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The Nuvanna mattress is created with recovery and rejuvenation in mind. This three layer all foam mattress has three key focuses to ensure the best night sleep. First, a top layer for cooler sleep. Second, a middle layer that easily isolates motion. And lastly a base foam that provides ideal support regardless of size, shape or sleeping preference.

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Nuvanna Mattress – Brief Overview:

This mattress is a one feel sleeps all style of bed. With one universal comfort that will appeal the vast majority of sleepers. This combination of foams provide comfort and support where it is needed to ensure rest for all.

nuvanna mattress reviewThe top layer of Ascension Foam is ideal for cradling your body. All while pulling heat away too. The next layer uses a transition foam to provide deep comfort and minimizing vibrations. Which makes sharing this mattress easy for even the lightest sleeper. The bottom layer is a dense base foam that is durable and stable and creates an ideal foundation. The combination of these materials create not only a great feel but also balance to not be too soft or firm.

Nuvanna Foundation:

A unique item that Nuvanna offers may not even be there mattress, but their foundation. The foundation that can also be bought through Nuvanna is also compact and is easily shipped in a box too. The combination of upholstered wood rails and wood slats are shipped in a compact box. Upon arrival it will only take a few minutes to put together and provide a sturdy and solid foundation for your new mattress.

Nuvanna – Brief Overview:

Regardless of whether you buy the Nuvanna mattress, foundation or both you will get free shipping. Both products are also made in the USA ensuring the best materials and construction are used. They also come with a 100 night sleep trial to make sure both are exactly what you expect. If you aren’t 100% happy than both are completely refundable too. The mattress comes with a 10 year limited warranty while the foundation comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

More information on the Nuvanna mattresses will be coming soon. We are in the process of testing out the Nuvanna for ourselves. This will allow us to give you the best information in just a few more days. Also, go to nuvanna.com for more information and to shop.

Delivery & Unboxing:
nuvanna mattress review

The Nuvanna mattress and foundation ship free of any additional charge. Both conveniently boxed and right to your door too. Once they arrive neither will take much time to set up and assemble. The foundation will take a few minutes, as will the mattress. Thought the foundation is more involved all that will take place with the mattress is taking the wrapped mattress out and carefully cutting the plastic away. Removing it and watching the mattress expand to life.

There may be a few new mattress off gassing odors that accompany the bed. However, they should be minimal and dissipate fairly quickly. If you are more sensitive opening a window should help. It is also recommended to wait several hours before putting bedding on and sleeping on the bed. It may take up to 24 to 48 hours to fully expand and firm up too. Wait a few days before judging the true feel of the bed.

Nuvanna Mattress – Comfort:

nuvanna mattress reviewThis all foam mattress has one comfort option that should appeal to most sleepers. It will be more of a medium-firm feel and adjust to most shapes, sizes and sleeping positions. The concept of the Nuvanna mattress focuses on each layer focusing on a specific benefit. All working together to create a supportive and comfortable mattress too. With foams that cradle you as well as allow you to move freely. All working together to help find a restorative and restful night.

The mattress is great for back sleepers thanks to the support layers ability to provide proper support to every inch of your body. Stomach sleepers will also love the Nuvanna since it will give them the support they need to keep their back from bowing during the night. Some side sleepers may find that the Nuvanna is just a little to firm for them though. The mattress also works great with heavier sleepers and will give them the performance they are looking for out of a medium-firm mattress.

Nuvanna Mattress Coupon

Nuvanna Mattress – Motion Transfer:

nuvanna mattress reviewMotion transfer can be a major problem with most sleepers who have chosen to share a bed with a partner. Different schedules or even trouble sleeping on a bad mattress can send you to the couch due to all the movement.

When looking into most all foam mattresses you don’t have to worry as much about motion transfer as with some other styles. The Nuvanna even takes this a step further by dedicating the mattresses second layer to helping neutralize any motion that happens on top of the bed. This makes the Nuvanna mattress a perfect choice for couples who have trouble sleeping with each other.

Nuvanna Mattress  – Sleeping Cool:

nuvanna mattress reviewThe Nuvanna mattress is a foam mattress. This may worry some consumers as all foam mattresses are notorious for retaining heat. Nuvanna has taken this into consideration and uses materials to help minimize this. They do this by using several different technologies to keep things comfortable for you.

