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November 11, 2020

Sleep Country Living: Welcome Home Collection

When it comes to finding a new mattress we all have similar goals. Finding a bed that is super comfortable while being supportive. As well as a durable and well built bed that performs optimally across the board. And a great price point and American made certainly doesn’t hurt either. It almost sounds too good to be true? But, the mattress line by Country Living Sleep, the Welcome Home Collection, offers all this and than some.

sleep country living welcome home mattress collection

Who Is Country Living?

Country Living, if you haven’t already heard, is a magazine that has been in publication for decades. Though now you may find their website,, to be where you’ll find their latest articles & posts. Regardless, this company focuses on the latest country trends, home décor, recipes and so much more that coincides with creating the perfect country lifestyle.

Whether you live on a farm or the city but aspire to have the country vibe in your life, this is where you will find ideas to bring it into every aspect of your day to day life. From seasonal inspiration to remodeling & renovation ideas and entertaining to home maintenance. Which is why it is no surprise that they have come out with their very own brand of bed-in-a-box mattresses, the Welcome Home Collection.

Sleep Country Living Mattresses

country living welcome home collectionThis already well known company is jumping into the bedding world with their brand new online mattress collection. By offering a line up of premium mattresses at a great price point that will help every sleeper find exactly what they need. Between hybrids and all foam beds, ranging from soft to firm comfort options, there is literally an ideal mattress for everyone.

Below we will take a brief look at the Country Living Mattress line up; the Welcome Home Collection. Giving you a brief review of three mattresses available and a look at the company as a whole. Before we get started, the three mattresses available that we will be looking at are as follows:

  • McKinney Mattress: Memory Foam Style | Universal Comfort | $799 – $1299
  • Hudson Mattress: Premium Hybrid Style | 3 Comfort Levels | $999 – $1499
  • Napa Mattress: Luxury Hybrid Style | 3 Comfort Levels | $1499 – $2099

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Welcome Home Mattress Collection:

Below is a great run down about each of the mattresses offered in the Welcome Home Collection by Country Living Sleep. Each offers a unique build that makes it appealing to a variety of sleepers. Creating a little something for everyone. Country Living is known for creating comfort and a welcoming experience. And their mattresses take that to a whole new level. Time to introduce you to the your new bed…

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 – Country Living McKinney Mattress –

To start we will look at the most affordable Country Living mattress available in the collection, the McKinney. This 12″ thick memory foam mattress partners a supportive base foam with not one, but two conforming layers of memory foam for a solid feeling mattress. Topped off with a smooth, cooling cover, you have a sturdy bed that still molds to your body while offering amazing support. To be exact this mattress is made of the following layers…

McKinney Mattress Materials:

  • mckinney mattress country living sleepCooling Cover
  • 3″ Copper Infused Memory Foam
  • 1″ Gel Memory Foam
  • 8″ Solid Base Foam

All together these foam layers make an amazing memory foam mattress. With a total of 4 inches of comfort foam over the dense base foam you get the perfect balance of contour and ergonomic alignment. Providing an awesome universal feel that almost any sleeper will appreciate. Especially for this amazing price.

Country Living McKinney Mattress Must Knows:

Like we briefly touched on, this mattress is offered in one universal comfort level. it happens to be an ideal true medium feel. The true memory foam feel also adds to the appeal of this bed. Especially anyone who loves and wants an all foam mattress too.

mckinney mattress country living comfortThe balance between the solid base foam and plush comfort layers does make this a genuine medium feel. With maybe a hair leaning towards medium firm. Regardless, an overall great feel for 90% of the sleepers out there.

Another great aspect of this mattress is how well it does at minimizing motion transfer. The all foam build really enhanced isolating motion making it great for anyone who is a light sleeper. Many times with all foam mattresses you have to take the trade off with more heat retention, but the focus on incorporating heat dissipating foams certainly helps keep that at bay.

All around this mattress is a solid choice for anyone looking for adaptable bed that will work for the vast majority of sleepers. Especially if you are in the market for a great bed that is still very affordable. The quality and comfort in the McKinney are two things that aren’t lacking, even with the price being so appealing.

Learn more about this mattress in our in-depth McKinney Mattress Review.

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 – Country Living Hudson Mattress –

Next is the most popular option, the 13″ Pillow Top Country Living Mattress, the Hudson. This bed uses 6 layers and offers three comfort options for a perfect fit and feel. The blend of coils and foams make a nice balance in this hybrid mattress. It is even topped with a cooling cover again to ensure it never gets too warm.

Hudson Mattress Materials:

  • country living welcome home hudson mattressCooling Cover
  • 2″ Quilting
  • 1″ Copper Infused Memory Foam
  • 2″ Medium High Density Poly Foam
  • 8″ Zoned Coil System
  • 1″ Base Support Foam

These layers provide a perfect partnering of responsive and flexible coil support with just plush enough and contouring foams. Available in three comfort levels for a feel that is most ideal for your needs. Each layer works together to ensure you get the best ergonomic support as well as deep comfort for a variety of sleeping positions. All in all making it easy to understand how this is such a popular choice.

