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August 29, 2018

Yaasa ONE Sleep System

This Fall don’t miss out on the most amazing sale of the year! The Yaasa ONE Sleep System is introducing their newest 10″ hybrid mattress. But, they are offering it for FREE with any Yaasa adjustable bed purchase. Making it the BEST deal for a mattress and adjustable base Fall 2018 ONLY. Learn more at or click the image below. And keep reading below to learn what to expect from the exceptional pairing between the newest hybrid mattress and adjustable base that perfectly compliment one another.yaasa one sleep system

Yaasa ONE Sleep System – Mattress:

Yaasa’s already well received and much loved adjustable bed is now pairing with a mattress made specifically for it. The Yaasa ONE is a 10″ hybrid bed that works in complete conjunction with the adjustable base. This not too firm or too soft bed is great for all sleepers. It offers a 6″ durable coil system that has durable yet flexible support to accommodate all sleeping positions.

The combination of comfort foams is conforming and pressure relieving. But also responsive and easy to move on. Making for an ideal balance that will work not only perfectly with the adjustable base but all sleepers too. The comfort of this bed may be universal, but its perfected feel works great regardless of whether you’re on your side, stomach or back. Even if you are on the heavier or lighter side the materials will ideally support your frame.

yaasa one sleep system

The first month of this mattress release will offer something special that gives sleepers access to so much more than just a great mattress. When purchasing an adjustable bed you will get the New! Yaasa One mattress for FREE! This mattress is valued at $899 for a queen and $999 in a King, but for you, $0. Clearly the price of the adjustable base will be between $1499 and $2499, depending on the size. But, the combination of these two already well priced high quality sleeping essentials make this an offer you don’t want to pass up.

Check out how easy the Yaasa ONE was to set up in our unboxing video below!

Yaasa Mattress Coupon

Yaasa ONE Sleep System – Adjustable Bed: 

yaasa one sleep systemThe very sleek and smooth operating Yaasa adjustable bed is unlike most clunky and outdated adjustable bases on the market. Don’t let the minimalistic design fool you from all this base has to offer. It has wall sliding technology, complete head and foot adjustments along with a flat sleep one touch button. The technology offers USB ports on each side along with a backlit wireless remote. And a clean, simple design offers plenty of storage underneath and easy access and literally offers cleaner and healthier build that can easily be wiped down.

There is some assembly required with this base, but nothing that can’t be tackled in about 15 to 20 minutes. This makes it a lot easier for anyone who wants to put this on a second level or lives in a condo or apartment. Since the boxes are much more manageable and the materials aren’t already put together. It also is extremely durable, assembled in the USA and comes with a 10 year limited warranty.

Yaasa ONE Sleep System – Benefits: 

The combination of the Yaasa Adjustable Bed along with the Yaasa One Mattress will prove to be exceptional for providing ideal comfort, alleviating pain relief and increasing productivity. Not only do these two products work great on their own, but together work in perfect harmony to get you great sleep night after night.

yaasa one sleep systemThe mattress is perfectly conforming while supportive and with the added base you’ll have access to the most ideal sleeping position. Making the comfort optimal and perfect for exactly what you need. This is exceptionally true if you suffer from any pains or strains.

Whether temporary or long term having an adjustable base can make a world of difference when it comes to your health and well being. Helping you not only find the right sleeping position but also aiding you in getting in and out of bed. And allowing you to put less strain on certain areas that may need time to heal. Or other areas that could benefit form the assistance of an adjustable bed.

And than there is the assistance the adjustability can offer in day to day activities to help you utilize your bed even more. Whether you work from bed, read in bed or even watch tv, having the option of sitting upright or elevating your feet to accommodate what you are doing can lead to increased productivity. Making the benefits of an adjustable bed great for anyone’s lifestyle and needs. And throwing in a free, ideally comfortable and durable mattress certainly doesn’t hurt either.

Yaasa Mattress Coupon

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