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August 24, 2018

Zenhaven vs Metta® Bed

The Zenhaven and the Metta® Bed both use only latex foams in their respective designs. The Metta® uses Dunlop latex, while the Zenhaven uses Talalay latex. Even though these latexes vary a bit in performance the biggest difference you’ll notice between the two is in design. The Metta® has three different options for comfort levels you can distinguish during ordering. The Zenhaven is double-sided, so you can change your comfort level from firm to soft and back as needed. Discover the differences in our Zenhaven vs Metta® Bed review. And find out which is the better choice for you when you continue reading.

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Zenhaven – Overview:

zenhaven vs Metta® BedCan’t decide between a firmer or softer feel? The Zenhaven could be the best mattress for you. The double-sided design features a gentle firm side and a luxury plush side that can be flipped on a whim. This essentially gives you two mattresses in one. The four layers of Talalay latex give you an upgraded quality from standard latexes and memory foams.

You’ll have improved isolation of motion transfer as well as cooling properties. You’ll even experience better edge support. With inclusion of white glove delivery service, the Zenhaven will have you sleeping like royalty in a matter of moments. Is the higher price tag of this mattress worth it? Find out when you continue reading this mattress comparison review.

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Metta® Bed – Overview:

zenhaven vs Metta® BedThe Metta® Bed, made by OMI®, is a USA-made latex mattress that measure 7 inches thick. It features two different layers of high-density Dunlop latex. As well as an organic cotton cover that is stuffed with wool and hand-tufted. It also boasts a zipper for easy removal and cleaning. This mattress comes in three different firmness levels to provide you a customized experience in comfort.

There is an accommodation for every shape and size sleeper with sleeping positions taken into consideration. At a hefty price for a 7-inch profile, is there a better option with another brand? Continue reading to find out if the Metta® Bed’s high-quality components can outdo the Zenhaven.

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Zenhaven vs Metta® Bed – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

metta bed mattress reviewThe Zenhaven features a free white glove delivery service. Your new mattress will be hand delivered and set up for you. They will even remove your old mattress and box spring. This is an outstanding upgrade in comparison to other online mattress brands. You will also get an improved experience in off-gassing.

Because this USA-made mattress is never compressed, the only smells you’ll notice are likely from the plastic wrapping. Allow your new Zenhaven to breathe for a while to allow any odors to dissipate. After this, you can place your bedding and enjoy your new mattress.

The Metta® Bed is made to order in the USA. After you complete your purchase, the mattress is handmade and compressed for easy shipping to your door. You can easily set up this bed by unrolling it and carefully removing the plastic. It will quickly take shape and fully expand over the next several hours. You can also upgrade to a white glove delivery service to have this process completed for you.

While your new mattress is airing out over the first day, you may notice some faint odors. Since this bed is made in the USA with Gold Greenguard certification, the off-gassing process should be minimal. If you are sensitive to smells, avoid the area during this time. By the end of the day, you should be able to enjoy your new Metta® Bed.

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Zenhaven – Comfort:

zenhaven mattress reviewWith the Zenhaven mattress, you are essentially getting two mattresses in one. You’ll be able to flip it over to utilize the firmer or softer layers of comfort whenever you need to. The firmer side is known as the gentle firm side. It rates 4-5 on a firmness scale where 1 I softest and 10 is firmest. This comfort level will be more suited to stomach sleepers and heavier persons. It provides you with ample support to prevent back bowing and prevents you from sinking excessively.

The softer side is known as the luxury plush side. It rates 7-8 on the firmness scale. This comfort level is more appealing to back and side sleepers. It will give you a nice level of support for healthy alignment. You’ll also get some contouring for relief in pressure points.

Whether you like the softer or firmer side the smooth and consistent feeling Talalay latex provides a comfort that is undeniable. This latex is slightly lighter and softer than Dunlop latex, yet still resilient and durable. Making it a more luxurious feel that really provides contour with response. And allowing your body to evenly distribute your weight across the bed and providing a feeling of weightlessness. Along with all the natural benefits this material provides you’ll be sleeping like a baby on this bed.

