May 23, 2018

Helix vs Morphiis

Are you in the market for a new mattress? But aren’t sure which style or feel will be best for you. Maybe you have even consider’re looking for something with a totally new design. Something that even is customized to be ideal for you and your body. Than this comparison review will be right up your alley. We have tried two very unique, personalized mattresses that are custom created just for you. In our Helix vs Morphiis mattress review we will look at two mattress with very special features. Both provide amazing ways to optimize your comfort level. Read on to find out which of these two options is the best choice for your needs.

Helix – Overview:

The Helix Mattress is a made-to-order hybrid. Utilizing a simple questionnaire, Helix can completely customize the layers of foam to suit your sleeping style. You can also have different foams on each side of the bed. This gives you and your partner ideal comfort for different sleeping position preferences and levels of heat dissipation. Now, you can both sleep soundly all night at an ideal level of firmness.

High grade materials are used throughout this bed to give you a quality product that will have lasting comfort. A layer of pocketed micro coils helps to support your body while reducing motion transfer and encouraging sleeping cool. The overall value of the Helix beats a lot of other hybrids on the market with a low price point.

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Morphiis – Overview:

morphiis mattress reviewThe Morphiis Mattress is a unique find for customized sleep. This all foam bed features interchangeable panels that can give your entire body the customization it deserves. The cover unzips to reveal a layer of foam that can be individualized between three different comfort levels. You can also have a different firmness level in every single zone of the body. This means you can design your side of the bed for your body weight and ideal sleeping position. This aids in perfected pressure point relief and targeted support in all the right places.

There are over 100 different combination possibilities using the three complete sets of foam segments. With the Morphiis, you also get additional methods of heat dissipation and motion isolation. A low price for such individualized comfort makes the Morphiis a top pick for all foam mattresses.

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Helix – Delivery & Off Gassing:

tuck vs helixDelivery and off gassing of the Helix Mattress was not an unpleasant experience. It comes roll packed in a box for easy shipping. You may need a second set of hands to help you remove the plastic covering and to set up this bed. It weighs around 75 pounds total, so maneuvering by yourself could prove tricky.

You will likely notice a bit of off gassing during your set up process. The smell should be minimal, but you can open a window or avoid the area if you are more sensitive. It will take a few hours for the Helix to expand and up to a full 24 hours to firm up. Allow a full one to two days to get the true feel of comfort from this bed.

Morphiis Delivery & Off Gassing:

The Morphiis provided a similar experience with delivery and off gassing. Within 3-5 business days of your order, your new mattress will arrive. It is shipped in a roll packed bag.  The inserts are contained in one package. This bed does come from overseas, so the packaging is very compacted. This means that there could be a slightly more noticeable odor during off gassing.

It also means you will need closer to the full recommended expansion time of 24 hours. This will give you the true feel of comfort in all the foam pieces. You might need two people to set up this bed. After expansion, you can customize the different foam panels for individualized sleep. Setting up the personalization in this bed is very easy due to the convenient placement of the zipper. Overall, the Morphiis provides a simple and typical all foam experience in delivery and off gassing.

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Helix vs Morphiis – Comfort:

The great thing about both of these mattresses is that the comfort is either customized from the beginning or can be altered over time. Making each one a perfect fit for the sleeper. This makes them both great for comfort and perfect for sleepers who have a hard time finding the right feel with standard mattress option. Each is customized in their own way and uses various materials to have a unique feel. But neither should disappoint when it comes to getting an ideal feel for what your body needs.

Helix – Comfort:

tuck vs helixDuring the ordering process of the Helix Mattress, you will take a fast quiz to help you customize your new bed. This will show you the ideal levels of feel, support, temperature regulation, and point elasticity for you and your partner. The results provided are based on your answers about sleeping position preferences, your height and weight, and your body temperature during sleep. The process is short and simple. You can select to have the entire mattress based on the same comfort levels or differentiate between sides for individualized materials.

