Accessory Review American Baby Co. Jersey Crib Sheet Review

The American Baby Company Jersey crib sheets are a must for the nursery. Like I had written in the chenille sheet review, texture and feel is key for me when I am looking for any items for my family that will be directly touching their skin. Whether it is clothing, bedding, sheets, whatever, the feel is half the appeal for me. And even more so with a tiny little baby with soft sensitive skin. These sheets did not disappoint.

I have been a fan of how jersey cotton feels for years and love the fact that it is 100% cotton but has a feel like your favorite worn in t-shirt. When I had initially bought sheets for Lily’s room I found this super cute floral pattern that was part of the inspiration for the overall décor. They were cute cotton sheets but felt so stiff and uninviting. I figure for hot summer nights they may be good, especially after a few washes, but for now I would much rather have my little ones delicate skin on something more gentle and silky, which these jersey sheets are.



When I first ordered the ABC Jersey knit sheets I questioned how soft and durable they would be because the price so good. They were even better than a slightly more expensive jersey sheet that I had gotten as a shower gift. The feel was so soft even before being washed and they were lightweight and breathable but not too thin.

They washed up perfectly and fit over the mattress no problem and with the full perimeter of elastic fitting snug underneath. They didn’t have as many color choices as the chenille option, but still plenty to choose from. During the winter months they don’t provide the extra coziness that the chenille sheets do, but they will be perfect for fall and spring and probably even the hot nights of summer too.



Like I previously stated, the price was so good  for the American Baby Company Jersey Crib Sheets it made me question how nice these sheets would be. Low and behold the price was just that good! For a single sheet they run between $6-$11, depending on the color you would like, however, they also sell them in a two pack for $16-$18 regardless of what color and I would say that going with the two pack is a no brainer. Having extra sheets and protectors for your crib is never a bad thing and when things are a good value you don’t feel like having a few extras was an investment.



I was very happy with these sheets, the two styles that I have ordered from the brand American Baby Company (the jersey knit and the chenille) have not let me down and have proven to be exactly as described and priced right. I would definitely recommend these to anyone looking for quality, soft sheets for their nursery.

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