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July 17, 2018

Cedar vs Zenhaven

Today we will be taking a look at two very unique types of mattresses in our Cedar vs Zenhaven review. The Cedar and Zenhaven are both mattresses that focus on using latex in their design. This gives both of these products a very buoyant yet comfortable feel that may be just what you are looking for. Though they both offer latex, the Zenahven will feature a 100% latex construction. While the Cedar is a latex and coil combination making it a very special hybrid mattress.

cedar vs zenhaven

Both of these mattresses offer many benefits that standard hybrids or all foams may be lacking. Latex naturally runs cooler than any other foam. It also is much more responsive making it very easy to move on and never feeling stuck in. These are just a few of the many benefits that both of these beds offer. Not to mention the fact that both come from very established brands that are two of the best companies for quality and customer service in the industry.

Keep reading our in depth Cedar vs Zenhaven comparison to get an even more information about these amazing mattresses. Or, jump right to the full reviews of the Cedar HERE and the Zenhaven HERE.

Cedar Overview:

brentwood home cedarThe Cedar mattress by Brentwood Home is their most luxurious offering. Brentwood Home is known for constructing outstanding mattresses while using the best materials. This is very true for the Cedar hybrid latex mattress. From the start with delivery all the way through years of restful sleep, the Cedar will not disappoint. They make the Cedar in the USA with all natural and certified materials. Making it not only superior from support and comfort but also healthy too.

The coil system combine with the naturally aerated latex provides a cool sleep. The coil system supports your body and strengthens the overall feel. And the two layers of latex work together to relieve pressure points and create a just responsive enough feel. A soft to the touch and breathable organic cotton cover is quilted with wool to aid in moisture wicking. The Cedar stands out in every area of review.

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Zenhaven Overview:

cedar vs zenhavenThe Zenhaven mattress by Saatva is their answer to a natural mattress that is as comfortable as it is durable. It is not only made exclusively of Talalay latex but features two sides of comfort. Making it a flippable bed that has a slightly softer and gently firmer side. Giving you multiple options to find the best feel for you. Included with this luxury foam mattress is free white glove delivery. This certainly is appreciated since these all natural materials weighs quite a bit too.

The multiple layers of latex created amazing pressure relief as well as buoyancy that allows for quick sleep position changes. The durable and solid latex make for a supportive bed that is flexible yet sturdy. And the naturally aerated foam keeps the mattress temperature neutral throughout the night. Added to these impressive layers is a plush topper of moisture wicking wool and a breathable organic cotton cover. Creating some serious competition for the Cedar mattress.

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Cedar vs Zenhaven – Delivery & Unboxing:

cedar mattressBoth of these mattress have free shipping included when purchased. However, the Cedar is free for drop shipping in a box while the Zenhaven includes white glove delivery. The Cedar can also be upgraded to white glove delivery, but will cost an added fee of $199. Which may be nice, since both of these beds weigh quite a bit. The Cedar being around 135lbs and the Zenhaven well over a 100lbs. Creating it necessary for two people to unbox and move the Cedar if that is the route you go.

The natural materials in both beds make for very minimal odor. And any fragrance you do happen to smell will be a more natural and organic. Making off gassing little to no issue with either of these superb mattresses. The biggest difference may be he fact that the Cedar is roll packed and once unrolled will need several hours to fully expand and firm up, even up to 24 hours. The Zenhaven on the other hand is not roll packed and needs no time at all to expand. Giving you a true feel as soon as it is placed on your base.

Regardless of which option you choose the delivery and unboxing process should be smooth. Both companies made their mattresses in the USA with very stringent certifications for quality and standards in place. With your health and well being taking a front seat to convenience or cheapness found in mattresses made overseas. Ultimately resulting in an amazing mattress you didn’t need to go shopping at a store to find.

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Materials And Layer Composition:

crystal cove mattress reviewBoth of these mattresses use luxurious materials in their layers. And using latex allows them to offer a more unique feel than most online mattresses. The Zenhaven is 10″ thick bed made of 100% Talalay latex build from top to bottom. The Cedar is over 13″ thick and made of a combination of Dunlop latex paired with a heavy duty coil system.

