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Accessory Review Homecrest Sheets

For the price these Homecrest sheets do the job. They come in a large variety of colors, which is great, and they have deep pockets to fit a thicker mattress. The feel is soft and silky and wash up fairly nice. They do pill a bit over time and aren’t as durable as there higher priced counterparts. Good option, but not something you will get years of wear and use from.


These sheets are a microfiber non-wrinkle material that has a soft feel and nice sheen look. These sheets are a fairly basic. However they do come in a large variety of colors and should fit a thicker mattress too.


The Homecrest Luxury sheets are smooth and soft, they are breathable and not overly thick. They work great for a basic sheet set that looks nice and maintains a nice wrinkle free, smooth feel.


These sheets aren’t sheets that are going to last you for years to come, they are a basic thinner material that has a tendency to get thinner with wear and washing. They pill a little bit but not that much and the elastic around the fitted sheet tends to lose it’s quality relatively quickly which results in the fitted sheet not staying tight to the bed. They do great when it comes to resisting wrinkling as well as not fading or shrinking, which is great.


The Homecrest sheets are around $30 for a set that includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and four pillow cases. These sheets are very basic and look nice and feel soft, but really don’t have the quality to hold up for the long haul.