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October 29, 2018

Oceano vs Alexander Hybrid

Sleeping on a hybrid style mattress has its perks. From ideal comfort to superior support as well as the benefits of healthy sleeping night after night. The Oceano and Alexander Hybrid feature two mattresses that are just this. Hybrid mattresses that offer luxury and quality at an affordable price. Both utilize the best materials that deliver minimal motion transfer, optimal pressure relief with cooling benefits. Though there are plenty of similarities both offer their own unique appeal as well. Keep reading our Oceano vs Alexander Hybrid review below to see which one of these amazing beds is right for you.

oceano vs alexander hybrid
Oceano by Brentwood Home – Overview:

oceano vs alexander hybridFor 30 years, Brentwood Home has been creating quality and affordable mattress designs. They bring modern styles and technologies to classic knowledge. Their aim is to produce healthy, well-made products. Currently, the Oceano is their top-selling design and most ideal hybrid mattress. It’s made of materials that are conducive to precisely support the body while relieving pressure with a medium-plush feel. This substantial bed measures 14 inches thick and delivers luxurious rest.

The Oceano combines two sets of coils with high-quality foams for unbeatable comfort. Featuring gel-infused memory foam and a micro coil set on top to give you cooled sleep with responsive contouring. Below this is a breathable transition foam over the main coil set. This creates a deep comfort feel and sturdy support. The coils even offer reinforced springs at the lumbar zone and edges for long lasting and perfect support. This already high end bed is covered in wool batting with a tencel cover that wraps all the materials together. All of these aspects make it easy to see why  we’ve given the Oceano a top spot in our Best Hybrid Mattresses and Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers.

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Alexander Hybrid by Nest Bedding – Overview:

oceano vs alexander hybridNest Bedding specializes in creating thicker mattresses at affordable prices. They have taken the great aspects of their all foam mattress and made it even better by adding a durable coil set. The combination of their high-quality materials makes the Alexander Hybrid a perfectly balanced mattress.

It is available in three different comfort levels to provide perfect comfort to every kind of sleeper. This affordable bed measures 13 inches thick. You get materials chosen for their cooling properties and supportiveness in every selection. Whether you choose plush, medium, or firm, you get the same quality components and construction.

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Oceano vs Alexander Hybrid – Delivery and Unboxing:

cedar mattressBrentwood Home offers several different shipping options to make your delivery and setup process a piece of cake. The Oceano can be shipped for free with your purchase. This method involves compressing the mattress to be rolled and packed in a compact box. It will arrive at your doorstep with shipping through Fed-Ex. If you need a hands-off system, you can pay an extra fee of $199 for the white glove delivery service. Your mattress will be hand-delivered and set up by a professional team. For another $76, your old mattress can be properly removed and disposed of. Since the Oceano weighs around 135 pounds in a queen size, make your decision based on your needs.

The Alexander Hybrid has a boxed delivery method like the Oceano’s. The mattress will be compressed and roll-packed into a box at a USA-based factory before shipping to your door. The purchase price includes this delivery method. Two or more people can easily maneuver this mattress. Have an extra set of hands help you out during the setup to save your back. Though it is compact, the box will be too heavy for one person to handle on their own.

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Off Gassing:

brooklyn bowery vs love and sleepOff gassing for both of these mattresses should be very minimal. As far as the Oceano goes Brentwood Home has dedicated their company to utilizing only non-toxic and eco friendly materials in the products they make. This means you should only notice a natural smell as your new mattress breathes for a day or so. During setup, the Oceano initially expands rapidly when removed from its plastic wrapping. With maybe a day or less before it fully firmed up. During our trial, we noticed a slight fragrance, but there was nothing noxious. The green materials used in this mattress’s design would be ideal to some sensitive to odors.

The Alexander Hybrid will quickly come to life as you remove the plastic wrapping too. However, give the mattress a day or two to fully firm up before judging the true comfort you experience. During this initial period, you might notice some “new mattress” smells. If you find that these odors bother you, increase the dissipation process by opening a window. It also helps to wait at least a few hours before putting your protector and sheets on to ensure that any lingering smells are gone.

Oceano vs Alexander Hybrid – Comfort:

mattress coilsThe Oceano and Alexander Hybrid are different in terms of comfort options. The Oceano provides you with one universal feel. While the Alexander Hybrid is available in three different firmness levels. However, both are both variations of hybrids. Meaning both utilize similar materials with a combination of memory foam and coils to achieve a pressure relieving and supportive surface. As well as thicker construction and higher end materials for a superior feel to many other competitors hybrids or all foam mattresses.

One big difference with the Oceano though, is it’s dual coil system. This more durable construction provides superior long term support. As well as added buoyancy to easily shift sleeping positions. Below are the specifics on what to expect from a comfort standpoint on both of these beds.

