Accessory Review Hiccapop Crib Wedge Review

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make your baby more comfortable when learning to sleep through the night. It could be as simple as the right swaddling blanket, the added support of a pillow or even the incline of a sleep wedge. As a parent you want nothing more than to make sure your new infant is safe and comfortable and some of these items can make a difference for how your little one will adjust to sleeping on their own. Below is our review for the Hiccapop Crib Wedge and how it ranks in functionality and value.



The Hiccapop sleep wedge is currently listed at $16 but when I bought it I paid $30 and considering it didn’t work for me and it is made of pretty basic materials I don’t really think it is worth this price. Maybe if I had better results using this product I would find the price more justified, but it really just is okay in my opinion.



I bought this in conjunction with the memory foam pillow and found that they didn’t work well together. Having even just a slight incline with the pillow put Lily in a uncomfortable and unsafe position where she kept sliding down off both the pillow and the sleep wedge. The wedge alone was okay, but didn’t prevent her from rolling from side to side and gave her no neck and head support. The material is easy to wipe off and clean and works well under a standard sheet in a crib. I would say that it might work great for some babies, but I thought that the memory foam pillow was a much better option for creating comfort, stability and help with spit up and drool.