Accessory Review Glideaway Classic Steel Bed Frame Review

glideway classic bedframe review The bed frames by Glideaway are simple and effective way to get your bed off of the ground. Coming it at 7” tall it is the perfect height for your box spring and mattress to rest up, making your overall bed the perfect height.

Whether you are looking for an easy practical bed frame or if you’re needing a frame to connect to a decorative headboard, this is a solid frame that will get the job done. Keep reading to get more info and to see our unboxing/set up video.

Glideaway Bed Frame Features

  • 7” Tall
  • High Quality Steel
  • Adjustable Bed Size
  • Gliding Feel
  • Easy No Tool Assembly
  • Price: $60 – $100

Materials & Construction

materials and construction for bed frame assembly video These bed frames by Glideaway are made out of a heavy-duty steel. They have interlocking pieces with extra locking mechanisms. The legs for the frame are all connected with their own rivets for extra strength.

Each leg comes with a foot that will need to be attached in set up. These feet are made to slide with glides on each, this allows for easy moving. (We do suggest placing your frame in desired location before adding the box spring and mattress.)

They even provide brackets for attaching a decorative headboard. Once assembled the bed frame comes up to around 7” which will bring your bed up to around the ideal height for most average height adults. This frame also allows for easy access under the bed which is perfect for storage space.


We filmed the assembly process in order to show everyone how truly simple it all is. There are a few different pieces for set up, and it varies slightly between sizes. One big bonus is that no tools are required for set up. The simplest way to explain set up is to show you. Which is why we made the videos below for both versions, watch for details. Overall, we found set up to be simple and straightforward.

Glideaway Classic Queen Bed Frame – Set Up

Glideaway King Bed Frame – Set Up


assembly process for glideway frames When we look at the value of a particular item, we always like to weigh the quality of the item in comparison to the it’s price. The Queen size will run you around $60 and is also adjustable to be used with a Full or even Twin sized bed.

Glideaway’s King size bed will cost around $100 while is rather reasonable. These bed frames are functional pieces of furniture made to serve a purpose, to lift and support your bed. The Glideaway Frames do a great job at that and we would say they are well priced. Click the link below to buy your Glideway Bed frame.

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Glideaway Bed Frame – Final Thoughts

The Glideaway Classic Metal Bed Frame is such a great go-to product. This is a versatile bed frame that can be used on its own or in tandem with a decorative frame or headboard. You will be able to use and reuse this bed frame for many many years. It will likely outlast most mattresses as it is so durable.

We also appreciate the versatility of the Queen size Classic Glideaway Frame as it can also be adjusted to work for a Twin or a Full size bed. While these bed frames from Glideaway are not the most complex or glamorous designs, they do a great job at lifting your bed off of the floor and providing a solid surface for your mattress and box spring. This has been our go to basic frame over the years and we definitely recommend this frame to others.

review for the glideway bedframes

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Having a frame under your mattress is great for so many reasons and having a quality frame that you can depend on is even better. The Glideaway Iron Horse Steel Frame is a not only easy to assemble, it is easy on the wallet and will hold up for the long haul. This has been our go to basic frame over the years and we definitely recommend this frame to others.


Still looking for some more information? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!