May 29, 2018

Saatva vs Loom and Leaf

In the Saatva vs Loom and Leaf comparison, we’ll be taking a look at choosing between the Saatva hybrid Foam mattress and the Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress. Both mattresses come from well-established companies and provide a great level of comfort for their targeted audience. Below, we thoroughly go over the different categories to give you the best idea of the two mattresses.

saatva vs loom and leaf

In this comparison review is everything a consumer needs to know about each of these beds. From the materials each mattress is made of, to the overall cost and value of each product. We have personally tried and slept on both mattresses and can give you our honest opinion. Below we have 8 important categories as well as a summary for reading ease. Each mattress is solid, durable and at a great price. They both have several benefits and more or less it is figuring out which one is a better fit for you.

Though they are both made by the same company the Saavta and Loom & Leaf are two very different mattresses. This makes this a very unique comparison since these beds are developed for two different consumer bases. The main difference is between the inner working of each mattress. The Saavta mattress is a hybrid mattress while the Loom & Leaf is a true foam mattress. One is better for cooler sleepers while the other is best for sleepers who love to be snug.

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Saatva and Loom and Leaf Delivery and Off-Gassing:

saatva mattress reviewAll Saatva mattresses, including Saatva and Loom & Leaf, have a very surprisingly take on mattress delivery. They don’t believe in rolling a mattress up and having it shipped to you. Instead, they offer free white glove delivery service to your home. Most services like this can easily cost around $100. By giving their buyers this option Saatva has allowed themselves to use thicker and more solid materials in their mattresses. This also helps increase the overall durability and longevity of the mattresses too. This service also includes free removal of your mattress, as well as, any frame you may be getting rid of.

While both the Saatva and Loom & Leaf mattress will still have a new mattress or warehouse odor you won’t have to worry about smells that come with most rolled mattresses. You also won’t need to wait for this mattress to expand thanks to the white glove service. Both mattresses are delivered ready to be slept on and will be ready to go as soon as they are unpacked. They are both also made and manufactured in the USA.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

These mattresses are from the same brand bu are going to be very different feels based solely on their construction and materials. The Saavta mattress has a more responsive and durable core while the Loom & Leaf is slower moving and a tad softer. The Loom & Leaf mattress uses all foam layers, while Saavta mattress uses a combination of both foam and coils. They also have a different number of layers, with Saavta having 1 extra. Depending on which type of mattress you like best will determine the winner. Both of these products are made of high-quality materials and cater to two very different camps of sleepers.

saatva mattress materials
Saatva Classic Materials:

The Saatva Mattress comes in two heights, 11.5 inches, and 14.5 inches. Both versions are made out of the same great materials. They are mostly different in their appearance and functionality. These mattresses both feature 5 layers designed to give you a firm feel of your choice. The mattress also concentrates on keeping things cool.

The top layer of this mattress is 2.5 inches of euro style pillowtop. This layer is covered by breathable organic cotton. The second layer is made of a 1-inch layer of lumbar support enhancement memory foam. This layer is there to relieve pressure and help support the lower area of your back. The 3rd layer is made up of 884 (Queen Size Only) individually wrapped comfort coils. This layer helps the bed to respond and contour to your body. This gives the bed a good portion of the support and helps give it a luxury feel.

The fourth layer is made of steel coils to give the bed even more support. It is made of 416 (Queen Size Only) Everflex coils. These coils help the beds durability and keep the mattress in shape for longer than most standard memory foam mattresses. Lastly, the edge of the mattress is wrapped in a dual perimeter edge support system. This system helps keep the edges of the bed from sagging and adds plenty of support and protection for the mattress.

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Loom & Leaf Materials:

The Loom & Leaf mattress is 12 inches thick with 4 layers. The bed comes in two comfort levels, Relaxed firm, and firm. This mattress also focuses on keeping things cool throughout the night. The first layer is made up of 2 inches of conforming cooling gel. This layer has cooling gel swirled into it and is channeled to promote air flow.