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Metta® Bed – Comfort:

metta bed mattress reviewThere are three different firmness options in this 7-inch thick mattress. The Metta® Bed is available in plush, medium, and firm versions. Each style is wrapped in the same soft organic cotton and wool zippered cover. The plush option is the softest of the three, with a lower density in the top layer of latex. This option will be ideal for side sleepers or petite people.

The medium choice is the perfect balance between firmness and softness creating both contouring and support. All sleeping positions should find adequate comfort with this feel, and most body shapes and sizes are accommodated. This is also the most popular option because of these reasons.

The firm selection is best for stomach sleepers or those who prefer a solid supportive feel. Heavier sleepers will also find this level in firmness to be more suited to them. The latex material makes moving around a lot easier and helps you sleep a bit cooler than memory foam.

The Metta Bed’s Dunlop latex will be a more dense feeling latex. While still providing great comfort the combination of a thinner profile and Dunlop latex will feel less pressure relieving when directly compared to the Zenhaven. This bed offers the benefits of latex but does feel less luxurious and more economical.

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Zenhaven – Materials and Construction:

Zenhaven Mattress materialsThis 10-inch thick mattress includes design integration to make it usable on both sides. Just flip it whenever you need a firmer or softer feel. The Zenhaven contains 100% natural Talalay latex throughout. The unique construction is like a sandwich.

There is a layer comfort latex on each side and two layers of support latex in between. Each comfort latex portion measures 1.5 inches thick and is zoned in five different areas for targeted support. One side will be firmer, and the other side will be softer. This gives you the ability to change the feel of your mattress as you encounter life changes. Examples of why you might need to flip your Zenhaven include pregnancy, injury, or changes in weight.

In the middle of the comfort latexes comes the two layers of support latex. Both measure 3 inches thick and increase the firm or soft feel of the comfort latexes they are next to. They give the Zenhaven its core support, increasing strength and durability.

The cover of this mattress gives it the final inch in thickness. It is made with an organic cotton fabric and a layer of Joma wool sewn into the lining. These breathable materials wick away moisture. The wool is a natural fire retardant.

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Metta® Bed – Materials and Construction:

The Metta® Bed consists of two simple layers that create a 7-inch thick design. The layers mirror each other in thickness, both measuring at 3 inches thick. They are both made from a Dunlop latex that is both dense and durable. This material gives you a responsive buoyancy that makes moving around a breeze. You’ll also receive a nice pressure relieving feel from this premium natural latex.

These foams area interchangeable during construction to create the ideal feel for you whether that be plush, medium, or firm. If you’re unhappy with your mattress’s feel, swap out either of the two foam layers for different comfort.

This mattress is wrapped in a 100% organic cotton fabric that is filled with wool batting. These two fibers wick away moisture and help to regulate heat retention levels. The quilted fabric helps keep the wool filling in place for extra durability. The cover features a zipper for easy removal. This gives you easy cleaning properties and allows for easy swapping of the foam layers. The Metta® is handmade for improved quality and oversight.

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Zenhaven vs Metta® Bed – Motion Transfer:

Latex has a unique feel, and with that comes a uniquely buoyant quality. This material is a natural rubber that responds with a slight bounce. While this is excellent for changing your sleeping position, it does involve more motion transfer. The latex in the Metta® Bed is made from Dunlop, which is denser in nature. This helps cuts down on the movement that can be felt across the surface of this mattress. The overall design of this bed creates a thinner profile, meaning there is less space for vibrations to travel through. You can still enjoy this kind of mattress, but a light sleeper may need something different.

zenhaven vs spindle

Talalay latex foam has unique feel and bounce. It allows you to move around with ease due to the responsive nature. At the same time, it deadens vibrations before they can travel through the different layers to the other side. This is due to the dense nature of 100% natural Talalay latex. The Zenhaven includes four layers of this dense material. Motion transfer is isolated to where it originates from, giving you peaceful sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, this is the latex mattress for you. Even couples with varying work schedules can sleep undisturbed.

