Accessory Review Brentwood Home Helena Pillow Review

We love companies that create ethical and healthy products. This is why after trying out some of their great mattresses we were excited to try these pillows too. Created by the professionals at Brentwood Home the Helena Latex pillow is made with high-quality kapok fibers and 100% natural latex ribbons. These give it the most buoyant fluff and comfort. Brentwood Home designs and manufactures high-quality sleep-related and bedding products. All are handcrafted and made with environmental-friendly materials.

brentwood home helena pillowThis review focuses on the materials, comfort and support as well as value of the Brentwood Home Helena latex filled pillow. This completely natural pillow will help you sleep exceptionally well. As well as provide you with ideal support and comfort. And to top it off is very affordable, so you can get it all without breaking the bank. Not to mention, our 15% off coupon to save even more.


Helena is made with a combination of 50/50 kapok fiber and a double liner of 100% natural latex ribbons. This makes the pillows very fluffy and comfy making it easy to fall asleep in. Unlike other pillows which include harmful substances such as flame retardants or formaldehydes, Brentwood Home’s Helena Latex pillow is made especially for the eco-conscious consumer. This is very important to us since we have a your baby in the home. Its sustainable kapok fibers are not only very comfortable for sleep, they’re also safe and pesticide-free!


brentwood home helena pillowOne of the things we like about the Brentwood Home Helena pillow is its buoyant latex ribbons. The pillow is particularly made with the latex ribbons that are more resilient and responding to your different movements in bed.

This gives you a more comfortable sleep despite movement interruptions or posture changes. The Latex it made it nice for me to transition form my back to side with ease.


brentwood home helena pillowThe Brentwood Home Helena pillow is built with a very fine toothed zippered opening which makes it easy to remove or add fillings depending on your preferred comfort level. If you like a flatter or fuller pillow, the inner liner can hold the fill for adjustment, while the outer liner can easily be removed for washing.

It is soft and bouncy but not too full and tight. I’m more of a back sleeper so I used the pillow with a little less fill. This allowed me to lower my head and relieve some of the neck pain I experience from day to day.


brentwood home helena pillowWith no middlemen to add charges, Brentwood home products are quite affordable. The Helena Latex pillow is available in King, Queen, and Standard sizes in prices $99, $89, and $79 respectively. While other pillows are only available in standard form, Helena Latex allows a variety of options making it versatile and able to fit just about any bed. Manufactured in the USA, the product has a 1-Year Warranty upon purchase.

Sizes & Pricing:

  • Standard Size – $79 – 15% coupon = $67.15
  • Queen Size – $89 – 15% coupon = $75.65
  • King Size – $99 – 15% coupon = $84.15

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Adults BrentwoodHome Pillow

Brentwood Home Helena Pillow Overall:

If you are looking for the highest standards for quality and materials look no further. Brentwood Home does a great job of creating some of the best bedding products on the market. Their Helena pillow is no exception. This pillow is adaptable as well as adjustable and uses fluffy yet buoyant latex ribbons.

The price comes in well below the majority of online pillows of this quality and the comfort is superb. If you want the best natural latex pillow out there the Brentwood Home Helena pillow is for you.

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If you have any questions about which pillow may be best for you, feel free to contact us. We are here and happy to help you with any and all of your bedding needs.