May 17, 2019

Helix Luxe vs Bear Hybrid

helix luxe vs bear hybridIf you’ve ever thought to yourself that all mattresses are created equal, think again. With endless mattress options, especially online, you make the choice between sleeping on a mattress, or sleeping on your mattress. The Helix Luxe vs Bear Hybrid mattresses are two excellent examples of how your mattress can be yours again.

Both are ideally comfortable and supportive mattresses. The Helix Luxe features 6 comfort options to fit your unique sleeping style. While the Bear focuses on one universal feel. In this review we will analyze the similarities and differences between the Helix Luxe and Bear Hybrid. Continue reading and learn how your online mattress shopping experience just got that much easier.

Helix Luxe Mattress Overview:

helix luxe vs bear hybrid restingHelix believes in individualizing comfort. They do not believe there is such a thing as a “one size fits all” mattress. This is why their Luxe mattress collection comes with 6 different comfort options for their sleepers to choose from. So if you’re a stomach sleeper, or a back sleeper; if you want a plush mattress or an extra firm bed, then Helix Luxe has an option for you.

Their range starts with the softer Helix Sunset and ends with the firmer Helix Dawn. Compared to the original Helix Mattress, they made the Luxe Mattress thicker, more luxurious, and ideal for all sleeping positions, including larger sleepers.

When Helix customers made requests for changes to their already awesome original mattress, they decided to come out with a luxury collection, The Helix Luxe. These mattresses are a definite upgrade to the original. Overall the mattress is thicker and sturdier. While there are less comfort options (6 instead of the original 9) the quality of feel and materials is much higher overall. For such a great mattress, the Helix Luxe is actually quite reasonably priced.

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Bear Hybrid Mattress Overview:

helix luxe vs bear hybrid close upThere’s a reason they say you’ll sleep like a bear, or in this case, on one. Users love the Bear Hybrid mattress because it is a comfortable, balanced hybrid mattress, that provides the support you need all night long. Some of the best features about the Bear mattress are its coil system, Celiant technology, and amazing foams used throughout.

The Bear mattress is 14.5” of a sleeper’s dream- extra thick paired with incredible luxury comfort. This hand- crated mattress is ideal for any sleeper; back, side, stomach, even big and tall sleepers. The best part is that Bear mattress brand is about more than just sleep, they also believe in giving back. For every Bear luxury mattress purchased 1% goes to the Good Sports foundation. This foundation helps kids have access to a healthy and active lifestyle, which makes for yet another reason to sleep easy on the Bear mattress.

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Helix Luxe – Delivery & Unboxing:

helix nightfall vs big figSome online mattress companies out there manufacture their mattresses and then store them in a compacted box. Unlike those mattresses, Helix makes each one of their mattresses to order. So you know that your mattress is put together and only compressed into a box for a short period of time. This ensures that they boxing process has a minimal effect on the stability and longevity of your mattress. Once you order your mattress, Helix makes your bed, compresses it, rolls it up, and packs it into a box. It will then arrive via FedEx Ground to your door in approximately 6 – 10 days. Once it arrives at your door, it is time to unbox and set up.

Because the Helix Luxe mattress can weigh over 100+ lbs, we suggest getting some assistance with moving and setup. First get your box into the room where you would like it to live. Then you can open the box, and slide the rolled mattress out. Then carefully cut away the plastic, and position the mattress the way you want it on the frame. After all of that, sit back and watch your mattress expand.

While there may be a lingering ‘new mattress’ smell, this USA made mattress will not have many odors, and definitely nothing toxic. Even still, it is recommended to let your mattress air out. As well as completely take shape for at least 24 hours – if you can wait that long! So then you may enjoy your most comfortable mattress yet.

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Bear Hybrid – Delivery & Unboxing

bear mattress boxYour new Bear mattress box will arrive at your door in a fairly compact box. But is still quite heavy, weighing about a 110 lbs. This is good for the mattress, but bad for maneuvering. This means that the mattress is substantial, however it may be awkward to handle, so we recommend having an extra set of hands to help.