Hudson Mattress Must Knows:

The Hudson by Sleep Country Living is the mattress that checks all the boxes. Offering an incredible 14″ thick hybrid build that is available in three ideal comfort levels. Making a mattress that will literally work for every sleeper. The soft is ideal for dominate side sleepers, while the firm is great for back and stomach sleepers. And the medium is great for every sleeper, making it the most popular and best for combination sleepers and especially couples.

hudson by country living mattress comfortThe Hudson hybrid mattress is also great when it comes to ensuring cool and comfortable rest all night through. The design of this bed not only offers coils that create ample air flow, but also offers comfort layers with temperature neutralization in mind. Making this a great option for anyone looking to not have their temperature fluctuate.

This mattress is also ideal for anyone who shares a bed and wants minimal partner disturbance from motion transfer. This bed not only readily absorbs excess motion in the foams, but the coil system is strategically designed with individually wrapped coils that offer less motion transfer as well as precision support. On top of that the coil system also offers enhanced coil support around the perimeter for solid edge support.

All and all, the Country Living Hudson mattress checks all the necessary boxes. But, it also goes above and beyond by giving you a super thick mattress with out a super thick price tag. The amazingly affordable price of this bed is a win for everyone. And all the additional benefits you’ll get with any Country Living mattress isn’t bad either.

Learn all the ins and outs of this mattress in our complete Hudson Mattress Review!

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 – Country Living Napa Mattress –

The premium and most indulgent Country Living mattress is a 16″ build that combines 8 layers for amazing comfort and luxury like no other. By using two coils systems and a hotel style pillow top, you’ll think you’re on vacation every night. Below you’ll find just how this mattress stacks up, literally! With all these layers you’ll quickly see why this is the creme-de-la-creme of mattresses.

Napa Mattress Materials:

  • napa materials country living bedsCooling Cover
  • 2″ Quilting
  • 2″ Titan Hyperflex Foam
  • Micro Coil Unit 1″
  • 1″ Copper-Infused Memory Foam
  • 1″ Firm HD Poly Foam
  • 8″ Zoned Coil System
  • 1″ Base Support Foam

This super thick bed is one of the thickest bed-in-a-box mattresses we have seen to date. And the layers certainly won’t disappoint in providing a solid sleep surface with ample comfort. The coil system is again in ideally flexible support system that cradles each inch of your body perfectly. While the comfort foam layers with added micro coil comfort and support layer do a phenomenal job of crating an ooh so perfect feel, whichever one you choose.

Napa Mattress Must Knows:

best mattress 2021 napa country livingThis super thick mattress is really what dreams are made of when it comes to comfort. The build of this bed creates the perfect pairing of pressure relief and just enough responsiveness. And each of the three comfort levels; soft, medium and firm, offer feels that are distinctly different, but also ideally balanced. Giving you a mattress that feels like it was made just for you.

Not only is the comfort of this bed spot on, but it is also going to offer ample sleeping benefits. From guaranteeing a surface that never gets too hot, and instead maintains of level of indifference. By using multiple materials that create the best temperature neutralization. Along with a carefully crafted design that is responsive, but is great at isolating motion for almost no partner disturbance.

The level of detail continues, by offering high grade materials that create dynamic edge support and a consistent and evenly usable sleep surface. A cool to the touch top cover, handles on all four sides and tufting that holds the bed in place and all for a price that is quite reasonable. The Napa hybrid mattress is as premium of a bed as you will find online, but that doesn’t mean it is out of reach.

If you want the best of the best, you’ll love this bed! Find out more details in our Napa Mattress Review!

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Welcome Home by Country Living Sleep:

The new Country Living Welcome Home Collection offers a superb line up of great mattresses. Offering something for just about everyone. From the affordable and universal comfort of the McKinney. To the most popular and budget friendly hybrid, Hudson. And our favorite, the super thick and luxurious, Napa. You won’t be disappointed with and of the Country Living mattresses. Make sure you learn all the details of these beds in our full reviews found below.

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Sleep Country Living Basics:

Like any online mattress brand you’ll have several perks when buying a bed-in-a-box. Each mattress not only is delivered right to your door but also comes with an 18-month trial period. A very generous lifetime warranty. And the ease of free returns. All while working with a team of exceptional customer service experts.

sleep country living mattress

Country Living Sleep also offers several other perks with buying a mattress through them too. Included with their generous trial period and warranty is also their FREE shipping and returns. Meaning you don’t pay anything extra. You also don’t have to worry about trying to fit your mattress back in the box to return it. They will help coordinate they entire process, if you so choose.

Sleep Country Living also uses wonderful materials in every mattress. All crafted right here in the USA too. Making your purchase beneficial to you as well as so many others. To top it off, Country Living also offers a financing option for shoppers as well. Allowing you to make payments on your bed, which means buying that new mattress may be closer in your future than you thought.

All in all, Country Living’s Welcome Home mattress collection covers all the bases when it comes to everything you could want in an online mattress company. From great customer service, to multiple amazing beds to the extended amount of added perks. You can’t go wrong with  this bed-in-a-box.

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