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Mattress Review Napa by Country Living

best napa mattress review country living sleep

When it comes to mattresses providing comfort is the ultimate goal. And who else is better at focusing on filling your home with comfort and love than Country Living? It is 2021 and Country Living Sleep is introducing their latest venture, their mattress line. Known as the Welcome Home Collection.

This new, but familiar brand, is offering three mattresses. Including the entry level option, the McKinney. The Hudson, the next step up in comfort and price. And the most luxurious option, the Country Living Napa Mattress. This review will focus on this premium hybrid mattress. So keep reading to learn all about what you can expect from the Napa and Country Living Sleep.

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The Napa Mattress: At A Glance

If you don’t have time to read a full review, no problem. Below we sum up our detailed mattress review in just a few lines. Each section goes in much greater detail below, but we will quickly lay out the must knows of what the Napa mattress offers.

  • country living sleep napa mattress16″ Thick Hybrid Build | 7 Layers + Cover
  • 3 Comfort Options: Soft, Medium & Firm
  • Motion Transfer: Very Minimal
  • Sleeping Cool: Good
  • Edge Support: Solid
  • 18-Month Sleep Trial & Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Price Before Coupon: $1499- $2099
  • Latest Napa Coupon: HERE

Country Living Napa Mattress Review

Need more information? We thought you might. Which is why we make sure to go through all the important aspects of what to look at when buying an online mattress. Below we have our mattress review of the Welcome Home Napa Mattress by Sleep Country Living.

To start we will carefully go through every layer of this mattress. Next we will jump into the comfort and how it will work for each sleeper out there. Followed up by other important sleep benefits. And than we will close by looking at the basics of ordering an online bed, and specifically with Country Living.

What Is The Welcome Home Collection Napa Mattress Made Of?

What is the old adage? It’s what’s on the inside that counts. This is a great way to look at buying a new mattress too. Taking a good look at what is on the inside of a mattress gives you a better idea of quality, comfort and durability. As well as allows you to better appreciate why this is the most premium mattress by Country Living Sleep.

From top to bottom this mattress combines 7 layers of foam and coils. Topped off with a cooling cover it equates to a whopping 16″ super thick mattress. Below you will see the list of materials and how the they are layered from top to bottom.

napa materials country living beds

Napa Material Layers: 

  • Cooling Cotton Cover with  Handles
  • Contoured Cotton Quilting
  • Titan Hyperflex Foam
  • Copper Micro Coil
  • Copper-Infused Memory Foam
  • Firm High Density Poly Foam
  • Zoned Metal Coils
  • Base Support Foam

By combining layers of foam with multiple coil systems you ensure that this mattress offers optimal support and ergonomics. As well as plenty of air flow between the layers of foam. This mattress starts with comfort foams on top that varying in density to create the ideal amount of plushness for your desired comfort level.

Under the initial comfort layers is a flexible support of micro coils that move with your body while still supporting your every move. As well as increases any heat dissipation to keep the mattress cool. Under the mini coils are several other layers of deep comforting foams that allow for just enough contouring.

The main coil system is solid and durable and creates create alignment and stability for your body all night long. Paired with a dense base foam all these layers work together to create a balanced and premium feel. Regardless of which firmness you go with.

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How Firm Is The Napa By Country Living?

When it comes to comfort the Napa certainly goes above and beyond. This mattress is one of the thickest mattresses we have reviewed and this can directly correlate with the comfort. This mattress is available in three ideal firmness levels; soft, medium and firm.

country living mattress firmness

Who Will Like The CL Soft Napa Mattress?

best mattresses for side sleepersWhen it comes to the Napa in the Sleep Country Living Collection the soft option will certainly appeal most to dominate side sleepers. This mattress isn’t super soft, but is certainly plush and luxurious making it feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

Almost weightless in that you sink in, but you never feel a lack of support. Creating the ultimate for perfect plush support that will make side sleepers love this option.

Who Will Like The CL Medium Napa Mattress?

best mattresses for couplesThe medium Napa Country Living mattress is the most popular comfort option. That is because it is the most adaptable as far as firmness and will work with a larger variety of sleepers and their styles.

A true medium, like this one, will work well for side sleepers while also still working great for back and occasional stomach sleepers. Making it a great option for couples and combination sleepers too. Overall the feel of the CL medium is still very opulent, but with a more universal comfort.

Who Will Like the CL Firm Napa Mattress?

best firm mattressThe firm option from the Napa Welcome Home Collection is going to be the most supportive in terms of comfort. This mattress will still contour to you, but won’t let you sink in quite as much as the medium or soft.

This is going to be most ideal for dominate back and stomach sleepers who are looking for solid, yet not hard comfort. This comfort would also be a good option for larger and plus size sleepers too. Giving you a more solid build for larger weight capacity.

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How Will The Napa Mattress Perform?

What else is there beyond comfort and materials you may wonder? Well, actually there are several other areas to consider when buying a new bed too. Besides finding a mattress that is supportive and comfortable you also want one that sleeps cooler, offers solid edge support and has minimal partner disturbance. Which are exactly the other areas we look at for sleeping benefits in our mattress reviews.