With the extra help, simply take the box and mattress where it needs to be and carefully remove the box and plastic. As a USA made mattress, this helps cut down on odors and noxious fumes tremendously. Once the Bear Hybrid unrolls and takes shape, there should be minimal off-gassing. And should only take 12 or so hours for the ‘new smell’ to dissipate. If you are more on the sensitive side definitely leave the room during this process.

You may use your Bear Hybrid mattress as soon as you would like. Just keep in mind that it takes one to two days to fully firm up and create maximum comfort for the best sleep and feel.

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Helix Luxe Mattress Materials:

helix luxe mattressesWhen looking at a mattress online it is important to know what the mattress is made of. When it comes to the Helix Luxe you can rest assured that it is filled top to bottom with premium materials that they designed to give optimal comfort.

From top to bottom, the Helix Luxe mattresses are wrapped in an Ultra-Cool Premium cover. The top of the mattress features an incredibly soft, plush pillow top cover. This pillow top has a premium feel and adds a layer of breathability to regulate body temperature.

Underneath the cover is the first layer of Gel Visco memory foam. The 1” layer is a high density layer that is meant to provide consistency in cooling comfort. It contours to your body in order to relieve your pressure points.

helix luxe dusk materialsThe next layer is 2” of either Memory Plus Foam or Helix Dynamic Foam, depending on your mattress. These foams add cushion and optimal support, while never giving you the feeling of being stuck.

Next is the transitional foam layer. This layer provides deep comfort and creates ergonomic support.

Then comes the layer that transforms this mattress into a hybrid. The 8 inches of specialized coil system. This system is made of thick zoned body shape coils. Every single one of these coils is individually wrapped in order to optimize comfort. They are also zoned to be slightly softer under the shoulder region and firmer under the hips. In addition, these coils are more reinforced near the edges, giving you ideal edge support.

The final layer is the base layer of DuraDense Foam. This heavy duty foam gives the bed a firm foundation to build upon. It also adds to the durability and longevity of your mattress.

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Helix Luxe Material Differences:

There will also be a slight material variance as mentioned above. Depending on which comfort option you choose, and if the mattress is soft, medium, or firm, there will be a variation in the support of the foam. While each supportive layer will be made of foam, the type of foam used will very in firmness, this is what creates the level of support the mattress has.

Bear Hybrid Mattress Materials:

bear hybrid vs luft hyrbidEven at the top layer, the Bear mattress promotes restful sleep and healing. The cover is woven with Celiant technology. In which Celiant’s Infrared Yarn Technology harnesses the body’s natural energy to promote wellness and well-being. Beneath that is a Hypersoft Cooling Gel Foam layer. This layer adds plush and comfort right beneath the surface, with the technology to keep you cool.

After that is a premium foam comfort layer that adapts to all body types and sleeping positions. This layer is meant to specifically cradle your body so that you can rest u disturbed. The last foam layer is a responsive transition foam layer that allows for pressure relief and airflow. In addition to transitioning between foam and coil.

Finally, comes the Quantum Edge Coil System. This layer provides superior edge support, and even better lumbar support, optimal alignment, and incredible pressure relief. Making the Bear Hybrid mattress comfortable from top to bottom.

There is also a high density bandage support foam on the very bottom. Which is meant to ensure that all the layers stay in place and improves the durability of the mattress. We’re sure you’ll love sleeping on the Bear for as long as it lasts.

spartan vs bear hybrid beds

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Helix Luxe Comfort:

If you are looking to find a mattress that feels like it was made just for you. The Helix Luxe has a comfort option for you. The 14” mattress is designed to benefit your sleep, and with 6 different options you’re guaranteed to feel the benefits. While the technology of the mattress is the same, the levels of firmness changes.

