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Accessory Review I Love My Pillow Memory Down Supreme Pillow

down memory foam hybrid pillow by i love my pillow review

If you like the support of memory foam pillow, but find them to be a bit stiff. While you also enjoy the plush feel of down feathers, but find they fall flat. Then the Memory Down Supreme Pillow by I Love My Pillow is going to rock your world. This hybrid pillow design takes the best features of down fill and memory foam and combines them together, so you get the best of both worlds.

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common nighttime allergies down pollenThe Memory Down Supreme Pillow by I Love My Pillow has a hybrid design featuring two main sections. The core of this pillow is made out of their signature memory foam. The I Love My Pillow brand makes all of their memory foam right here in the USA. They make top quality memory foam that is light and airy while also having a good amount of support. Since this foam is 100% American Made Memory Foam, it is going to have far less of a smell than other mystery foams made overseas. While it may have a bit of a smell for the first day or so, this should dissipate quickly.

Next up is the plush down section of the pillow. On the outside of the Memory Down Pillow is a pocket of down feathers that surrounds the memory foam core. This layers in made up of a mix of white duck down and feathers. This creates a nice fluffy feeling as you lay your head on your pillow.

The cover they use to top this pillow off is made out of what they call their teddy bear microfiber cover. This is a super soft cover that is both breathable and protects the internal pillow. This cover has a zippered edge for easy removal and washing.

Comfort & Support:

i love my pillow memory down pillow review The foam core of the Memory Down Pillow has a contoured shape, with slightly raised perimeter and a dip in the middle. This shape provides a good amount of support where you need it most, while allowing your head to lay back comfortably. Although the foam by itself, some may find to feel a bit stiff. While it provides wonderful support, it does have a different feel than a traditional pillow.

That is where the down comes in. The down and feather fill creates the plush soft comfort of a traditional style pillow. This has a cushioning effect. The initial feel of laying your head on a down pillow is soft and luscious. However, all down pillows tend to fall flat throughout the night. Which is where the memory foam core comes in. The foam is a supportive layer underneath the down. The combination makes for a soft plush pillow that will never fall flat.

Who will like the Memory Down Pillow?

memory down supreme pillow review The Memory Down Supreme Pillow by I Love My Pillow comes in one universal loft size. We would consider this pillow to be a medium loft height. The loft of a pillow can really make a difference in overall comfort depending on your personal habits and preferences. A medium sized loft is the most versatile and suites the needs of most sleepers. However, those who sleep on their stomachs may find that this pillow is a bit high. A pillow with a lower profile is best for those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs.

Most back sleepers and side sleepers while find the Memory Down Supreme Pillow to be comfortable. Although, if you are a side sleeper who prefers a very lofty pillow then this may be a bit thin for you.

Care Instructions:

comfort of the memory down pillow by i love my pillow Like many of the other pillows made by I Love My Pillow, the Memory Down Supreme Pillow has a removable external cover. This oh so soft cover protects the pillow inside and has a side zipper for easy removal. To wash your cover, I Love My Pillow suggests that you unzip and remove the internal foam and down sections. Then machine wash with like colors on a cool gentle setting. Be sure to use a gentle bleach and chlorine free detergent. To do, simply tumble dry on low heat. High heat settings have the potential to damage or shrink the cover.

For the internal pillow, I Love My Pillow suggest that you only spot dry when needed. Also be sure to allow these sections to air dry completely before you start using them again.


The Memory Down Supreme pillow by I Love My Pillow comes in a Queen size and will run you around $130. For such a high-quality pillow that is made with materials like memory foam and white duck down feathers, this is a very reasonable price.

With the price of purchase, you will also get a 3-year warranty on your Memory Down Supreme Pillow. For the price you’re paying you are getting a solid pillow. Be sure to use our discount code: DREAM for an additional discount. Click the button below to start shopping now.

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Memory Down Supreme Pillow Review: Final Thoughts

This is a wonderful pillow for anyone who wants the comfort combination of supportive memory foam and oh so plush down feathers. You really get the best of both worlds with the Memory Down Supreme pillow. We love it’s medium loft and how it combines softness with proper support for spinal alignment. This pillow works best for back and side sleepers. Overall, this is a great pillow that we think will make a great addition to many homes.

i heart my pillow memory down supreme review

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