Accessory Review Homecrest Sheets

egyptian comfort luxury sheets review

If you are looking for a set of sheets that are going to do their job well at a great price, then the Homecrest Luxury Eqyptian Comfort sheets are a great option for you.

These microfiber sheets look good and feel great. All while remaining wrinkle free. Keep reading to get all of the little details on what makes the Homecrest sheets a good buy.

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Homecrest Sheets – At A Glance


homecrest color optionsThe Egyptian Comfort sheets from Homecrest are not made out of Egyptian Cotton. They are made out of something far less expensive, yet still provide that soft breathable comfort. They are made out of a non-wrinkle microfiber that keeps your bed looking wrinkle free and very comfortable. While these sheets provide “Egyptian Comfort” they do not necessarily provide that long lasting durability that egytian cotton would have. However, they also come at a fraction of the cost of high end cotton sheets.

When it comes to durability these sheets are going to perform well overtime when it comes to wrinkle resistance, no shrinking, and little to no fading. However you may notice some pilling over time.

Are the Homecrest Sheets Comfortable?

variety of sheets from homecrest luxury beddingComfort is obviously number one priority when it comes to bedding. We are pleased to say that the Egyptian Comfort Homecrest Sheets are very comfortable.

The silky smooth feel and breathability make these sheets rather comfortable to sleep in. They do not perform quite as well as cotton when it comes to wicking away moisture.

However, the smooth feel is a great addition to any bed. We also appreciate the deep pockets as it helps your sheets to stay on your bed.

Homecrest Sheets – Value:

homecrest bedding egyptian luxury reviewThe price point is going to be one of the best selling features of the Homecrest Luxury Bedding Brand. The Egyptian Comfort sheets come in around $30 per sheet set.

This is a great price point that is going to be doable for a lot of people. Considering the comfort and non-wrinkle benefits of these sheets, this is a great option for kids, guest beds, or even in the master bedroom. Click the shop now link to get the latest on pricing as well as free shipping through Amazon Prime!

Twin: $25
Queen: $30
King: $35

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Sheets – Final Thoughts:

homecrest sheetsOverall we would say that the Egyptian Comfort Homecrest Luxury Sheets are going to be a great option for anyone looking for great comfort on a budget. We think the deep pockets and non-wrinkle material are fun futures that will work well in any bedroom.

This is rather nice for fitting bedrooms like guest beds that you want to have quality comfort at a great price. Especially if they are rarely used, as these sheets do tend to wear out faster than real Egyptian Cotton would. These are comfortable sheets at a great price point, and we think you will enjoy them. Click the link below to shop now!

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