Zenhaven vs Metta® Bed – Sleeping Cool:

If you need a memory foam alternative the sleeps cooler, a latex mattress could be the best option. This material does better than foam at reducing heat while you sleep. The Zenhaven is above many competitors when it comes to sleeping cool. The materials provide natural benefits to this area of concern. Latex is already regarded in its cooling properties due to the aerated design. This material includes an open-cell design that encourages proper air circulation.

In addition to this outstanding component for cooling benefits, the Zenhaven has Joma wool on top of the comfort layers. This fiber wicks away moisture as you sleep and draws heat away from the body to evenly distribute heat. The cover is made from a breathable organic cotton to increase the airflow felt in this mattress.

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metta bed mattress reviewThe Dunlop latex in the Metta® Bed is naturally aerated which increases airflow. It is a very breathable component, making the air circulation improved from other mattress styles containing memory foams. A bed with a thinner profile reduces heat retaining qualities with less room for heat to be trapped in.

If you choose a firmer option of the Metta®, you’ll experience more airflow around your body. This reduces the warm air that is trapped when you sink in too far. The organic cotton cover of the Metta® is filled with wool. These two fibers are breathable and wick away moisture.

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Zenhaven vs Metta® Bed – Edge Support:

zenhaven vs metta bedThe Zenhaven will give you great edge support, both for sleeping and sitting at the side. You can also stretch out and sleep right up to the edge without feeling like you’ll roll out. This is an ideal factor for couples or those sharing their mattress with a furry family member. You’ll get a consistent feel from any spot you sleep on with the durable latex. These materials provide a solid surface with minimal sinking. When you sit at the sides of this mattress, you should experience no sliding off feeling. This is great for those who like to sit to put on their shoes or get in their morning stretches.

You won’t ever feel like you’re going to roll out of the Metta® Bed. Also, the Dunlop latex used in this design is high-density. Being a thinner mattress also lends to the overall edge support. When your mattress is thinner, there is less sinking in. This is reflected throughout this bed, even around the perimeter. This provides you with a consistent surface for sleeping in any location on your Metta®. Sitting at the sides can be comfortable as well, since there is not much opportunity for sinking in very far.

Zenhaven vs Metta® Bed – Value:

The Zenhaven mattress is available in a queen size for $1,899. This includes FREE white glove delivery service. Considering this mattress weighs a lot, this is an exceptional upgrade to the standard bed-in-a-box shipping method. They’ll even remove your old mattress and box spring for you. You also get a 120-night sleep trial to make sure the Zenhaven is the right mattress for you. This will give you ample time to try out both sides of the mattress if needed. You also get a 20-year warranty to cover repairs or replacements due to manufacturing defects.

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A queen-sized Metta® Bed goes for $1,299. This price includes your free shipping service. You’ll also get to experience this mattress worry-free during your 120-day comfort guarantee. During this time, you can change your mind on firmness levels or forgo this design altogether. A 20-year warranty covers any manufacturing defects. You can even save $100 with a current promotion, bringing your price down to $1,199. This is a reasonable price considering the high-quality materials used to create the Metta®. Premium materials consist of durable, natural latex and organic cotton. The downside to this design is the thinner profile, which gives you a lower feel in overall quality.

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Zenhaven vs Metta® Bed – Our Pick!

zenhaven vs spindle Even though the price is slightly higher, we feel that the Zenhaven is a much better choice. Before you even get a chance to experience the feel of this mattress, it arrives by white glove delivery service. You’ll get to pick between a luxury plush or gentle firm feel in comfort. Also, you can flip the mattress to experience the opposite of your choice whenever needed. 100% Talalay latex provides extreme airflow while giving you an uninterrupted night of sleep from isolated motion transfer.

The Metta® Bed is still a good choice if you’re budget is a bit lower or you want a thinner profile mattress. It still does an admirable job at providing the best benefits, and you get to pick your firmness level. At the end of the day the Zenhaven will have a much more elevated feel that makes it feel like a truly premium mattress. Though the Metta® Bed is still a good Dunlop latex bed the thinness and denser latex make it feel much less luxurious.

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