Motion Isolation:

When it comes to motion isolation many may assume that a mattress with coils will fall short. However, in this day and age coil mattresses are actually made using pocketed, or fabric encased coils, that are independent of each other. Meaning you not only get precision comfort, but also minimized motion transfer.

napa mattress motion isolation

These pocketed coils are used in both the main coil system and the mini coil system in the Napa matress. Allowing for a hybrid build but with great motion isolation too. Besides the pocketed coils the amount of foams, and various types of foam, create wonderful absorption of vibrations to eliminate any extra movement.

By using several inches at the top of the mattress, and several inches in the middle of the mattress, you not only get great comfort and support, but also great shock reducing and motion minimizing foams. This makes for a super thick, supportive and ideal mattress for eliminating partner disturbance from motion transfer.

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Sleeping Cool:

Another area many consider when purchasing a new mattress is how well it maintains a neutral temperature, or sleeps cool. The Napa by Sleep Country Living considers this important as well. Which is why there are several areas of this mattress that ensure heat dissipation and plenty of air flow.

best mattress 2021 napa country living

We love a mattress with a coil system. Not only does a coil systems allow for precision support, but it is also great at making sure their is plenty of air circulation and breathability. This particular mattress even has two coil systems: a main coil system for the support as well as a mini coil system for flexible comfort and support. This makes for even better temperature regulation by allowing for more air flow.

Several of the foams used in the Napa also are made with heat neutralization in mind. Creating comfort with minimal heat retention. All of this is covered with a lightweight cooling cotton cover. Not only is cotton soft and supple, but is very breathable, too. Making this mattress a great option for maintaining the ideal temperature all night long.

Edge Support:

Besides motion isolation and temperature regulation we also like to look at how solid and usable the edges of a mattress are. This not only gives you a great idea of perimeter support but also a good indication of how the mattress will do with overall durability and longevity.

napa mattress by country living sleep

The Napa is a thick and well made bed. The use of so many layers can actually play a trick on you with edge support because there is so much overall thickness, which means there is more materials to squish down under pressure. The durable coils and dense foams may compress a bit, but the overall edge support of this mattress is quite good.

The best way to judge this is how usable the mattress is for sleeping. This pillow-top style mattress allows you to sleep almost right up to the edge. Giving you a fully usable mattress that is consistent from side to side and able to be used evenly for long lasting comfort and support. The edges of the main coil system are reinforced for extra durability. And the layers line up nicely for better consistency as well. Giving this mattress overall a good and solid perimeter support.

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Ready To Buy A Country Living Sleep Mattress?

Now that you know all the facts about this luxurious Country Living mattress, the Napa, now it’s time to learn how to buy it. The logistics to ordering an online mattress in a box are easier than you think. Not only do you get a great product, but you also get top notch customer service, amazing trial periods and warranties as well as an outstanding price. Learn how the ordering, shipping and unboxing process works below.

napa mattress country living coupon


napa mattress sleep country livingCountry Living Sleep offers three mattresses, with the Napa being the most expensive. But, still a great value considering the quality of this mattress and what is included. Each mattress is made in the USA with high quality materials and a long lasting, sturdy build. This mattress may be a little more up front, but the long term durability and amazing sleep are well worth it.

The Napa mattress is available in all common sizes, Twin through California King and everything in between. Depending on the size you need the prices will adjust accordingly. The most popular size, a queen, comes in at $1,899. And that’s before the latest savings. With that price also comes an 18-month trial period, a lifetime warranty and FREE shipping & returns.

Sleep Country Living Napa Coupon:

While the price of these mattresses are a great value there is still room for savings. When you add the latest coupon you’ll be happy to save a little extra money. Follow the link below to find the latest and greatest Napa mattress coupon.

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Also, if you aren’t sure if the Napa mattress is for you, check out the other Sleep Country Living Mattresses; the Hudson & McKinney.


While again we easily see the value of this mattress that doesn’t mean that $1899 is within everyone’s budget. However, with so many great financing options readily available you can start sleeping on your new bed sooner than you though. Country Living Sleep has partnered with the online financer, SplitIt, to offer low payment financing if you need. Learn more about what options are available at

Delivery & Set-Up:

country living delivery and set up

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Trial Period & Warranty:

With every Country Living mattress you’ll get a 18-month trial period. This is a full year and a half to ensure that you love your new bed. We always suggest giving your mattress a minimum of 30 days to “break in” and fully allow your body to adjust to the new comfort and support. However, if you aren’t finding this mattress to be a good fit, no problem. Returns are FREE and easy.

Also included is a lifetime warranty. This is not only a testament to the quality of materials and construction of each Brentwood Home bed, but also the companies confidence in their product. The warranty covers any manufacturing flaws or defects as well as any abnormal ware that occurs with normal use. Giving you the reassurance that you will have a high quality mattress that will last you for many years.

sleep country living mattress

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free Shipping
  • Trial Period: 18-Month Trial
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $1499
  • Twin XL: $1549
  • Full: $1699
  • Queen: $1899
  • King: $2099
  • Cal King: $2099