For starters the whole first layer of the Nuvanna mattress is dedicated to cooling. The layer is infused with innovative phase changing gel particles. These particles work to evenly disperse the heat that gets trapped in the foam.

The mattress is also wrapped in a Tencel cover. This cover works to be breathable while wicking away moisture from your body as you sleep. Lastly the more medium-firm feel and support of the base layer also helps keep you from sinking too far into the foam. This also helps your body from sinking further into the heat retaining foams and providing more air flow around your body.

Nuvanna Mattress Coupon

Nuvanna Mattress – Edge Support:

Many sleepers actually end up not even considering edge support when they start to look for a mattress. The truth is that edge support can be a larger factor than you may anticipate when choosing your new mattress. Without proper edge support, you will find that the whole surface of your mattress won’t be usable for sleeping. Beds lacking in edge support will begin to sink when you sleep close to the edge making only the middle of the bed usable for sleeping.

Though it may not have the firmest edge support the Nuvanna should provide enough support to provide a smooth and consistent sleeping surface. The Nuvanna’s base layer along with the top comfort layers provides an even amount of support on the majority of the mattress.

If you choose to sleep on the very edge of the bed you may have a bit less support, but overall the majority of the bed will be able to be used. You may not find that the bed will be the greatest when you try to sit on the edge. It will provide enough support for minimal sitting, but really shouldn’t be used for this purpose.

Nuvanna Mattress – Value:

When it comes to value the Nuvanna mattress is pretty good. The most popular Queen size comes in at $890. This also includes shipping, a 10 year warranty and 100 night sleep trial. This also doesn’t include their latest coupon which helps make this mattress a better value. If you want an all foam mattress that has used technology to create a feeling of universal comfort that isn’t too soft or firm the Nuvanna may be for you.

Nuvanna Mattress Coupon

Materials & Construction:

The Nuvanna mattress is a 3 layer mattress that is 10 inches thick. The three layers of the Nuvanna are divided by there three core purposes. The first layer of the Nuvanna is the cooling layer that helps the Nuvanna keep a neutral temperature while you sleep at night. This layer uses innovative phase changing gel particles in its fibers. This technology does especially well at keeping your body cool while you are resting during the night.

The second layer of the Nuvanna mattress is the motion control layer. This layer helps keep you from transferring your movements to your partner while you move at night. The final layer of the mattress is, of course, the support layer. Nuvanna uses a progressive support system that prevents you from having a sinking feeling while resting on the mattress. The layer works to support every part of your body individually as well. Lastly, this layer helps combat back pain by helping with proper spinal alignment. These layers all combine together to help rejuvenate you as you rest to provide you with a better quality of life.

This is all wrapped in a cover to help keep your bed free from messes. The mattress is wrapped in a Tencel cover. This cover is designed to wick away moisture while you sleep at night helping keep things even cooler. This helps the Nuvanna be a more sanitary option than some other similar products on the market since it naturally keeps bacteria from growing on the bed. On top of that, the cover has a silky feel to it that you will fall in love with.

nuvanna mattress review
Trial Period & Warranty:

Buying any item offline without first being able to interact with it can be nerve-racking. This is especially true when you are making an important purchase like the mattress you are going to be using for years to come. Thankfully, almost any bed-in-a-box that you choose to buy will come with a sleep trial. This trial allows you to try out your new mattress risk-free for a set amount of day. If you don’t like the mattress you can send it back for free and be fully refunded your purchase amount.

The Nuvanna mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial for you to get a feel for your new bed. If you end up falling in love with the mattress then you have a 10-year warranty to protect you from any defects that may arise. All you need to do if your mattress tears or starts to sag is contact customer support and have them ship your mattress back for free. Once everything is processed you will have a new bed in no time to replace your damaged one. The best part is that Nuvanna will donate any returned mattresses to charity to help the needy.

Nuvanna Mattress Coupon

Also, remember that Our Sleep Guide is here to help. If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us. We want to make sure you find the best mattress for you!

Nuvanna Mattress Rating
  • Delivery & Off Gassing
  • Comfort
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Materials & Construction
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Overall Rating

If you are looking for a technology driven all foam mattress with a balanced feel the Nuvanna may be up your alley. The price point after coupon is appealing as well as the medium-firm feel of the universal comfort.

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $550
  • Twin XL $600
  • Full $790
  • Queen $890
  • King $950
  • Cal King $950
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