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Mattress Review Country Living McKinney

mckinney country living sleep mattress review

We all want a comfortable bed that checks all our boxes. However, we don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for one either. The Sleep Country Living McKinney Mattress may be new, but it is quickly becoming a great go-to mattress for those who want a more affordable, but high quality mattress.

Though the Country Living Welcome Home Mattress Collection is new to the market; it’s reputable brand makes it a promising new comer. Not only does it offer it’s more affordable mattress, the McKinney, but also the next step up, the Hudson. And even their most premium mattress option, the Napa. All great beds that have distinct differences, but the same great quality.

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The McKinney Mattress: At A Glance

We understand that sometimes you just want the gist of a review. Which is why we offer a quick “at-a-glance” mattress review that will give you the basics of what to expect in this mattress.

  • mckinney mattress country living sleep12″ Thick All-Foam Build | 3 Layers + Cooling Cover
  • Universal Medium Comfort
  • Motion Transfer: Very Minimal
  • Sleeping Cool: Okay
  • Edge Support: Solid
  • 18-Month Sleep Trial & Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Price Before Coupon: $799- $1299
  • Latest McKinney Coupon: HERE

Country Living McKinney Mattress Review

Though the at-a-glance section is a nice overview it certainly leaves plenty to be desired. Which is why we going into plenty of detail below. We offer an extensive review of the McKinney mattress, starting with the meat of the mattress, the materials.

Next we’ll jump into how comfortable and firm this mattress is and who it will work best for. After that we will continue by looking at additional performance factors, such as motion isolation, sleeping cool and edge support. And to wrap it up we’ll go through the ordering and buying process. Giving you a well rounded McKinney mattress review.

What Is The Welcome Home Collection McKinney Mattress Made Of?

This all foam bed takes 3 various foams and partners them together to give you a 12″ thick mattress. By combining various memory foam comfort foams with a sturdy base foam you’ll have a nice balance of solid support and contouring pressure relief.

Each layer is listed below. This gives you the exact structure of this mattress. By knowing what it is comprised of you’ll better understand how this translates to comfort, firmness as well as other sleeping benefits.

napa materials country living beds

Hudson Material Layers: 

  • Cooling Cotton Cover with  Handles
  • 3″ Copper Infused Memory Foam
  • 1″ Gel Memory Foam
  • 8″ Base Support Foam

Each of these layers offers it’s own distinct function of either comfort, support or both. By combining them to work together you get a ideally layered mattress.

The top layer of copper infused memory foam is great for adding plenty of sink, while still supporting and cradling your body. The copper is great for off setting any heat retention too.

While the next layer of gel memory foam also helps pull heat away from the body but also adds a layer of deep comfort, which is ideal for side sleepers.

The thick layer of base foam is dense and sturdy for long lasting support. Wrapped up in a smooth cooling cover that adds a cool-to-the-touch feel as soon as you get in. Making this mattress an entry level bed that still checks all the boxes.

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How Firm Is The McKinney By Country Living?

The McKinney is a true all foam, or memory foam bed, that uses only foam from top to bottom. This certainly alters the feel and comfort that you would get from an innerspring or hybrid option. This mattress comes in one universal comfort, which is considered a medium, but we would say it may be more of a medium-firm.

mckinney comfort country living

While there is plenty of thickness in the comfort layers, the dense base foam doesn’t have much give. Which makes the mattress feel a bit firmer than it’s counterpart of a hybrid that uses the same comfort layers but instead over a coil system that offers more flexibility.

The one thing that truly stands out about the comfort of this bed is the true memory foam feel. While it is slightly slow responding it still offers just enough adaptability to easily move with your body. The pressure relief you get from a mattress that has an ideal amount of memory foam makes it great for a broad range of sleepers.

What Sleepers Will Enjoy The McKinney?

mckinney mattress country living comfortThe universal comfort of this mattress is intended to be ideal for the broadest range of sleepers. Offering a medium to medium-firm feel that should work for almost every sleeper looking for a memory foam mattress.

The ample amount of memory foam ensures that there is plenty of give for side sleepers to feel relief in their shoulders and hips. While still offering a dense and sturdy feel that offers plenty of solid support for back sleepers too. Even occasional stomach sleepers should find a good balance to work for them.

This mattress would be a good option for a combination sleeper who is more dominate on their side too. And couples who are looking for a good all foam compromise. While this mattress may not be the best fit for heavy or larger sleepers, as well as dominate back and stomach sleepers who prefer a firmer feel.

How Will The Hudson Mattress Perform?