Both of these top end mattresses also correlate the natural benefits of wool under the covers. Giving not only an added plushness but natural moisture wicking layer too. As well as feature organic cotton to cover the beds for softness and durability in one package. Creating two mattresses with amazing materials, top notch construction and are naturally durable and healthy.

Cedar Materials:

The latex hybrid Cedar mattress made by Brentwood Homes is 13 plus inches thick bed.  The first layer in the Cedar mattress is 2 inches of 4-pound density Natural Dunlop Latex. This layer provides an easy to move surface and focuses on both pressure relief where you need it and adapting to your body while you sleep.

brentwood home cedarThe next layer of the Cedar mattress is made of another 2 inches of 4-pound Natural Dunlop Latex. This layer has grooves cut into it to help create zones that provide better pressure relief for both your shoulders and hips. It also adds extra back support and lets air flow more easily throughout the mattress. This layer also helps with precision comfort in the Cedar mattress.

The next layer houses the coil system of the Cedar mattress. This system is made up of 1130 wrapped pocketed coils (queen size) and is 8 inches thick. The coil layer is the core of the mattress and adds precise contouring to the bed with its zoned coils. This gives the mattress the ability to contour perfectly to your body and adds extra support. It also features edge retention coils for a solid perimeter too.

The last layer of the mattress is 1 inch of Coconut Husk Support. This is not only a supportive and creative take on a base layer, but it is a natural antimicrobial. This makes the bed a healthier sleeping surface to layer on and helps it stay cleaner longer.

The Cedar mattress is all wrapped in an organic cotton with a layer of New Zealand wool underneath. Adding extra comfort as wells as wicks moisture away to keep you cooler while your sleeping. It also is made to help with air circulation and has an added fire barrier made of hydrated silica sand. These layers work together to make a safe and comfortable latex hybrid mattress, that has a universal appeal.

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Zenhaven Materials:

Zenhaven Mattress materialsThe Zenhaven latex mattress is a 5 layer 10-inchtwo sided, flippable mattress. It’s made of 100% natural Talalay latex and has a one of a kind luxury feel to it. The construction of this mattress features a core support that is sandwiched between two comfort layers.

One side of the mattress is made to be firmer while the other side focuses on having a softer feel to it. This helps give you some room to experiment with which firmness level works best for you. The top layers of each side are actually the same though This layer is made out of 1.5 inches of comfort Talalay latex.

In the middle of the mattress will be the support layers. This layer is made up of two, 3 inch layers of of support latex. These two layers are slightly different in there firmness level to give the mattress it’s different sides. This is where the core support of both sides comes from though and will be where you get your feeling of support throughout the night from.

Lastly, the Zenhaven mattress has a cover to help protect against messes. Each side of this mattress has this 1-inch thick cover. This cover is made out of organic cotton and has a layer of Joma wool sewn directly into the lining. This wool helps wick away moisture to help keep you cool during the night while also adding additional comfort to the Zenhaven. This cover completes that mattress and gives you a soft top to lay on.

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Cedar Comfort and Firmness:

The Cedar mattress has an interesting design that provides plenty of comfort along with ergonomic support. The Dunlop layers of latex give the bed a natural buoyancy and support to keep you from feeling stuck or sinking in. They made the core of the mattress with coils that give it quality long term core support. These layers are covered with added plushness provided by the wool batting covered by soft cotton for a comfortable finish for you to sleep on.

The Cedar mattress a medium feel and includes specially cut grooved latex to provide support for your shoulders and hips. This gives your shoulders and hips extra support and even helps your lower back feel more supported. For side sleepers, you will find that the grooves make your sleeping experience a lot better than what you would find in most other mattresses. Back sleepers will love that lumbar support they get from the latex. If you are a stomach sleeper then you won’t have to worry at your back bowing too much during the night either.

