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Accessory Review I Love My Pillow Signature Contour Pillow

signature contour pillow by i love my pillow our thoughts

The I Love My Pillow brand came from an American foam manufacturer. With their decades of experience and knowledge in creating foams, they are creating a line of oh so comfortable foam pillows. They have also started to make pillows with other materials as well. Although, today we will be reviewing one of their classic memory foam pillows, the Signature Contour Pillow by I Love My Pillow.

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is the contour pillow by i love my pillow worth it? I Love My Pillow used their signature airy and light-weight memory foam to make this pillow. Its airy feel allows for air to flow through the pillow a bit more, which helps it to stay cool. This foam is 100% USA made memory foam. This is a high-quality foam that is going to be soft, supportive, and have very little scent. (If you do find that your pillow comes with a bit of scent, leave it in a well-ventilated area and it should dissipate within a day or two.)

The cover of the cover they made for this pillow is made out of a cotton like material. They call it Micro Mink and it is oh so soft. This cover is nice and breathable which helps to keep you feeling cool, it also wicks away any extra moisture. This cover not only is soft and comfortable, it also keeps the internal foam pillow safe and clean. The cover is stain resistant and hypoallergenic. I Love My Pillow added a zipper to their cover to make it easier than ever to remove and clean.

Comfort & Support:

is the signature contour pillow comfortable? When it comes to the overall comfort and support of the Signature Contour Pillow by I Love My Pillow, it is all about the material and shape. The memory foam is light-weight and has a good balance between contouring softness and support. However, the contoured shape of the signature pillow allows for optimal support.

The contour pillow has an upgraded shape. that helps to give you the support for your neck and shoulders while allowing your head to lay back. Giving you proper spinal alignment while you sleep. This shape is going to be ideal for those who prefer to sleep on their backs. However, the pillow can be flipped for a different feel. Not feeling the contour shape tonight? No problem, simply flip your pillow over and sleep on the traditional pillow shaped side.

Care Instructions:

care instructions is it easy to wash the all foam pillows? The I Love My Pillow Brand knew that foam pillows are hard to keep clean, the foam cannot be thrown in the washing machine. Which is why it is important to have a quality cover that protects your internal memory foam pillow core. The hypoallergenic Micro Mink I Love My Pillow cover is easily removable in order to wash.

To wash simply unzip and remove the internal foam core. Then wash with cool water and a gentle detergent on low. Be sure to wash with light colors. Then to dry, tumble dry on a low heat setting for ultimate fluffy feel.

I Love My Pillow only suggest spot treating the internal foam of their Signature Contour pillow as needed. Be sure to not get the core foam too wet and allow to air dry fully before continuing use.


contour signature pillow by i love my pillow review With the price of your pillow you will get a 3-year warranty, ensuring that your pillows quality and comfort.

You will be able to get the Signature Contour Pillow for around $150 for a queen size and $170 for a king. They also have occasional promotions for 2 packs of pillows. While these are already standard prices for high-quality pillows, we have a deal just for our readers. Use our promotion code: DREAM to get 20% off the price of your pillow. Click the button below to start shopping now.

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I Love My Pillow – Classic Traditional Pillow: Final Thoughts

Overall, this American made Memory Foam pillow is very comfortable and we are very happy with the quality of the foam and construction. We really love the contoured aspect of this pillow because it is a great shape for back sleepers to maintain proper spinal alignment as they sleep. It is also convenient that you can get the comfort of a traditional pillow simply by flipping it over as well. This is a great little pillow and we think anyone who is looking for a solid memory foam pillow is going to enjoy these pillows by I Love My Pillow.

i love my pillow contour back sleepers

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