The second layer is made up of 2.5 inches of Visco-elastic 5.0 PCD dense memory foam. This layer is specifically put in to make the mattress contour to your body. The third layer is made of 2 inches of transition foam, to help the layers combine together more easily. The last layer is 5 inches of solid base foam. This gives the mattress the support it needs. The bed is also wrapped in an organic cotton cover made to be soft to the touch and breathable.

saatva vs loom and leaf

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Saatva Comfort and Firmness:

saatva mattress reviewIt’s worth noting that the Saavta mattress has 3 different comfort levels offered, plush, medium firm, and firm. This gives customers a chance to choose which firmness level compliments there sleeping style. The firm option is a great pick for stomach and back sleepers. The soft and medium firm will go more towards the back, and then side sleepers.

No matter what you pick these mattresses are very supportive and will have you feeling well rested. The firm and medium firm options of this mattress will also work well with heavier sleepers who want a more supportive feel. Also, remember that this mattress features two different thickness options.

Loom & Leaf Comfort and Firmness:

loom leaf mattress reviewThe Loom & Leaf mattress features two different firmness levels. These levels are firm and relaxed firm, to give sleepers a better choice of what works best for them. The firm option gives is great for stomach sleepers, while the relaxed firm is great for back and side sleepers.

Both options work great with heavier sleepers, as well. This mattress will cocoon to your body, but won’t make you feel like your sinking in. This mattress is also great for sleepers who get easily cold due to this feature. The mattress is well made and will keep its form over the years.

Saatva vs Loom and Leaf Comfort & Firmness:

Both the Saatva and Loom & Leaf mattresses are extremely comfortable to sleep on. The high-quality materials will give you support throughout the night. They also both have different firmness levels to choose from, so you can pick your preference. The Saatva will have you sleeping on top of the mattress more than the Loom & Leaf mattress will. The Loom & Leaf mattress, however, will perfectly hug your body. This makes The Loom & Leaf best for sleepers who get cold at night.

Saatva vs Loom and Leaf Motion Transfer:
saatva mattress

Both mattresses are made with your comfort in mind. Thanks to this neither the Saatva or Loom & Leaf feature much motion transfer. In both models, the vibrations are kept to a minimum and aren’t even noticeable. This makes both products a great candidate for anyone who has trouble sleeping with their partner or who has children that like to crawl into bed. The beds do absorb vibrations in different ways with the Saavta using a combination of coils and foam both. While the Loom and Leafs all foam design easily absorbs motion.

Saatva Temperature Regulation:

The Saatva mattress is made to sleep cool. The amount of heat will somewhat depend on the firmness option you choose. If you choose the firmest option though you are guaranteed to sleep completely cool. This is because the firmer a bed is the more you sink in. The Saatva also has a lot of cooling technology going on throughout its layers. They made the cotton cover to be breathable. Furthermore they made the foam layers to let airflow through naturally. The coils in the mattress also help by not trapping heat like a traditional memory foam mattress.

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Loom & Leaf Temperature Regulation:

loom leaf mattress reviewThe Loom & Leaf mattress like the Saatva is made to sleep cool. The amount of heat will somewhat depend on the firmness option you choose. As with the Saatva if you choose the firmer option then you will sleep cooler. Now, since they made this mattress to hug you, it will be warmer to sleep in. They made the bed to keep from burning you up with its use of airflow chambers, and cooling gel. This bed is great for a sleeper who likes to feel warm and snug as they fall asleep during all parts of the year. When tested this mattress did sleep comfortably all night long.

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Saatva vs Loom and Leaf Temperature Regulation:

When it comes to temperature this two mattress is actually a little different. The Saavta mattress is better for sleepers who hate heat, and the Loom & Leaf is for sleepers who like heat. Both mattresses do sleep comfortably all throughout the night. So, no matter which one you pick you won’t be miserable sleeping in it. Both mattresses disperse heat using different techniques and buyers should keep in mind the layer differences. Like the Saavta any mattress with coils will always be cooler than a true memory foam mattress.