The feel of this mattress is almost perfect and hits between a 5 and 5.5 on the comfort scale. This puts the Cedar right about dead in the center of the ten point comfort scale and makes it nearly perfect for all sleeping positions. For heavier sleepers, the bed still provides plenty of support to give you a medium feel too. The Dunlop latex is thick and durable to give the mattress an ample amount of support. The latex also helps the mattress have a longer lifespan since it’s harder to wear out. Overall, the latex is great for response and is all around comfortable. The coil layer  rounds everything out by being the perfect support for the Cedar mattress.

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Zenhaven Comfort and Firmness:

zenhaven mattress reviewThe Zenhaven mattress is made completely of Talalay latex. A softer and plusher latex than Dunlop. Giving a more consistent feel that really adds to the comfort of this mattress. Not only does this mattress feature Talalay latex it also  provides two different firmness levels depending on which way you flip it. Each Zenhaven comes with one side in a luxury plush feel while the other is a gentle firm feeling. Between the two sides the luxury plush side appeals to a few more sleepers but getting both in one bed means you don’t aren’t limited to that option only.

The Luxury plush side of the Zenhaven works best for those who love a supportive feel that still has plenty of softness. This side is best for both back and side sleepers. This side has a very supportive feel to it with a touch of extra softness to let you sink into the mattress with. The Zenhaven’s gentle firm side is a little firmer than the plush side. It is great for both heavier and stomach sleepers who need extra support throughout the night. Both of these options allow consumers to find the best fit for them, this can especially be valuable for first-time mattress shoppers.

This all 100% Talalay latex mattress makes moving on the Zenhaven much easier while still contours to your body without making you feel stuck. It also offers plenty of pressure relief and does a great job of evenly distributing weight. This luxury option is a great pick for those who already like the feel of latex, but want something a little extra out of their purchase.

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Cedar vs Zenhaven – Motion Transfer:

glass of wine sitting on a bedMotion transfer can sometimes be more of an issue when you have a mattress that uses more springy materials, like latex and coils. However, with that being said both the Zenhaven and Cedar actually do a good job at keeping things still. The density of latex and the support from the cores helps minimize movements. Keeping partner disturbance fairly low.

Though motion isolation will be less than that of a memory foam counterpart, latex is still a foam that will absorb movement. And the added wool batting helps soften the movement on top too. Between these two mattresses motion transfer will be minimal especially for the builds. Making both equal choices in this category.

Cedar vs Zenhaven – Temperature Regulation:

If you are a warm sleeper looking for a foam that doesn’t absorb heat than latex will be your new best friend. This naturally aerated foam not only allows heat to escape but doesn’t warm with your body like a memory foam will. Both the Cedar and Zenhaven are phenomenal for warm sleepers and regulating temperature.

The Cedar Mattress by the Brentwood Home is one of the best mattresses you can buy for cooling qualities. It holds a top spot on our list of Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers. Every layer of this bed provides some level of heat reduction. Starting on top, the organic cotton cover quilted with wool backing wicks away moisture and stays cool to the touch.

The Dunlop latex layers naturally aerate to reduce heat retention. They are more responsive to movement, so you won’t feel stuck in a warm spot. They cut the second layer of foam specifically to provide targeted support and to channel heat away from the body. As with all inner-spring mattresses, the coil set draws warm air down from the top layers of the bed. Making the Cedar a perfect choice for providing a nice cool and temperature neutral mattress.

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zenhaven mattress reviewThe Zenhaven uses Talalay latex which is a material with open, breathable cells. Breathable cells create a cool surface, and in turn, you sleep comfortably. Even the top cover offers the benefits of naturally moisture wicking wool and breathable organic cotton. Both of these help regulate the mattress and your body temperature. Altogether, these naturally cooling materials will not disappoint. Though the Zenhaven doesn’t offer the heat dissipation of coils, this mattress still does great for sleeping cool. Making it barely come in second to the Cedar for sleeping cool.

