Accessory Review Crane Drop Cool Mist Humidifier Review

The Crane Drop Cool Mist Humidifier takes even the driest room and adds a consistent stream of moisture. Winters in Minnesota can be oh so very dry and having a brand new little one with sensitive skin and nose you want to make sure they are taken care of. Especially when it comes to keeping their sleeping environment comfortable, and that includes the moisture in the air. This humidifier can run up to 12 hours straight on the highest setting and make a huge difference to the quality of the air moisture in your nursery.



The Crane Drop Cool Mist Humidifier is around $50 which is right in the mid range for pricing on cool mist humidifiers. I would say that for the price you could probably find a humidifier that is easier to fill and doesn’t make as much of a mess.



I loved the sleek look of this design and the fact that it is made of antimicrobial material, especially for a baby’s room. It works great as far as putting a consistent stream of cool mist into the air and a full tank can run on the highest setting for eight hours. The only flaw in the design is when you have to refill the tank the unit needs to be flipped upside down and there is a tendency for quite a bit of water to run down your hand as well onto the floor and creates quite a mess. Since you need to fill it every 8-12 hours this does begin to cause quite a problem and I would recommend having a towel near by for refilling.



This humidifier does what it is intended to do, it has been consistent and reliable over the last several months. It wasn’t overly expensive and only real issue has been having to flip it upside down to refill it.

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