August 1, 2017

Mid America Bedding Hybrid Mattress

MidAmerica Bedding is the largest family-owned mattress manufacturer in the USA and has over 60 years of mattress making experience. This Wisconsin based companies philosophy focuses on quality and comfort and providing cost effective mattresses across the country.

Check out our video review that highlights the key topics to look at when contemplating the MidAmerica Bedding Hybrid Mattress. We hope this helps answer some of your questions and make an informed decision.


  • When trying this mattress out we found it had a nice comfortable feel. For side sleeping your shoulder and hip were able to sink into it the proper amount and still give the right amount of support. We also really liked how responsive the top layer of serene foam was in the this mattress. It was nice when transitioning from your side to your back or your stomach, the foam quickly adjusted to your bodies different sleeping position.
  • It also has a little bounce with the 858 pocketed coil system and that helps with some extra support if you are going to sleep on your stomach, so your back doesn’t sink in too much.
  • We really like the feel of this mattress and we think that no matter the size of person sleeping on it or the position you prefer to sleep in the mattress will perform very well to a broad group of people.

Off Gassing

  • This mattress is made in the USA and not roll packed and put in a box, which generally is where most off gassing would come from. Because it does not come in a box there is little to no off gassing.

Sleeps Cool

  • We didn’t find this bed to sleep hot, the pocketed coil system really does allow for better heat dissipation. The layer of serene foam and layer of memory foam can retain a little heat but we didn’t find it to cause any overheating problems for us.

Motion Transfer

  • This bed hardly has any noticeable motion transfer, it is great for anyone who may be more sensitive to partner disturbance or for couples who have different sleeping routines. The combination of the coil system and foams really cut down on any vibrations.

Edge Support 

  • The dense 3″ of foam encasement provide a nice edge for the mattress and it really does allow you to comfortably sleep closer to the outside of the bed. We really like this feature because even in a queen or a full size you have the ability to utilize the whole surface of the mattress and eliminates the rolling out of the bed feel.


  • This MidAmerica hybrid mattress is 12 inches thick and has a 885 pocketed coil set in the queen size. This is a huge plus for us because in a queen you really want to look for a mattress with a minimum of 800 coils to have the proper support and core durability and will help reduce the possibility of sleep impressions over time. The top layer of foam is a 2″ serene foam that has a similar feel to memory foam but has a faster response time. There is then a 1/2″ layer of memory foam under the serene foam that gives it a deeper comfort. All of this is under a nice woven knit breathable cover.

Top Layer – 2” Serene Foam

  • Like a memory foam but more responsive and less of a sinking in feel.
  • Gives a softer feel without limiting your movement or changing sleeping positions.
  • Provides decent breathability which helps reduce overheating.
  • For us this seemes like the perfect balance between spring and sink but for anyone who likes the specific feel of latex or memeory foam they may find something else better.

Middle Layer – 1/2” Memory Foam

  • Helps the mattress conform to the sleepers body even more.
  • Help relieve pressure points to reduce tossing and turning.
  • Makes it more comfortable for side sleeping.
Bottom Layers – 858 Pocketed Coil System
  • Three zoned individual encased coils provide a great core and sturdy support throughout the mattress.
  • Middle zone is heavier gauge steel coils to provide even better lumbar support and extend the life of the bed.
  • When looking for a mattress that has coils we strongly recommend that for a queen size the mattress has a minimum of 800 coils, which this exceeds that minimum.
Cover – Woven Knit Cover
  • Light weight and breathable and fits over the top nicely.
  • Sides are made of a more durable material that allows the mattress to feel even more resilient.

Still looking for more information? Feel free to contact us with questions!