August 1, 2017

Spring Air Anniversary Spring Mattress

Spring Air recently celebrated 90 years in the mattress industry. With their focus on quality, innovation and value it is not hard to see why they have had a successful milestone anniversary under their belt.
Spring Air has pioneered through the mattress industry introducing things such as the pillow top mattress and free-end offset coil design. Their mattresses fall into the mid to high end range and have even hit international presence.
Check out our video review that highlights the key topics to look at when contemplating the Spring Air Anniversary Mattress. We hope this helps answer some of your questions and make an informed decision.


  • This mattress instantly feels great when you lie on it. The nano coils towards the top layer allow for a very even feeling of support and contouring whether you are sleeping on your back, side or stomach.This is great when having two people in a bed who prefer different sleep positions and also for people who are different sizes.
  • It could work well for a back sleeper and provides good lumbar support, especially with the zoned pocketed coil system which has a stronger gauge steel coil system in the center third of the mattress that focuses on the lumbar area. With the nano coils it also allows your shoulders and neck to have enough sink and support which is a great thing for circulation.
  • This mattress is also great for a side sleeper because it does have enough softness with the latex foam on top as well as the nano coils that really allow for your shoulder and hip to sink in. This nano coil would also work great for the needed support when sleeping on you stomach too.
  • We really enjoyed this mattress and can really feel the benefits of having the extra nano coil system underneath the latex. It really gives a perfect feel for any sleeping position and would be great no matter the size of person sleeping on it too. It would really work well for a broad group of people.

Off Gassing

  • This mattress is made in the USA and not roll packed and put in a box, which generally is where most off gassing would come from. Because it does not come in a box there is little to no off gassing.

Sleeps Cool

  • Latex is naturally aerated with breathable holes that don’t trap in the heat like some other foams. This helps the bed stay cooler for that sleeper who tends to sleep warm.
  • Also the nano coils as well as the base pocketed coil set underneath  provides added heat dissipation to keep you cooler throughout the night.

Motion Transfer

  • This bed has a layer of latex on the top that has a natural buoyancy to it, it also has a dual coil system that gives a little more vibration too. The motion transfer is minimal, but may be more then other all foam beds.

Edge Support 

  • This mattress has a thick 3″ foam encasement that runs around edge of the bed that provides optimal support from edge to edge and really creates a better sleep surface. We find this to be an advantage, especially when sleeping on a queen mattress, so you can really utilize the whole sleeping surface.


  • This mattress is a 14″ thick mattress with a 885 pocketed posturized center coil system. There is 1″ of synthetic latex on the top with a 1386 nano coil set under that surrounded by a 3″ thick foam encasement around the perimeter of the bed.

Top Layer – 1” Synthetic Latex Open-cell foam layer

  • Resilient; good bounce that returns to original form.
  • Gives a softer feel without sinking in due to elasticity.
  • Provides decent breathability which helps reduce overheating.
  • For us the durability and resilience of latex is a pro, but some people may prefer a different foam that doesn’t have as much bounce.

Middle Layer – 1386 Nano Coil System

  • Helps the mattress conform to the sleepers body.
  • The nano coils really help distribute weight evenly as well as help dissipate heat.
  • Makes it more comfortable for side sleeping, supportive for back sleeping and great lumbar support for back sleeping.
  • The dual coil system can add a little more motion transfer to the bed, though it is very minimal.

Bottom Layer – 885 Posturized Pocketed Coil System

  • Zoned individual encased coils provide a great core and sturdy support throughout the mattress.
  • Middle zone is heavier gauge steel coils to provide even better lumbar support and extend the life of the bed.
  • When looking for a mattress that has coils we strongly recommend that for a queen size the mattress has a minimum of 800 coils, which this exceeds that minimum.
  • Having a coil system will potentially have more movement in the mattress, which means you may have a little more motion transfer in the mattress compared to an all foam bed.

Cover – 4-way stretch knit fabric and polyester and rayon side panels

  • The top cover is a super soft knit that is breathable and soft to the touch.
  • The sides are durable and solid and add a nice clean look to the bed.

Still looking for more information? Feel free to contact us with questions!