Accessory Review Comma Percale Cotton Sheet Set Review

Imagine sleeping in a bed with crisp cool Egyptian Cotton bedding. Sounds luxurious right? It is and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. The Comma Percale Cotton Sheets give you all of that luxury and comfort. The percale weave gives these sheets that classic crisp clean linen feel that we all know and love. Keep reading our review to get all the details on what makes these sheets unique. Or click the shop button below to start shopping now.

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comma percale cotton sheets review

Comma Percale Cotton Sheets – At A Glance

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • 270 Thread Count
  • Sizes: Queen or King
  • Standard 100 OEKO-TEX
  • 30-Day Trial Period
  • Free Shipping
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!


oeko tex standard 100 sheets reviewWhen it comes to sheets, materials are everything. Which is exactly why Comma made their sheets with 100% Egyptian Cotton. This material is arguably the king of all great bedding. It is soft, durable, and can be spun into much smaller threads because of the longer fibers found in Egyptian Cotton. The shorter fibers in other varieties of cotton often make the strands less durable and will cause fuzzing or thinning over time.

The Comma sheets are very durable and have a respectable 270TC. The percale weave gives these sheets a classic crisp cotton feel. Making them ideal for everyday use.

These sheets are made without the use of harmful chemicals. They have even been certified by OEKO-TEX which tests to ensure that textiles are safe to use in the home.

Are the Comma Sheets Comfortable?

how comfortable are the comma cotton sheets?Obviously when it comes to purchasing a sheet set, comfort is going to be your number one priority. We are happy to say that the Comma Percale Cotton Sheets are incredibly comfortable. Especially if you are partial to the cool clean feeling of hotel bedding. Typically luxury hotel also stick with cotton sheets with a percale weave. Which is exactly what you get with Comma Bedding.

These sheets are going to work best for those who like to stay cool throughout the night. The percale weave is lightweight and breathable. The Egyptian Cotton does a great job at allowing for good airflow as well as wicking away moisture. Which is a great feature for all of us who tend to get a bit sweaty when we sleep. Overall, very comfortable sheets great to use year round.

Comma Percale Cotton Sheets – Value:

are these sheets worth the price?When you first look at the features of the Comma Percale Cotton Sheets, you might presume that they would be top shelf expensive. The fact that they are made out of 100% Egyptian Cotton, OEKO-TEX certified, and oh so comfortable. However, they are actually priced very reasonably. With a Queen set under $100, you are really getting a great deal for the quality you are getting.

When you buy a set of sheets from Comma, you will get a 30 day trial period. This gives you enough time to truly know whether or not these are the sheets for you. If you end up not loving them, you can return without those 30 days. Click the shop button below to get the latest on pricing and promotions!

Queen: $94
King: $104

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Care Instructions:

percale cotton bedding

Once you have a great set of sheets, you want to keep them around for a long time.

We like to go over care instructions in our reviews to make sure they are easy to follow and not to lengthy. If you have hand wash only sheets, that might not be something you want to deal with.

Thankfully the Comma Percale Cotton Sheets are super simple to keep fresh and clean. They recommend machine washing with like colors. Then you can choose to either line dry or tumble dry on low.

Line drying will add even more lifetime to your already very durable cotton sheets. No matter which drying method you prefer, these sheets are very simple to care for.

Comma Percale Cotton Sheets – Final Thoughts:

Overall, the Comma Percale Cotton Sheets are a great buy. You get the quality and comfort of Egyptian Cotton, with a great 270TC. The percale weave gives these sheets their lightweight and crisp cotton feel. The quality allows these sheets to be very long lasting and durable. Pair all of this up with the price point and we think you are going to love these sheets.

One thing to keep in mind that these are going to be ideal for mattresses under 14″ deep. If your mattress is much thicker than that then you may experience the fitted sheet pulling off the sides. Other then that we love the quality, price, and comfort. Making the Comma Percale Cotton Sheets a great buy.

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