June 20, 2018

Eight Sleep Tracker & Smart Mattress Features

eight sleep trackerEight Sleep is putting technology to work by getting us more rest. A bit of a conundrum, using technology to help us sleep better, but it can. With the introduction of their “smart” mattress line they have shaken the mattress industry up. Using the Eight sleep tracker over your mattress with correlating phone apps to track, warm and even coach you into more sound sleep. Sound too good to be true? Keep reading to learn more about this unique and innovative sleep system.

Eight Sleep Smart Mattress Options:

Eight Sleep has three mattresses that are each compatible with their smart sleep tracker. The most affordable is the all foam Saturn mattress. This bed features three layers of foam to make a medium firm feeling bed. This mattress is 10″ thick and even with the smart mattress options very budget friendly.

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The most popular Eight Sleep smart mattress option is the Jupiter. This more medium feeling bed is also all foam. However, it features four layers and the addition of a more premium foam for better pressure relief and comfort. The Jupiter is great for isolating motion and also offers a surface that is adaptable to all sleeping positions.

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The third mattress option available through Eight is their 11″ hybrid mattress. The Mars bed features a combination of coils and foams to make for a more medium to medium soft surface. This paired with the sleep tracker creates the most luxurious combination of the three. Though it may be the softest of the three beds it also is more breathable with the coil system as well as offers a bit more responsiveness for ease of movement.

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The Saturn, Jupiter and Mars mattresses give you several choices when it comes to feel and style. Making for an abundance of options to find your perfect fit. Each work great with the Eight Sleep Tracker to provide a technology focused sleeping system to help you get your best night sleep.

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Eight Sleep Tracker Basic Info:

eight sleep trackerThis sleep tracking system comes in a compact box separate from your mattress. Included in the package is a mattress cover that fits like a fitted sheet over the mattress. It is filled with multiple sensors throughout. And feature a silk and smooth top cover. This easily attaches to a pod that is plugged into the side of the cover and than plugged into the nearest outlet. This powers the sleep tracker cover.

This is then synced to an easy to use app that you can quickly download to your phone. This gives you access to controlling the eight sleep tracker as well gathering information while you sleep. This app has recently undergone improvements to also include a sleep coach. Giving you even more help and insight to your sleeping patterns, pitfalls and ways to improve.

Eight Sleep AI-Powered Personalized Sleep Coach
Eight Sleep Tracker Features:

The Eight Sleep Tracker and app have several features that help you get a deep and restorative sleep. From prepping the mattress to be an exact temperature to gently waking you in the morning. Not to mention the data and information it collects all while you are sound to sleep. Below are all the functions it has to offer.

1 – Fall Asleep Faster: 

It is proven that jumping into a cold bed actually slows down the time it takes you to fall asleep. While getting into a mattress that is closer to the warmer temperature you drift off to dream at gets you there faster. With the Eight Sleep tracker you can program or set the app to warm the bed just enough to help you and your body find the optimal temperature to fall asleep to. Giving your time in bed more dedication to sleeping than tossing and turning

2 – Smart Alarm:

sleep tips for college studentsStart out each day with a more consistent schedule to improve your overall sleeping habits. Getting up at the same time, regardless of the day of the week, is proven to help your overall sleep. This alarm actually tracks when your are naturally waking up and triggers to wake you gently and naturally. Focusing on finding your best routine. That you will eventually become so accustom to that you won’t even need the alarm.

3 – Track Sleep Trends:

Having the ability to view your sleep patterns and rhythms is a great way to see where there is room for improvement. Visually seeing your REM cycles, exact time slept, tossing and turning and even a sleep score allows for you to see exactly what is going on. And gives you the power to make adjustments to improve sleep until your find just the right balance.

4 – AI Sleep Coach:

The newest feature of the Eight Sleep Tracker app is the free and personalized sleep coaching. The personalized insight gives you recommendations and insight into your sleeping routine to help improve it. These helpful tips appear daily and are in conjunction with the last night of sleep. These will range anywhere from tips on improving sleep to facts about sleep and everything in between.

Eight Sleep AI-Powered Personalized Sleep Coach

5 – Home Integration: 

eight sleep trackerOne of many customers favorite features of the Eight Sleep tracker is the ability to integrate it with other smart devices in your home. This allows you to connect to any wifi enabled device and creating not just a smart bed, but a smart bedroom. Allowing you to potentially coordinate your watch, television and even HVAC system to your mattress and sleeping patterns. Even have your coffee brewing when you wake up and the lights and garage shut when you fall asleep. Who wouldn’t love that?

Eight Sleep Tracker Summary:

The future is here now and it’s time to reap the benefits. Each Eight Sleep Mattress comes with the option of making it a smart mattress that includes the eight sleep tracker and all it offers. You can also purchase the tracker separately and use it on any other mattress brand as well. Each tracker is shipped for free and comes with a 30 night trial period and 1 year warranty.

If you could benefit from leaning more about your sleep isn’t time to try? You not only get better sleep but also access to a plethora of insight, an easy waking alarm and even the option of integrating other smart products into your sleep routine. The Eight Sleep Tracker isn’t just a useful tool but a convenience that you won’t be able to live without once you try it.

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