Accessory Review Graco Pack n Play

The Graco Pack n Play with reversible changer to me ended up being a lifesaver for so many reasons and is something I initially didn’t think I would need until my daughter was a little older, however, with the reversible napper and changer option it was used every day from day one. Our house has our main floor living space and all the bedrooms upstairs.

Like most new Moms while I was pregnant I was so focused on making this adorable perfect little nursery that it took a few friends and some online insight to realize that her nursery would probably would be used less than I realized in the first few months, and boy that was right! Considering your new little one basically needs constant supervision your really need to understand how you can try to fit your beautiful new addition into your daily life as much as you can. For me this meant finding items that were practical and convenient that would keep her close to me while I was trying to do daily chores or even just be in the comfort of our living room. This item, along with a few other key items, deemed necessary when all was said and done.



This item proved to be invaluable for me, but regardless the price for the benefits of this item was well worth it. Again, if you feel like you could use another place that is more convenient to change diapers or have them take a nap, especially as a young infant, I would say that the $75-$100 price tag is a good deal. Even if used only for travel, especially if you travel frequently, it is convenient to have.



The Pack ‘n Play has a well thought out, safe design that uses mesh on the side panels, soft yet durable materials on the main play yard surface panel and the napper side of the reversible bassinet and a easy to clean plastic lined surface on the changer side of the bassinet. The only piece that doesn’t have the mesh on it is the drop in portion that raises the surface closer to the top, this piece has a solid panel on the far ends of the Pack ‘n Play which aren’t breathable.

The only other safety complaint, if I can even call it that, is the reversible bassinet itself started to develop a slight tilt towards the inside of the Pack ‘n Play after a few months of use. I am not sure if it was because of the wear and tear of the flipping option that we used frequently or if it was the added wear and tear of our little one growing. However, I don’t think either of these should have been enough to cause it to tilt as much as it did.



The versatility of this particular style of the Graco Pack ‘n Play was what made it so valuable to me. Instead of just getting the standard Pack ‘n Play with just the play yard surface I decided the added reversible napper/changer bassinet would be invaluable and it has been. This particular Pack ‘n Play has three options for use.

The first one is the standard play yard option that has a solid surface near the base of the mesh enclosed surround, this works great for either sleeping or playing, especially once they get a little older. This option is able to hold the little one up to 35 lbs.

The second option is an insert that allows you to raise the solid surface to about a foot below the top of the Pack ‘n Play which is great to use for a sleep surface or changing surface once they outgrow the reversible bassinet but aren’t able to sit up or stand on their own. This option holds up to 25lbs.

The last option is the reversible bassinet that is specifically made for one side to be used for changing and the other side for napping and is designed for a newborn. This option holds up to 15 lbs. All of these options have proven to work as needed and I am glad that I decided that this would come in handy before bringing our little one home.

This also packs up fairly quickly and doesn’t take up much room in the car if you need to take it with for travel. The only downside would possibly be bringing the bassinet option with once it is put together, but everything else is a breeze.



The Pack ‘n Play with the reversible napper and changer is something I would have never second guessed to put on my registry if I could do it again. It is a versatile product that makes a great backup for all the necessary daily tasks with a new little one and also transitions with them from newborn stage all the way to toddler. It also works great for a traveling play yard and crib and is easy to assemble and disassemble efficiently.

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