Saatva Edge Support:

saatva mattress reviewThe Saatva mattress actually has an amazing amount of edge support. Thanks to its foam encased edge support system the Saavta mattress is better for edge sleeping than most mattresses on the market. Edge sleepers will find comfort sleeping on all firmness types of the Saavta and won’t find themselves sinking in. This also makes the bed good for a daily amount of edge sitting. Edge sitting won’t wear out this mattress, and while you shouldn’t use it all day for a chair; it won’t sink on you.

Loom & Leaf Edge Support:

The Loom & Leaf mattress doesn’t feature the level of edge support that the Saata does. Still, the mattress holds up pretty well for edge sleepers. The bed has the same firmness all the way across, and you can sleep on the edge without sinking in. This, of course, does vary from firm and relaxed firm options.  The Loom & Leaf mattress will only be good for small amounts of edge sitting and will sink in after a few hours at most.

Saatva vs Loom and Leaf  Edge Support:

The Saatva mattress has some of the best edge support we have ever seen out of a mattress. This is the recommended purchase for anyone who dominantly sleeps on the edge of their bed. The special layer of the Saatva will keep the bed from wearing down over time. The Loom and Leaf mattress is also good for edge sleepers but will be slightly less comfortable. In terms of memory foam mattress through the Loom & Leaf still holds up well.

Saatva Value:

With 2 different firmness options, free white glove delivery, 2 different thickness options and free removal of your old mattress, the Saavta hybrid mattress is worth the money. Additionally, the mattress comes with a 15-year warranty to cover any issues. The mattress comes in the following sizes:

  • Twin – $699
  • Twin XL – $799
  • Full – $1099
  • Queen – $1199
  • King – $1599
  • Cal King – $1599

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Loom & Leaf Value:

With 2 different firmness options, free white glove delivery, and free removal of your old mattress, the Loom & Leaf memory foam mattress is worth the money. Additionally, the mattress comes with a 15-year warranty to cover any issues.  The mattress comes in the following sizes:

  • Twin – $749
  • Twin XL – $849
  • Full – $1199
  • Queen – $1299
  • King – $1699
  • Cal King – $1699

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Saatva vs Loom and Leaf Value:

They both made their mattresses with good materials and offer free shipping. They also offer the same warranty since they come from the same company. The Loom & Leaf is the more expensive of the two by a bit, and the Saatva is the cheaper option. They both have different materials that make them up and fit the prices ranges for their individual categories.

Saatva vs Loom and Leaf  Additional Information:

The Saatva company offers frames that they can deliver and set-up alongside your mattress. They make the Lineal Adjustable Base customizable in order to fit your needs as a sleeper. You can use it with either mattress and you can easily purchase it at the same time. The company also gives you a 120-day sleep trial with both products. Additionally, many famous publications have featured the company for their quality. Saatva also offers great customer service for any extra questions you have involving these two selections.

saatva vs loom and leaf
Saatva vs Loom and Leaf  Summary:

Both of these mattresses coming from the same company makes them have the same high-quality delivery and 120-night sleep guarantee. The Saatva and Loom & Leaf are made by the Saatva company to cater to different types of sleepers. The Saatva is a hybrid mattress with coils, while the Loom & Leaf is true memory foam. The mattress also both feature different selections if firmness levels, as well as, free white glove delivery to your home. The brand also offers to remove your old mattress and frame for free. Additionally, you can even buy a new frame to fit the mattresses perfectly from Saatva.

The main difference between these two mattresses are their cooling components and feel. The Loom & Leaf hugs you and will keep you warmer. The Saatva will help dissipate heat better for a cooler sleep. The Loom and Leaf costs more than Saatva. However, they made Loom and Leaf with a different quality of materials. The Saatva also offers more versatility in letting you choose mattresses firmness with a third firmness option and adjustable height.

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