The different foams are combined with micro coils and a base foam foundation to provide you with all over comfort.  Your body weight is supported by the coils as the foams work to cocoon your body at an ideal level. Being able to select your own firmness levels makes the Helix a top pick for co-sleepers.

Morphiis – Comfort: 

The Morphiis Mattress is a bed that can be changed with you as you go through different stages of life. You can swap out panels in any area to provide more comfort where needed. This is great for injuries or the development of pain or stiffness in certain areas of the body. You can target each area of the body with more soft or firm layers depending on your needs.

You will get an entire set of each firmness level for ultimate customization. The perfectly measured segment in the middle layer of foam allows you to insert twelve different panels. There are over 100 different combinations to find your perfect levels in every zone. The layer of comfort foam on top of the panels provides even more pressure relief.  Your body gets a nice cocoon effect without the sensation of being stuck.

morphiis mattress review
Helix – Materials:

tuck vs helixThe Helix Mattress is three layers of foam and a layer of pocketed micro coils for a 10-inch thick bed. It is made to order in your specifications. The top layer of foam is interchangeable 2-inch thick Helix dynamic foam. Due to this, it will contour to your body and provide you with cool sleeping capabilities. Under this layer of foam lies the 2-inch thick pocketed micro coils. A queen size will have 1350 coils that are individually wrapped to isolate motion and provide even support.

Beneath the coils is a 2-inch thick section of transitional poly foam that works as a transitional layer. The foundation layer is a 4-inch thick foam that will be chosen according to your order provisions. The cover is 100 % polyester and features thicker sides for more durability. Together, these layers of materials will work together to provide you individualized comfort that will last.

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Morphiis – Materials:

Starting from the bottom and working your way up, the Morphiis is made from high-quality materials. This all foam mattress starts out with an Ultrafoam Support Base that is made from high density foam. This provides enhanced support, bounce, and rebound.

The second layer of the Morphiis is the segment where you can individualize your firmness levels. The Morphiis Comfort Inserts come in soft, medium, and firm. You get enough of each level to have the same inserts over your entire bed. That’s twelve of each comfort level for 36 inserts in all!  Mix and match these to achieve harmonious support and comfort.

The next layer of foam is the Sleep Surface Comfort Layer. This section adapts to your body, enhancing airflow and support. The Morphiis is wrapped in a breathable outer cover that promotes proper air flow.

morphiis mattress review

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Helix vs Morphiis – Motion Transfer:

helixIf you share your bed with a partner, you probably understand just how important motion transfer is. If you or your partner get up frequently throughout the night, this is an important factor to consider. Both mattresses provided good motion isolation. Because the Helix is a hybrid, coils prove to be some hinderance in fully dissolving vibrations. Because the coils are individually wrapped, they still have a better ability at providing uninterrupted sleep than a standard mattress. The top layer of foam cradles the body to soften most waves.

Though motion transfer was comparable between the two beds, the all foam Morphiis does a slightly better job. The individual inserts aid in further dissolving movement, since they don’t run along the entire bed. This means that motion transfer is even less noticeable than in other all foam mattresses.

Helix vs Morphiis– Sleeping Cool:

When you order your new Helix mattress, you will get to answer some questions regarding your body temperature during sleep. This will allow a design that is adjusted to your needs in sleeping cool. The foams will be selected according to your preferences in sleeping positions and your body size as well. The foam layers will be customized to provide you the ideal levels of comfort and heat dissipation. The micro coil layer also naturally promotes proper air flow to reduce heat.

morphiis mattress reviewSince the Helix uses high quality materials, you won’t have to worry about sinking in too far. This cocooning effect can often trap air, preventing you from sleeping to your coolest potential. Instead, you will feel like you are riding on top of the mattress due to the buoyancy of outstanding foams. This bed is an overall great choice for warm sleepers.