  • Helix Sunset

helix luxe mattress review sunsetThis plush option is the softest comfort options of the bunch. We believe it is ideal for smaller sized people who typically sleep on their back or side. It offers a more plush feel and ample contouring support.

  • Helix Moonlight

This mattress is also on the softer side of the spectrum. However, it comes with slightly more support. This softer option is better for a larger variety of sleeping positions for smaller persons, or for larger persons who life a more plush feel.

  • Helix Midnight

helix luxe mattress review midnightThe ‘just right’ mattress, the Helix Midnight is the most popular. This mattress is ideal for side sleepers, with a more medium feel. The best part of this mattress that makes it such a top seller is that it can work for lots of different types of sleeping positions and sizes comfortably.

  • Helix Dusk

This mattress is also highly popular, being a medium feel, but with even more support than the Helix Midnight. This makes the mattress more ideal for back and stomach sleepers, and larger sleepers too.

  • Helix Twilight

helix luxe mattress review twilightThe Helix Twilight is the just for side sleepers mattress with more firmness than usual. If you are a larger or heavier sized person who sleeps predominantly on your side, this is the mattress for you. However, if you’re a smaller sized side sleeper, who likes a firmer feel, you may also love this mattress.

  • Helix Dawn

No doubt about it, this is the firmest option from Helix Luxe. This mattress is the best option for heavier sized sleepers, because it offers the most support and will hold up best over time. If you are a smaller person who sleeps on their back or stomach, you might also appreciate the extra support that the Helix Dawn offers. 

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Bear Hybrid Comfort:

bear hybrid vs luft hyrbidWith a mattress this thick, comfort is easy. The 14.5” super thick Bear mattress gives you a healthy and balanced sleep, with its many performance layers. The mattress provides flexible support, while the base is sturdy enough the coils allow for ideal responsiveness to be able to move around on.

The key to the Bear Hybrid mattress is the combination of comfort foams that create pressure relief and use adaptable Bear performance technology. This makes sleeping on the Bear Hybrid like no other; restful and restoring. The comfort of the Bear Hybrid is an ideal 5.5 to 6 making the Bear a universal medium feel mattress.

With just a touch of firmness, this makes the mattress ideal for all sleeping positions, but the true softness is even comfortable for side sleepers, to allow their hip and shoulders to sink in. For stomach sleepers, your back will not bow, and for back sleepers the Bear Hybrid creates the perfect “sweet spot’. There is no doubt that if you like sleep, you’ll love the Bear Hybrid.

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Helix Luxe vs Bear Hybrid – Motion Transfer:

helix luxe dusk best sexUnlike the days of water beds, we now know the importance of limiting motion transfer in your bed. The Helix Luxe and Bear Hybrid, both make valiant efforts to limit motion transfer. Making it easy to sleep peacefully in both.

However the combination of an individually wrapped coil system and multiple layers of dense foam that the Helix Luxe has, really limits any motion transfer.

The Bear thickness is the first line of defense, but the thick base coil systems and dense foams will actually create even more effective motion isolation. Since even the buoyant coil system is sandwiched in between foams, the Bear Hybrid has little to no vibrations or motion transference. Whether you sleep with a spouse, pet, or child, this means that your partner will not be disturbed as you move throughout the night.

Helix Luxe – Sleeping Cool:

helix luxe dawnIt is nearly impossible to get a great nights sleep if you are overheating. This is why the Helix Luxe uses high quality materials that encourage sleeping cool and temperature regulation. Keep in mind that no matter which comfort option you choose, the Helix Luxe mattress comes with a cooling cover that uses Helix Cool Sleep Technology.

This technology uses phase change material to absorb excess body heat and regulate the body’s temperature throughout the night. They also added gel in the top foam layer, this gives a cool sensation to the touch of the foam. Finally with the coil system at the bottom, no heat will get trapped, instead it will escape through the air flow through the coils.