What else is there beyond comfort and materials you may wonder? Well, actually there are several other areas to consider when buying a new bed too. Besides finding a mattress that is supportive and comfortable you also want one that sleeps cooler, offers solid edge support and has minimal partner disturbance. Which are exactly the other areas we look at for sleeping benefits in our mattress reviews.

Motion Isolation:

Whether it is tossing and turning or just different schedules, motion transfer can be difficult for some sleepers and couples to overcome. However, the McKinney mattress by Country Living may be the solution you are looking for.

One thing that is always a win for all foam beds is their amazing ability to greatly reduce motion transfer. Making partner disturbance almost non-existent. The more medium feel of this bed coupled with the slow responding memory foam make it a top contender for beds with the best motion isolation.

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Sleeping Cool:

Though we love a medium feeling all foam bed for reducing motion, the trade off may be a bed that holds more heat. Typically this can be an issue, but Country Living knew exactly what they were doing when making this memory foam bed to ensure that heat retention would be kept to a minimal.

The McKinney mattress uses two layers of memory foam, both with added properties to pull heat away from the body. The top layer of memory foam uses the natural properties of copper to help neutralize heat retention. While the second layer of memory foam uses an added gel to help pull heat away.

On top of that, literally, is a smooth, cool-to-the-touch feeling mattress cover that will cool you down as soon as you get into bed. Creating not only an initial cool factor, but one that lasts. Making this an all foam bed that doesn’t warm up quite like others can.

Edge Support:

When it comes to quality of edge support you really want to pay attention how supportive the perimeter is while sleeping. Having a bed that feels fully supportive and consistent from edge to edge will help create a fully usable sleep surface. Most foam mattresses are great at offering a very consistent feel. However, if you are looking for an edge that is more enhanced looking at a hybrid mattress that uses reinforced perimeter coils is going to be an upgrade.

When it comes to the Country Living McKinney mattress you’ll surely have a great sleeping surface. With no difference between the feel of the edge or center, and fully usable. Even for the occasional sitting and getting in and out the edges will offer plenty of support. However, if you rely on your edges for sitting more than usual, you may want to get a mattress with more robust edge support.

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Ready To Buy A Country Living Sleep Mattress?

Ready to buy? The McKinney mattress by Sleep Country Living is a great mattress from top to bottom. And if you are looking specifically for  a memory foam bed, this is a great one to choose. Below is a bit more about what to expect with ordering this online mattress. From value, the latest coupons to shipping and warranty, all the basics are covered.


We all love a good mattress, but we also love a good priced mattress that is still offers solid quality and comfort. The McKinney is not only a great all foam bed, but comes in at a great price point too. Included with the latest pricing is also FREE shipping and returns. As well as a very generous 18-month in home trial to test out the mattress yourself. As well as a lifetime warranty on this USA made product.

The McKinney bed comes in every standard mattress size. From a Twin to King and everything in between. The most popular size, being a queen, comes in right at $1,099. Offering you a bed that is just a tad over a grand. The quality of this mattress is worth every penny of the price, and than some.

Sleep Country Living Napa Coupon:

While the price of the McKinney is a fabulous price point, there is always room for added savings. Which is exactly why having the latest Country Living Sleep coupon, found below, will ensure that you are getting the absolute best price for this mattress. Just click the link button below to get access to the latest coupon and updated pricing.

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Also, if you aren’t sure if the Napa mattress is for you, check out the other Sleep Country Living Mattresses; the Hudson & Napa.


While again we easily see the value of this mattress that doesn’t mean that $1099 is within everyone’s budget. However, with so many great financing options readily available you can start sleeping on your new bed sooner than you though. Country Living Sleep has partnered with the online financer, SplitIt, to offer low payment financing if you need. Learn more about what options are available at

Delivery & Set-Up:

country living delivery and set up

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Trial Period & Warranty:

With every Country Living mattress you’ll get a 18-month trial period. This is a full year and a half to ensure that you love your new bed. We always suggest giving your mattress a minimum of 30 days to “break in” and fully allow your body to adjust to the new comfort and support. However, if you aren’t finding this mattress to be a good fit, no problem. Returns are FREE and easy.

Also included is a lifetime warranty. This is not only a testament to the quality of materials and construction of each Brentwood Home bed, but also the companies confidence in their product. The warranty covers any manufacturing flaws or defects as well as any abnormal ware that occurs with normal use. Giving you the reassurance that you will have a high quality mattress that will last you for many years.

sleep country living mattress

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping: Free Shippin
  • Trial Period: 18 Month Trial
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin: $799
  • Twin XL: $849
  • Full: $999
  • Queen: $1099
  • King: $1299
  • Cal King: $1299