April 5, 2020

DIY COVID-19 Face Mask

face mask DIY tutorial

Welcome to our DIY COVID-19 Face Mask Tutorial! We would like to preface this post by saying that these are surgical style masks, they are NOT N95 style face masks. These masks are commonly used by healthcare professionals over their N95 masks in order to help those masks last longer. Fabric masks needs to be washed and sanitized between each use.

While it is believed that Coronavirus cannot be prevented completely by homemade masks, they can help prevent the spread of large particles like sneezing and coughing. With that being said, let’s get started! This is a simple DIY project that anyone with a sewing machine and very little skill set can accomplish. (If we can do it, we know you can too.)

Some Joann Fabric stores are currently running a promotion for FREE fabric, tools, and supplies to make face masks for donations to American Hospitals. Head over to JOANNS.com to learn more now. Fabric is for curb-side pick up only.

DIY COVID-19 Face Mask – What You’ll Need:

  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Thread
  3. 3 pieces of 6″ x 9″ Cotton Fabric *Be sure to prewash fabric before cutting to ensure any shrinkage will not effect the end product.
  4. 2 Pieces of 7″ Elastic
  5. Sewing Pins
  6. Fabric Scissors
  7. Ruler
  8. Iron (Not needed, but very helpful)
  9. Hera Marker (Or closed pen, butter knife, anything that can push out the corners)

Austin Native’s if you are in need of fabric or other materials the local Honey Bee Quilt Store located in North Austin, has updated their website will lots of fabric. At this time they are also doing drive side pick up orders with as minimal contact as possible. Of course Joanne Fabric’s is another great shop to purchase your fabric needs or other tools that may not be sold by Honey Bee.

Sewing Directions:

Step 1. Collect Your Materials

We suggest gathering all of your needed materials together and prep them. If you are planning on making a large amount of masks for your own use, or for donations, prepping your materials first, before you start sewing, will make this process go much faster. So cut your fabric, elastic ahead of time and set near by so everything is ready to go.

do it yourself easy mask
Step 2. Pin Elastic Down

Place your first 2 pieces of fabric face up. (Middle piece of fabric underneath the fabric you wish to be on the outside) Pin elastic 1/2 inch from the bottom and a 1/2 inch from the top. Repeat this step with a second piece of fabric on the other side.

pin your elastic for face masks
Step 3. Pin Second Piece of Fabric

Take your second piece of fabric and place it face down on top of your straps. Pin together and ensure the elastic is tucked safely inside of the two pieces of fabric.

where can i get fabric for face masks?
Step 4. Sew Perimeter – Leave 2.5 inches Open

Allowing a 1/4″ seam, sew around the perimeter of your mask. Leave a 2.5″ wide hole at the bottom of your mask. (This is for flipping your mask right side out later) Be sure to back stitch over your elastic as well as at the section left open.

easy how to diy face mask surgical grade
Step 5. Turn Right Side Out

We suggest trimming the extra fabric from the corners of your mask, be careful to not cut through your seam. Then turn your mask right side out. Use a hera marker (or closed pen, pencil, butter knife, or whatever you have on hand) to gently push out the corners of the mask.

surgical grade face mask diy
Step 6. Fold Pleats

Create two folds on the sides of your mask like an accordion. Pin in place. Your mask should measure out to approximately 3 inches high on each side.

fold pleats into your face mask
Step 7. Press Pleats

Use your iron to press the pleats down. This step is not 100% needed, although it looks nice and will make your final step a bit easier.

under 10 steps face mask directions
Step 8. Final Stitching

Do a final top stitch around the entire perimeter of your mask, ensuring that the open section is closed and the pleats have been sewn down.

final top stitch

Congratulations! Your mask is now complete!
Fabric masks are reusable, however they do need to be sanitized between each use.
If you have any questions on construction, you can message us using our Contact Us page.

DIY face mask tutorial our sleep guide less than 10 steps

Not feeling crafty?

avocado face masks for sale Our very own bedding company Avocado has started using their factories to create face masks. If you are looking to purchase for personal use that have family packs for sale on their website.

This is a great option for anyone who would like to have masks and are not up for a DIY project. Click the link HERE to shop the Avocado Face Masks. (Limited supplies)

Attention: Austin Texas Locals

If you are looking to make and donate masks, head over to COVID-19 ATX Exchange to connect with groups who are in need of mask donations in our area.

Support local stores: Honey Bee Quilt Store has added more fabric to their website. They are doing direct shipping and curb-side pick up.

Some Joann Fabric stores are currently running a promotion for FREE fabric, tools, and supplies to make face masks for donations to American Hospitals. Head over to JOANNS.com to learn more now. Fabric is for curb-side pick up only.

joanns fabric free for mask donations

For more information on masks and COVID-19 visit CDC.gov