August 1, 2017

Sleep Inc. by Corsicana Extra Firm Mattress

Founded in 1971 this Texas based company originally started out as a furniture and bedding manufacturer and as it has grown they decided to drop the furniture and now just make mattresses, and lots of them. Forty plus years later Corsicana has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers in the mattress industry. Making many different lines of mainly mid to beginner priced mattresses.
Check out our video review that highlights the key topics to look at when contemplating the Sleep Inc. Extra Firm Mattress. We hope this helps answer some of your questions and make an informed decision.


  • This mattress is an extra firm double sided model with an extra firm feel that offers a two sided design. It would be a really great feel if you enjoy an extra dense, firm level of comfort. We would give it a 8.5 to 9 on a firmness scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the firmest.
  • It could really work well for a stomach sleeper that likes their bed firm where your hips don’t really sink in too much. That’s very important for a stomach sleeper because you never want your back to bow and sag into the mattress. It has an 805 (queen size) alternating coil LFK coil system, which is the right coil to give you great longevity and the proper support for years to come.
  • We really enjoyed breaking down this mattress and can really feel the benefits of having an extra firm foam. If you are a bigger person that is just tired of sagging mattresses and you don’t want to buy a bed every few years take a strong look at this bed. But, this mattress is for very specific person, so unless you like a very firm mattress this won’t be for you.

Off Gassing

  • This mattress is made in the USA and not roll packed and put in a box, which generally is where most off gassing would come from. Because it does not come in a box there is little to no off gassing.

Sleeps Cool

  • TENCEL fabric is used in the top quilt to help regulate body temperature and keep the sleeping surface cooler. It’s also just a firmer mattress, so by not sinking into the mattress you will have NO cocoon feel and therefore no extra heat retention from it.

Motion Transfer

  • Being a very firm mattress you will have some motion transfer. That will usually be the trade off with an extra firm coiled mattress because there aren’t a lot of extra foams to cushion and deaden the vibrations.

Edge Support 

  • The edge of this mattress has a very thick border wire for really great edge to edge support and that helps create a better overall sleep surface. We find this to be an advantage, so the mattress feels very consistent from head to toe and side to side. You can really utilize the whole sleeping surface of this bed.


  • This mattress is a 12″ thick mattress with a 805 coil system that is made of 14.5 gauge steel. On top of the coil system is a 2″ extra firm foam and then it has a 3/4″ quilt foam on the tops under a TENCEL fabric cover.

Top Layer – 2” Extra Firm Poly Foam


  • Extra firm foam for the sleeper who likes a mattress that they don’t sink into.
  • There are two sides to this mattress for extra life in the mattress by being able to flip it.
  • Great for larger people, stomach sleepers and just that person who likes a firm feel.
  • Provides a sleep surface that doesn’t make you any otter than your body is naturally.
  • It’s FIRM. Pretty easy to say this mattress won’t work well for you if you don’t like a real firm mattress.
Bottom Layer – 805 14.5 Guage Steel Alternating Coil System
  • Zoned middle for better support through the center third of the mattress. This is a big advantage for more support where people are the heaviest.
  • When looking for a mattress that has coils we strongly recommend that for a queen size the mattress has a minimum of 800 coils, which this exceeds for the minimum.
  • Having a coil system will potentially have more movement in the mattress, which means you may have a little more motion transfer in the mattress compared to an all foam bed.
Cover – TENCEL Cover with 3/4″ Quilt Foam
  • This is a more breathable material and provides a great feel to the touch.
  • The little quilt provides just a bit of give to both sides of the mattress. This is really the only part of the very firm mattress that really has any softness to it.
  • The 3/4″ quilt foam makes this bed a just a bit softer, so if you want the top to be ultra firm this may make it a little less firm for the person who wants a very firm mattress.

Still looking for more information? Feel free to contact us with questions!