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July 6, 2018

Brooklyn Bowery vs Love and Sleep

The Brooklyn Bowery mattress and the Love and Sleep mattress are two great choices in value and comfort. Both mattresses have several things in common and are completely made in the USA for quality assurance. Still, there are a few differences that set both of these models apart like one having different firmness options. Our Brooklyn Bowery vs Love and Sleep review will go through several categories. Helping you narrow down which option will be best for your home.

Brooklyn Bowery Overview: 

brooklyn bowery vs love and sleepThe Bowery mattress by Brooklyn Bedding can be yours for a low price. This is great news for those looking for a mattress that won’t break the bank. This 10-inch thick all-foam mattress has three layers of foam to create supported contouring. Taking out the middle man, Brooklyn Bedding provides you with a low-cost product. This mattress is even made in the USA for better quality and functionality.

The Bowery has a firmness level that supports almost all sleeping positions to some extent. Materials with cooling properties were selected in its design to give consumers a cooled sleep. With minimal off-gassing and a consistent sleeping surface, the Bowery makes a great pick. We’d recommend this mattress for anyone who shares a bed and is on a tight budget.

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Love and Sleep Overview:

brooklyn bowery vs love and sleepThe Love & Sleep mattress by Nest Bedding is an equally affordable all foam mattress. Sitting at 10″ as well and offered in medium and firm comfort options. Nest Bedding’s long standing history has given them much insight in to what mattresses are needed and an affordable yet good quality bed is always a plus. The Love and Sleep is their answer to offering a budget friendly bed that still offers comfort and support.

The Love and Sleep bed is also made in the USA and very similar in many ways to the Bowery by Brooklyn Bedding. Giving this review two affordable beds that still check several boxes for getting great sleep. Keep reading to se just how they compare from the delivery process to the value and everything in between. Including going over materials, comfort and sleeping cool.

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Brooklyn Bowery vs Love and Sleep – Delivery and Unboxing:

saatva vs brooklyn auroraThe Brooklyn Bowery mattress comes to your house with free shipping and is easy to set-up. Once you receive the cardboard box you just need to open it up and take out the mattress. Once you position it onto your base carefully remove the plastic from the mattress. The Brooklyn Bowery does weigh around 70 pounds making it hard to deal with on your own. We recommend having a partner to help you during this process.

The Love and Sleep is an easy mattress to set-up too. It also comes shipped to you in a compact box for free and all you need to do is get it two where it is going and take it out. Similar to the Brooklyn Bowery it is best to have some help move this 65lb box to the bedroom. Once you take the rolled mattress out carefully cut the plastic away and let it come to life.

Brooklyn Bowery vs Love and Sleep – Off Gassing:

brooklyn bowery vs love and sleepPost unboxing there are a few things to note about these mattresses. First, the off gassing, or odors released form both. The Brooklyn Bowery mattress will have some small amounts of off-gassing. This will be minimal and will dissipate within a 12 hour period. Be sure to give the mattress plenty of time to completely firm up before making any judgments on it. The Bowery mattress is made in the USA to help cut down on odors and help keep quality control closely watched.

The Love & Sleep will have a minimal amount of off-gassing too. This won’t last too long and if you give it 12 hours to air out the mattress should be perfectly fine even if you are smell sensitive. The mattress is also made in the USA which helps keep the off-gassing to a minimum while getting your mattress shipped to you faster.

Secondly, these mattresses will take several ours to fully expand and firm up. Giving both plenty of time before sleeping is necessary. And another 24 to 48 hours before getting a true feel is not uncommon. So don’t judge the feel the first few nights, it more than likely will change a bit within the first few days.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

Both the Love and Sleep and the Brooklyn Bowery are great choices with premium materials in their layers. Both are almost equal in quality and even specific layers of materials. The biggest difference may be that the Love and Sleep is available in different firmness options. Creating slightly different variations in their layers. But, it gives consumers a nice choice when trying to figure out what’s best for their sleeping preference.

Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Materials:

The Brooklyn Bowery mattress is made up of three layers of foam and is 10 inches thick. The first layer of the Brooklyn Bowery mattress is made up of 3 inches of 3.5-pound density patented Energex Foam. This layer of the Brooklyn is made to contour and hug to your body to make you feel cocooned in softness. It is also responsive to your movements and lets you turn easily at night without having a stuck in sand type feeling. This layer also is adaptable and does great at relieving pressure while you sleep.

The next layer of the Brooklyn Bowery mattress is made of 2-inch transitional foam. The Transitional layer is made to give you deeper comfort while being a gentle transition from the soft top layer to the firmer base layer of the mattress. The last layer of the Bower us made up of 5 inches of 1.8-pound density base foam. This layer is the core support of the bed and provides enough support to even let you sit on the mattress without sinking in.