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bear hybrid mattress reviewBear Hybrid – Sleeping Cool:

The Bear Hybrid knows that your sleep can be as active as you are, which is why sleeping cool is a must. That’s why this mattress works to maintain a neutral sleeping surface all night long. The first method of defense is the fact that the Bear Hybrid has a hybrid coil system, which means first and foremost there is a way for heat to escape and not stay trapped within the foams.

The performance comfort foams also work to minimize heat retention. Even at the very top layer, the first Bear performance Foam is fully breathable and allows ideal airflow and movement. Plus the density of the foams prevent you from sinking in too much and therefore not creating to much heat around your body. With the Celliant technology cover, there is also a great separation between the foams and your body, plus with gel infusion right on top, Sleeping warm stays at a minimum.

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Helix Luxe vs Bear Hybrid – Edge Support:

helix luxe mattress review moonlightWhen it comes to edge support, the Helix Luxe is a winner. The coil system uses stronger reinforced springs around the edges. Therefore, it can withstand more weight and force than the inner coils that are created to cradle. Whether you are wanting to sit on the edge of your mattress all day long or you simply want to be able to sleep supported from edge to edge, this mattress will not disappoint.

The Bear Hybrid mattress also creates a usable and consistent sleeping surface. The thick and premium foams mean you’re getting a solid sturdy mattress that is noticeable all the way up to the edge. This means you’ll be able to use your Bear Hybrid mattress even at the edge, without feeling like you’re falling off. The perimeter support is equally as substantial as in the center, which means you can rest easy, but also use the mattress for occasional sitting as well.

Helix Luxe vs Bear Hybrid – Value:

helix luxe mattress review dawnFor most of us, although comfort is ideal, there still needs to be an even ratio between comfort and value. The Helix Luxe comes in at $1745 for a queen size which is really a great price for the value of the mattress you’re getting.

Included is free shipping, a 100 night sleep trial, and 15 year warranty. In addition, if you buy now, there are coupons available too. Making the Helix Luxe and even better value.

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bear hybridThe Bear Hybrid comes in at $1350 for a queen size, including free shipping, 100 night sleep trial, and 20 year warranty, so we’d say the value ratio is pretty much even. That isn’t even including the latest Bear mattress coupon found below.

With both the Helix Luxe and Bear Hybrid mattress you get a reliable, thick, sturdy, but most importantly comfortable mattress, and that’s a price you just can’t beat.

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Helix Luxe vs Bear Hybrid – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialAs mentioned above, the trial period and warranty between the Helix Luxe and Bear Hybrid are pretty evenly matched. The Helix Luxe includes a 100 night sleep trial plus 15 year warranty and the Bear Hybrid includes a 100 night sleep trial plus 20 year warranty. These are standard values in the mattress business.

The warranty specifically is designed to coincide with the natural wear and tear of a mattress, so you’re guaranteed coverage for as long as these incredibly durable mattresses hold up. The great thing about brands that offer these reliable trial periods and warranties is that you know you’re buying a product you love from a company that loves its customers right back.

Helix Luxe vs Bear Hybrid – Summary:

helix luxe vs bear hybridLet your new mattress be your new favorite thing about falling asleep. The Helix Luxe and Bear Hybrid are standard, luxury competitors in the mattress game, at an affordable price. The Bear Hybrid is a significant upgrade from the classic 10” Bear mattress. And the Helix Luxe is an upgrade from the Helix mattress. Even with the original Helix mattresses 9 comfort options.

This means that both the mattresses would be substantial choices, but still one reigns. You will find that the Helix Luxe still tops the Bear Hybrid in all categories; Sleeping Cool, Edge support, motion transfer, and while the Bear Hybrid is ideally one comfort options fits all, you can’t beat 6 comfort options with the Helix Luxe.

Still not sure which of these thick hybrid mattresses will be best for you? Learn more in our full reviews. Find the Helix Luxe Mattress Review HERE. And the Bear Hybrid Mattress Review HERE.

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