The design of the Morphiis Mattress provides additional benefits to sleeping cool in comparison to other all foam beds. However, it does not use memory foam, which retains more heat and traps warm air as you sink in. The alternative Ultrafoam promotes better air flow and prevents sinking in. The interchangeable panels also aid in reducing heat retention. Heat can travel through the cracks between the blocks since the foams aren’t laminated together. You can also adjust the firmness of the foams to prevent increased sinking.

The bottom of this layer of foam is convoluted to channel air away from the body. Also the cover they used on this mattress is made from a lightweight material that will not contribute to body heat.  In comparison to the Helix, the Morphiis does a superior job at sleeping cool.

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Helix vs Morphiis – Edge Support:

helix mattress reviewWhile the Helix does not have a firm border rod, it still has a decent amount of edge support. Laying right up near the edge may give you a slight rolling out sensation. However, sleeping an inch or two in provides an even supportive comfort level. When sitting at the edge of the bed you will sink in considerably. Try sitting a foot or two back to avoid the typical sliding feeling that occurs in most boxed mattresses. Because it is a compressed shipping method, the Helix does not provide amazing edge support. Nevertheless, it does a commendable job providing a comfortable sleeping experience that allows for use of most of the bed.

In most all foam mattresses, you will not be provided with an outstanding experience in edge support. The Morphiis is not your typical all foam, so you can expect much better performance in this area. Because of the outer perimeter for the interchangeable panels is firmer, the edge can bear your weight well. This border is close to a true medium feel in comfort level. You will still have a few inches of sinking when sitting at the edge. Though, you can comfortably sleep all the way up to the sides without feeling like you will roll out. Consider the Morphiis over the Helix if edge support is the a more important aspect to you.

Helix – Value:

You can have a brand-new Helix Mattress in a queen size for just $995. This a steal for a made to order hybrid. You can fully customize this mattress to you and your partner’s sleeping positions and for optimal cooling comfort. Get your side of the bed the way you want it or blend together your preferences. This makes the Helix Mattress a great value. You can also utilize our coupon code, found below, at the checkout page to save on your Helix purchase. Shipping is included at no extra cost. There are also options to add Helix foundations, frames, and bedding to your order for an additional cost.

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morphiis mattress reviewMorphiis – Value:

The Morphiis Mattress is one of the most unique beds you can find. There is no other compressed alternative that provides the same features. The fact that this bed costs even less than the Helix Mattress, makes it an even better value. You can have your own queen size Morphiis Mattress for just $995.

Use our exclusive coupon to take save an additional $100, bringing your final price down to $895. Our code also gets you two free pillows. You get free shipping with every Morphiis Mattress purchase. You will also have a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. This mattress has the priceless ability to change levels of comfort with interchangeable panels. Each sleeper will have over 100 different ways to customize their comfort for adjustable rest at an affordable price.

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Helix vs Morphiis – Summary:

The Helix Mattress is a made to order hybrid mattress. By answering a short quiz, you can find the exact levels of comfort that go into designing your customized bed. You can also choose between having your mattress different on each side or a blend of you and your partner’s preferences. The high-quality foams and micro coils work together to create ideal levels of comfort and support.

You will have a great experience with this bed in consideration to motion transfer, edge support, and sleeping cool. Finally, the value of this mattress is great with a low price. However, the Morphiis Mattress did a better job in all these areas and still costs less. If you are not set on a hybrid mattress, the Helix might not be the overall best choice.

The Morphiis Mattress however, is a fully interchangeable bed. It has removable panels that can be swapped with different levels of comfort foams to create the perfect feel. This means that you and your partner can have a completely different setup on each side of the bed. You can also change different sections as you need to in times that require more support or cushioning.

This technology aids in motion transfer since the foams are not connected. You also get better edge support due to the encasing of the panels possessing a medium feel in comfort. Furthermore, they designed the foams to help with sleeping cool to provide an amazing sleeping experience. Better yet, this mattress costs less that the Helix Mattress.

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