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Cedar vs Zenhaven – Edge Support:

Both of these options provide solid edge support that you will love. The Cedar uses multiple layers that create a fully usable sleeping surface. That makes every inch of this mattress useable. It also has materials that are very durable and meant to be used for the long haul. The coil system creates the base of a solid build.

With reinforced coils around the edge to really amp up the perimeter. This paired with the two layers of Dunlop foam create a very durable and consistent sleeping surface. Giving full use of every inch of this bed for sleeping as well as even strong edges for sitting too. Giving the overall durability and quality a superior feel.

The Zenhaven also use the very durable material, latex that creates a very consistent feel that will not alter from middle to edge. Creating a great sleeping surface from top to bottom and side to side. The dense latex foam plus five layer comfort zones, creates enough firmness to create a solid sleeping surface.

You’ll never get that falling off the bed feeling, because the high-quality material creates a solid, stable surface. Sitting on the edge may feel less supportive, especially in comparison to the Cedar. However, sleeping on either of these mattresses will give you full use of all the comfort and support these mattresses offer.

Cedar Mattress Value:

The Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress is a durable bed that they made with top-notch materials. The company focuses on using the best eco-friendly components to create every inch of this bed. This mattress is not only a very comfortable bed, but ideally supportive and sleeps very cool. The design and materials combine to make a one of a kind mattress to make one of the best hybrid latex mattresses out there.

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  • Twin – $1349
  • Twin XL – $1449
  • Full – $1649
  • Queen – $1949
  • King – $2395
  • Cal King – $2395

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Zenhaven Mattress Value:

While the Zenhaven has a slightly higher price point, both mattresses offer great value. At $1899 for a Queen, the Zenhaven includes a 120-night sleep trial, 20-year warranty, and free white glove delivery. The Zenhaven is almost like getting two beds in one with its two sides of usable comfort. The benefits are endless! You can easily check every box when looking at the quality and build of this bed. The Zenhaven mattress comes with free shipping and a 20-year warranty and is available in the following sizes and pricing:

  • Twin – $1299
  • Twin XL – $1349
  • Full – $1699
  • Queen – $1899
  • King – $2499
  • Cal King- $2499

*Even though this price may seem a bit steep it is like getting two beds for one. You are also getting a bed that offers so many benefits and will sleep true to feel for years to come. Click on the coupon link below to SHOP NOW!

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Cedar vs Zenhaven – Value:

Latex mattresses are a bit on the expensive side and even the twin sizes hit over $1000. That being said, the Cedar mattress is less expensive and offers a longer warranty. However, the Zenhaven mattress offers free white glove delivery and a 20-year warranty, which is very substantial too. Both mattresses are a great value no matter which option you choose to go with. And the durability of their materials will not just last you for years to come, but remain true to their original feel for years too.

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Cedar vs Zenhaven – Summary:

Both the Cedar by Brentwood Home and Zenhaven by Saatva come from established brands and add a very unique feel to there parent brands. The mattresses both have easy returns and wonderful customer service to take care of you. The Zenhaven offers 120 night sleep trial while the Cedar has a full year at 365 night sleep trial. If you think you’ll need more time, than the Cedar will certainly offer it.

If you are wanting a latex mattress for your home, both Zenhaven and Cedar are wonderful options. The mattresses both have a good amount of response and will keep you cool during the night. In fact, the Cedar is actually the second choice for the coolest mattress to sleep on. The key difference between these two is that the Zenhaven is a pure latex mattress while the Cedar is a hybrid that uses a combination of latex foam and a coil system.

The mattresses also both have free delivery, but Cedar charges extra for white glove services. The Zenhaven comes delivered by a white glove service free to your home. This is a huge help since latex mattresses tend to weigh quite a bit and can be almost impossible to successfully move on your own. The Cedar mattress also features a 25-year warranty while the Zenhaven only has a 20. Also, the exclusive 15% OFF coupon we offer makes the Cedar a bit more appealing price wise. However, both are great deals for what you get!

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