. Both of these reasons along with the low price tag were enough for me to look at other mattress options.



The Kolcraft crib mattress is an 80 coil innerspring crib mattress with a hypoallergenic cushion layer and a Perma-Dri waterproof cover. It is also Gold GREENGAURD certified.

What these specs mean to Me and my baby. Basically, not a lot of bells and whistles, this is a simple coil system mattress with light cushion top and a plastic feeling cover. One thing as that with this waterproof cover is that because of the more plastic feel it does easily wipe clean and doesn’t absorb any moisture, however it also isn’t very breathable and may be a little warm for your baby’s back.



This mattress when I put on the crib didn’t feel as firm as I was hoping, this may have had a little to do with the crib platform was slightly springy and not a firm, solid surface; but regardless the end result wasn’t firm enough for me to feel confident in using for my baby. I am sure this mattress could have been fine for a period of time or if it was on top of a solid piece of plywood or similar surface. Besides the support feeling slightly sub-par I also felt like there wasn’t much separating the coil system from the top surface of the mattress and with more use and our baby growing that the coils would start to be able to be felt under the plastic surface.



Clearly with this mattress all I can think of is the cliché term “you get what you pay for”. The $50 price tag for what initially seems like a decent bed is appealing, until you take it out of the bag and realize that your brand new little one will be spending over half the day everyday on this mattress.



It is an okay mattress at a reasonable price and not much more than that. If you are unable to afford much more than this mattress, it will probably do just fine, but if you have a budget to spend more I would look at alternative options. I ended up going with the Sealy Premier Posture Dual Sided Crib Mattress and found that for $80 more I was much happier.

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