Accessory Review Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets Review

The Aden + Anais swaddling blankets are any registry must have. With swaddling blankets and sleep sacks taking the place of blankets the market place is flooded with so many options to what will work best for your little one. Considering all babies have a different preference of what makes them comfortable it may take a little bit of trial and error to see what works best for you. Lily didn’t mind being swaddled, however, she never wanted her arms swaddled, those she would do whatever she could to pull out and move around. Also, once she moved into her crib she wanted her legs to also be able to stretch out, so swaddling blankets were only used in the first few months for sleeping in her Rock ‘n Play.

The great thing with the right swaddling blankets though is that their use goes far beyond just swaddling. I use mine for her stroller to shield her from direct sun or chilly wind, they are plenty big to cover it as well as thin enough to breath and still let in plenty of light. They are also great for a light blanket when snuggling with your little one and keeping them warm without getting too warm.

I had heard that the Aden + Anais brand was a superior swaddle blanket to others and I had my doubts before getting them, I happened to find a great deal at TJ Maxx on a four pack of these swaddling blankets which made me feel no hesitation in purchasing these. I also happened to receive two other brands of comparable swaddling blankets for shower gifts which provided great comparisons. My doubts were put to rest about the Aden + Anais being the swaddle blanket to own, they definitely are.



The Aden + Anais swaddle blankets are large, compared to the other brands I compared them to they had several extra inches, which may not seem like a huge deal, but when your little one is growing to the point of doubling in size in months, a few extra inches goes a long way. Also the extra size made them easier to use as a stroller cover.

The fabric is soft and breathable, they kept my daughter warm but were able to allow air to circulate and prevent her from overheating. The other brands were soft, but they didn’t breathe nearly as well and that is something that is very important especially for a newborn. They washed up perfectly every time, no shrinking and even becoming softer after each wash. They really were the brand of swaddle blankets that did what you expect a swaddle blanket to be.



Like I said earlier, I had my doubts that these blankets were worth the extra cost ($40 to $50 for a four pack) especially when there are so many other brands that claim to be comparable and are half the cost. However, in my opinion they are worth the extra cost. Some may disagree, but I would think that most people who use Aden + Anais swaddling blankets and then compare a less expensive brand would agree.



These are the swaddle blankets to own. I thought one muslin swaddle blanket is just like any other… but they’re not. The size, texture and breathability of these swaddle clothes are hard to beat. These are a great gift to give any expecting Mama and are worth the extra couple of dollars.

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