Accessory Review American Baby Co. Chenille Crib Sheet Review

The American Baby Company Chenille Crib Sheets are a luxurious addition to any nursery. For me, when looking at sheets for anyone in my family texture and feel is key. Most of my adult life I have gravitated towards fabrics that feel soft and cozy for the cooler times of year, and more crisp and breathable during the warmer months.
Being in Minnesota and having weather go from cold and dry in the winter to hot and humid in the summer you learn how to adjust your surroundings to be as comfortable for the particular time of year as possible. Even when prepping the nursery for Lily I was adamant about the fact that she was going to be born in October and the first six months of her life were going to be in the dryer, colder time of year, so when looking for fitted sheets I wanted to make sure she had something soft and cozy. The chenille fitted sheet ended up being exactly what I wanted.



The feel of these chenille sheets are so inviting and warm without being too thick that they really made her crib welcoming. In the early months she wasn’t necessarily sleeping in her crib but I did use it every day to get her dressed. These sheets were even more perfect for that aspect since most of that time she was undressed and her entire body was in direct contact with the velvety smooth feel of the sheets. Once she did start sleeping in her crib I had to get a second pair right away to make sure that if they needed to be changed for any reason I had a back up pair because they were so much cozier for her to sleep on. I doubt I will continue using these sheets once the weather starts to warm up, but they ended up being perfect for a cooler time of year



The American Baby Company Chenille fitted crib sheets are about $15 to $20 per sheet, depending on what color you end up choosing. They are a little bit more than some of the more basic cotton sheets, but I think well worth it, especially if you live in a cooler climate or want a more velvety soft feel for your baby’s sleeping surface.



These sheets have been one of my favorite finds Lily’s crib thus far. I think that they are both very comfortable and a good value. They fit up to a 6” thick standard size crib mattress and have nice deep pockets and elastic around the entire perimeter. They are machine washable and have washed up nice every time I have washed them, which with a baby has been quite frequent. Also to note they come in several different colors and even a few fun patterns.

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