Oceano by Brentwood Home – Comfort:

oceano brentwood homeEven with a universal feel the vast majority of sleepers will appreciate the comfort found in the Oceano. The materials work together to provide ideal balance and adaptability. With two coil systems that provide flexible support for even weight distribution. And the main coil system reinforced at the lumbar zone for better spine health. These along with comfort foams that contour and cocoon your body just enough to alleviate any pressure points.

The very top layer is a breathable, gel-infused memory foam that molds to your body. While the micro coils below allow you to easily change sleeping positions and dissipate any excess heat. On the very top is a plush layer of wool directly under the TENCEL cover that not only adds extra plushness but also draws heat away from you. This medium-plush feel rates at about a 5 on a firmness scale, where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest.

Side sleepers and back sleepers will find comfort in the amazing pressure relief. The components work together to allow for optimal sinking while still offering support. Dominant stomach sleepers might need firmer support to create proper alignment that prevents back bowing. But, if you occasionally sleep on your stomach you won’t have many problems with the firmness level. Even larger sleepers will be able to utilize this mattress comfortably because of the denser and more durable materials used. Making this a universal feel that is truly universal.

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Alexander Hybrid by Nest Bedding – Comfort:

alexander hybrid mattress reviewWith the Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid you also get to choose your most ideal comfort preference. They provide you with three different comfort options to choose from. Giving every sleeper a chance to find exactly what they need. Starting with a softer Plush option ideal for side sleepers. A middle of the road medium option perfect for couples and combination sleepers. And a luxury firm choice for stomach and back sleepers looking for more support.

On the firmness scale, with 1 being soft and 10 firm, the plush option rates at about a 3.5. This softer feel is more contouring and really allows you to feel more in the bed. While the most popular medium option is a great compromise of plush and firm at about a 5. Making it almost ideal for anyone and the closest match to the Oceano in comfort. And the luxury firm choice will rate about an 8. Giving a less contouring and more supported feel great for anyone who likes a firm bed as well as heavier sleepers too.

With the Alexander Hybrid you may have choices but you will get the same great layers of foams over the durable coil system. All of the choices will give you a balanced feel with responsive support and pressure relief. You will feel a nice layer of cushion, that slightly varies depending on your preference, at the surface. While a solid foundation from the core coil system is below. All working together to provide a blend of slow responding memory foam comfort with just a touch of bounce for easy moving.

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Oceano – Materials and Construction:

oceano brentwood homeFour layers stack up in the Oceano to create this 14-inch thick mattress. A 2-inch thick, 4-pound density Gel Memory Foam layer starts of this design with even weight distribution. It relieves pressure points with responsive contour while drawing heat away from the body. It also absorbs vibration from movement.

Next comes the mini coil system that is made from 2.5-inch thick individually pocketed micro coils. Precision support allows for easy repositioning that comes from 1,353 coils in a queen size. A 2-inch thick, 1.8-pound density layer of breathable foam makes up the final portion of the comfort layers. It acts as a transitional material between the two coil sets.

The main coil system provides the core with 1,130 8-inch thick coils in each queen size mattress. Providing support and proper alignment to the body, it prevents sinking and sagging with strong durability. Reinforced coils are used around the perimeter and lumbar zone for increased support.

A base foam sits under the main coil system, setting the Oceano up for success with an even, flat surface. A tencel cover tops off a layer of thick wool batting. This gives you added cooling properties with a soft touch and luxurious feel.

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Alexander Hybrid – Materials and Construction:

Though the Alexander Hybrid is available in three different firmness choices, high-quality materials are used in each design. Together the four layers create a 13-inch thick mattress. The top layer of foam in all three variations is a 1.5-inch thick TitanChill Endurance Foam®.

The next layer depends on the option you select. The plush and medium options have a 1.5-inch thick Copper Infused Energex Foam. The density of this material varies between the two firmness levels. In the luxury firm option, you’ll find a 1.5-inch thick layer of Slow Recovery Memory Foam.

A 1-inch thick, 3-pound density SmartFlow Support Foam comes next in all three options. This is followed by the 8-inch thick Quantum Edge Pocketed Support Coils. Every Alexander Hybrid contains a 1.5-inch thick, 4-pound density Gel Infused Memory Foam & Super Soft Quilted Thermic Phase Change Fabric cover.

alexander hybrid materials

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Motion Transfer:

oceano brentwood homeHybrid mattresses generally have a more responsive nature to them from the flexible support provided by the coil system. The Oceano has a main coil system and a set of micro coils giving sleepers easy movement and customized contouring. Luckily, each of these coils in both sets is individually covered in fabric.

This dramatically reduced the transfer of movement from one spring to the next. The foams that are paired with these components are high density materials that rapidly absorb vibrations on contact. Even light sleepers can enjoy the minimized motion transfer felt in the Oceano.

The Alexander Hybrid’s design also works to combat motion transfer. It is comprised of a single coil set and several layers of dense foams. Because the vibrations must work through these thick foam layers before reaching the coils, motion transfer is greatly reduced.

Any movement that penetrates through to the coil set should stop there. Each spring is individually wrapped to diminish the domino effect of shifting motion from one to the next. As you sleep, you still get the responsive qualities and pressure relief in all the right places as you do with other hybrids.

