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Mattress Review Haven Boutique Mattress

When it comes to making your bedroom your haven doesn’t it make sense to start with the most ideal mattress? How could you possibly go wrong with the 14″ thick pressure relieving Haven Boutique memory foam mattress. This innovative all foam bed delivers on contouring comfort and adaptable support to give you amazing sleep night after night.

Haven Boutique Mattress At A Glance

When it comes to mattress reviews we know that not everyone has time to invest into research. Which is why we like to start with a brief overview, of a few highlights, of the mattress. That way you can decide if you need more information or not.

  • haven boutique mattress 4 Layers + Cooling Cover | 14″ Thick Mattress
  • Universal Medium Soft Comfort
  • Motion Transfer: Minimal
  • Temperature Regulation: Good
  • Edge Support: Okay
  • FREE Shipping & Returns
  • 18 Month Trial Period & Lifetime Warranty
  • Price Range (With Out Coupons): $899-$1,599

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In Depth Haven Boutique Mattress Review

If you are looking for more insight into the Haven Boutique mattress continue reading. Below we will cover all the details of this bed. Starting with a look at the materials and construction. Then transitioning to how that works into the feel and comfort of the mattress.

Next we will take a glance at how this mattress should perform from a variety of aspects. And finish up with a few of the basics and logistics of ordering an online mattress from

What Is The Haven Boutique Bed Made Of?

The Haven Boutique mattress is made of 4 foam layers to create a 14″ thick memory foam bed. The first foam layer features 1″ of cooling buoyancy foam that is not only breathable but also helps regulate body temperature.

do gel infusions make memory foam sleep coolUnder this layer is a 3″ layer of gel infused buoyancy foam. This layer is not only infused with gel for a cooler feel but is also a custom blend of foam that is more supportive than memory foam, as well as reacts faster and is great at relieving pressure. Making it ideal for comfort, support and sleeping cool.

Next is another 3″ layer of Haven memory foam. This layer of memory foam is great for deep comfort and offers better support than traditional memory foam. It also is temperature neutral, which means it doesn’t warm up but also doesn’t hold shape and can bounce back quicker.

The last foam layer is 7″ of solid and dense base foam. This layer is sturdy and durable for long lasting core support as well as provides a sound surface for all the comfort layers to sit on. Allowing them the optimally perform too.

haven boutique mattress materials

Lastly is the super cool, literally, cover of the Haven Boutique mattress. The ice fabric cover gives this mattress and instant cool to the touch feel. The gel sewn right into the surface ensures that this mattress will stay cool where it counts. Not to forget that this cover is also removable and washable for easy care.

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How Comfortable Is The Haven Boutique?

So many memory foam mattresses have a tendency to be firm and dense. However, the Haven Boutique mattress is one that offers a medium-plush comfort that will really appeal to side sleepers and anyone looking for a slightly softer feel. Just falling shy of a true medium feel, at about a 4.5 to 5.5, this bed will really appeal to anyone who has found memory foam mattresses too hard in the past.

haven boutique comfort

Though this mattress may not appeal to quite every sleeper, it will appeal to a large majority of people. The comfort of this bed is going to be most appealing to side sleepers. Offering a supportive feel that is complimented with ample layers of comfort.

The memory foam layers are contouring but also just responsive enough to not leave you feeling stuck. Giving this slightly soft mattress better adaptability and a more balanced feel than most other memory foam beds on the market.

Looking for a slightly firmer feel? We’d recommend checking out the Haven Premier Mattress

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Additional Haven Boutique Mattress Benefits:

Beyond comfort and materials the additional benefits of a mattress look at other areas of performance. We specifically will take a look at how each mattress does for sleeping cool, limiting motion transfer, offering solid edge support and if there are any other tidbits worth knowing.

Motion Isolation:

haven boutique mattress When it comes to limiting partner disturbance a mattress with great motion isolation is always key. Having a mattress like the Haven Boutique memory foam bed is a always a good choice for a mattress that has little to no motion transfer. An all foam bed does a great job at absorbing vibrations minimizing any movements from transferring.

Sleeping Cool:

This new generation memory foam mattress uses several ways to ensure it never gets too hot. For starters this bed has an Ice Cool cover. With gel sewn right into the quilted surface you get an instant cooling effect. Even though this mattress uses three layers of comfort foam, each of them is enhanced with amazing technology that creates cooler, more breathable foam that never holds heat. Making sure that this is truly a cool memory foam mattress.

Edge Support:

the haven bed mattress Another area to consider is how well the perimeter support will be. Not only do you occasionally sit on your mattress but you will more than likely sleep close to the edge and use the edge when getting in and out. Making strong support helpful for so many reasons. The Haven Boutique is a little on the softer side, however, the foams should still be durable and supportive. You may find that there is a little less support when sitting, but while evenly distributing your weight while sleeping you should be able to use this mattress from edge to edge.


Another area that more and more people are concerned about when buying a new mattress is how natural or sustainable it is. The Haven Boutique bed is made with 100% natural, non-GMO and non-toxic materials. This not only means you’ll be on a surface that is cleaner and safer but will also result in a happy, healthy and harmonious night’s sleep night after night.

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Haven Basics:

The concept of buying a mattress online is more common then ever. With each brand using a process that makes the buying portion easy, but also guarantees satisfaction, how can you go wrong? Also including several added perks, that are now considered standard when ordering a mattress on the internet, you have very little risk in buying a new bed before trying it. Below is what you can expect with your new Haven Boutique mattress to ensure you have the best experience.

Delivery & Unboxing:

  • Free Delivery via ground shipment
  • Delivery is roughly 2-3 weeks from order date
  • Free Returns
  • Easy Unboxing Process (See Below!)
haven mattress unboxing and setup

Value & Haven Bed Coupon:

The Haven Boutique Mattress has set out to ensure you get a great price for this super thick memory foam bed. Offering every size in a more affordable price point. The Boutique by Haven comes in at just $1299 for a queen size. While the other size options adjust in price accordingly. Included with this price is free shipping and returns. As well as an 18-month in home sleep trial along with a everlasting warranty. Find the latest and best Haven Boutique Mattress coupon by following the link below!

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Haven Basics:

  • Trial Period – 18 Months
  • Warranty – Forever
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • USA Designed & Made
haven mattress basics

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: FREE Shipping
  • Trial Period: 18 Month Trial
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $899
  • Twin XL: $899
  • Full: $1199
  • Queen: $1299
  • King: $1599
  • Cal King: $1599