Oceano vs Alexander Hybrid – Sleeping Cool:

oceano brentwood homeWhen it comes to sleeping cool hybrids are going to be a great option. With each coil system you get a mattress that offers plenty of air flow and heat dissipation. Making it typically easier to sleep cool than all foam mattresses.

The Oceano takes this benefit and doubles it with a second coil set. The micro coils lie directly under the top layer of memory foam to provide you with ample air flow. Even the top layer of memory foam above it is infused with gel. As well as features open-cell technology to help pull heat away from you as you sleep.

The Oceano doesn’t stop there though. The transitional foam between the two coil sets is an Airflux foam that encourages even more breathability. And the main coil system eliminates any excess heat that probably won’t even make it that far.

All of this is topped off with naturally moisture wicking New Zealand wool. This added measure helps regulated temperature even more. While the TENCEL cover is soft and breathable. Making for a truly comfortable surface.

saatva vs alexander hybridThe Alexander Hybrid mattress also utilizes temperature neutral materials for an ideal sleeping experience. Starting from the top and working down through every layer, you’ll find components made with heat reduction in mind. They made the cover of this bed from a thermic phase change cooling fabric that stays cool to the touch.

They infused the memory foam’s top layer with copper to draw heat away from the body. While using its naturally antimicrobial properties to keep the bed cleaner too. The SmarFlow Support Foam under this is punched with holes to increase air circulation. And of course the coil system gives you top quality airflow. Giving you another mattress option to sleep soundly in while not overheating.

Oceano vs Alexander Hybrid – Edge Support:

alexander hybrid mattress reviewYou can tell a lot about the overall quality and durability of a mattress by the edge support it provides. The Oceano has two coil sets that provide strong support throughout. The dense foams contribute to the durable core, preventing excessive sinking. While the micro coils in the top offer flexible support that moves with you but is less likely to break down over time like foams often do. Making a more substantial feel altogether.

The coils in the main coil system are reinforced through the lumbar zone and around the perimeter. The thicker gauge steel in these areas creates a sturdy edge. Making every inch of this mattress solid from top to bottom. Allowing you to sleep on every inch without feeling like you’ll roll out. You can even sit on the edge of this bed without loosing support.

The Alexander Hybrid has a durable core and solid foundation made with dense foams and coil system. The edge uses reinforced coils as well to give you added strength. They individually pocketed the coils to add to the supportive nature of this layer. The memory foam layers are dense and durable allowing for comfort while still maintaining support and longevity.

This is another mattress that allows you to fully utilize the sleeping surface. With the same feel at the sides as in the center. Making it another option that will appeal to anyone wanting to make the most of what they have. Sitting at the edge of this mattress will be a bit less supportive. However, sitting for short periods shouldn’t be troublesome.

Oceano vs Alexander Hybrid – Value:

The value of both of these mattresses is quite unbeatable. Each offering affordable price points for very luxurious well made beds. Both giving sleepers a blend of quality contouring comfort with above average support and durability. Making two thicker than average luxury beds at an appealing price and that is even before their generous coupons.

You can own a queen-sized Oceano mattress from Brentwood Home for just $1,495. Included is free sipping, or the option to upgrade to white glove delivery service. You also get a 365-night sleep trial and 25-year warranty. Both of these quite substantial compared to many competitors and a true testament to the quality of this mattress.

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The Alexander Hybrid mattress costs $1,199 in a queen size. This pricing from Nest Bedding is the same in all three firmness options. You also get free shipping with your purchase as well as 100-night sleep trial. A limited lifetime warranty seals the deal in value for the Alexander Hybrid. Also, this mattress typically offers a promotional coupon too, bringing the price down even lower. Make sure you click below to access the latest coupons at Nest Bedding.

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Oceano vs Alexander Hybrid – Our Pick!

oceano brentwood homeIt’s hard to go wrong with either of these options. The Oceano mattress may only come in one comfort option, but it is quite amazing in feel and support. Giving you a medium-plush feel that still provides ideal alignment and ergonomics. Making it especially appealing for side sleepers and back sleepers. The benefits of this mattress also check every box. And the top notch customer service provided by Brentwood Home along with their substantial trial period and warranty really set the Oceano apart.

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The Alexander Hybrid from Nest Bedding has three different options for firmness. You can pick between luxury firm, medium, or plush. This means that if you are a stomach sleeper, you’ll prefer this brand over the other. While some qualities in this mattress might not be as good as the Oceano, you still have a durable product with custom comfort. As well as great customer service and a lengthy trial period and thorough warranty.

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We recommend both of these amazing hybrid mattresses. Making the choice hard and easy. Either option will provide a thick, USA made mattress right to your door. With qualities that allow you great sleep at a very affordable price point. The Oceano offers a minor advantage in quality and durability over the Alexander Hybrid. Although, both are top rated beds. Giving you luxury and established well known mattress brands that won’t disappoint.

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