This is all wrapped in the Brooklyn brands signature stretchable knitted cotton fabric. This is a breathable cover with a soft, smooth, and attractive finish for you to lay on. The sides of the Bowery mattress are also decorated in a durable blue panel fabric to give the mattress an attractive finish.

brooklyn bowery

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Love and Sleep Mattress Materials:

The Love and Sleep mattress is 10 inches thick and has two or three different layers, depending on your comfort choice. The materials will differ a little between the medium and firm option, but nothing will be too differing.

brooklyn bowery vs love and sleepMedium –

The medium option has three layers total with the first layer made of 3 inches of 2.8 pounds of density Energex cooling comfort foam. This layer is made to have the feeling of both latex and memory foam creating response and pressure relief. The next layer is made up of 1 inch of Smartflow air flow foam to help with cooling. This is also the transition layer that’s designed to help air circulate through the mattress and dissipate any trapped heat. The last layer of the medium option is 6 inches of 1.8-pound density edge support base foam. This gives the bed it supports and keeps the foam from sucking you in during the night.

Firm –

The Love and Sleep firm option is made up of only two layers. The first layer  is two inches of 2.8-pound density Energex cooling foam. This layer, like in the medium option, is meant to feel like a cross between memory foam and latex. It’s still a responsive layer that will allow you to sink into the bed, just a little bit less than the medium option. The next and last layer is the base layer. It is made of 8 inches of 1.8-pound density edge support foam as well. This helps the mattress be firmer than the medium option and provides most of the support.

Additionally, these options come wrapped in a Thermic Phase Change Cooling Fabric. This fabric is breathable and feels soft to the touch to give you a comfortable night’s sleep. This will give you an additional boost in both cooling and comfort.

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Brooklyn Bowery – Comfort and Firmness:

brooklyn boweryThe Brooklyn Bowery mattress goes for a more universal feeling of comfort to try and cater to a broader consumer base. The Brooklyn Bowery has a medium-firm feel and low prices to help provide a comfortable yet durable mattress at a lower price point.

The top layer Energex foam helps the mattress comfortably contour to your body while still being responsive enough to let you turn easily during the night. The layer also does a wonderful job of providing the ideal amount of pressure relief. This layer combined with the comfortable second layer helps the mattress contour to every part of your body. The transition layer also does a wonderful job at breaking up the foam layer from the dense base layer and helps you keep from sinking too far into the mattress.

This medium firm mattress will work for almost every type of sleeper. This means that back, stomach, and side sleepers should all be able to get comfortable on the Brooklyn Bower. The mattress hits right in the middle of the ten point firmness scale at a 5 out of 10. Overall, the Brooklyn Bowery is a great mix of contour and support.

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Love and Sleep – Comfort and Firmness:

Love and Sleep mattressThe Love & Sleep mattresses two different firmness options give you a little extra say in your mattresses feel. The medium option is a great choice if you are looking for a universal feel. It will work for all types of sleepers while still giving you a bit of cushion to sink into.

The firmer option will be better for back and stomach sleepers. The firmer option of the Love and Sleep bed is also a great choice for heavier sleepers who want more support out of their mattress. Both options have a supportive base that will give you the proper amount of support and be durable for a long period of time.

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Brooklyn Bowery vs Love and Sleep – Motion Transfer:

The Love and Sleep and Brooklyn Bowery mattresses are both made to isolate any movements that happen on them. Memory foam does a wonderful job at isolating motion making the mattresses perfect for people who share a bed or have children. If you are a sensitive sleeper then you will feel content with either of these options.

Brooklyn Bowery vs Love and Sleep – Temperature Regulation:

brooklyn boweryThe Brooklyn Bowery mattress uses several different techniques to keep it from overheating during the night. Most true memory foam mattress tends to retain heat well and do run warmer than their counterparts.

The Brooklyn Bowery combats this by using an Energex foam to help you move around easier while sleeping. It also has gel infused inside of it to help air flow easier throughout the layer. Additionally, the Bowery has a foam with an open cell structure to help heat dissipation even further. The cover of the mattress even combats heat by being made of breathable fabric.

The Love and Sleep mattress does a good job at staying cool while you sleep at night. The Phase Changing Cooling cover helps dissipate heat. This along with the Energex comfort layer and the SmartFlow air foam help heat circulate out instead of being kept in. The firmer option of the Love and Sleep can also be chosen to help you sleep more on top of the bed and not sink into the foam as much as in the softer options.

Both products do a good job at keeping you from burning up during the night. The two have barely any difference in how cool they run and sleepers who run hot will be happy with either model.

Brooklyn Bowery vs Love and Sleep – Edge Support:

Love and Sleep mattressThe Brooklyn Bower mattress has a supportive perimeter around the edge of the bed. This helps the bed have a comfortable feel all the way across and the edges are dense enough for comfortable edge sleeping. Edge sitting won’t be as comfortable over an extended period of time and there will be some sink from the foam. If you prefer to sleep on the edge then the Brooklyn Bowery will be a much better option for you than the Love and Sleep.

The Love and Sleep has an ok amount of edge support if you choose one of the firmer options. You will be able to comfortably sleep on the edge of the Love and Sleep without a problem, but edge sitting won’t really be comfortable for long. If you like to sleep on the edge or need every inch of your bed then you may find the Love and Sleep to be a little lacking in this area.

The Love and Sleep mattress doesn’t do as well as the Brooklyn Bowery mattress in this category. The Love and Sleep mattress is only ok for edge sleeping, and won’t work for edge sitting much at all. The Brooklyn Bowery mattress, on the other hand, does a wonderful job of giving you a consistent feeling all the way across the bed.

When it comes to edge support neither of these beds are going to have the best. If that is what you want and a memory foam mattress too than find the best in our Best Memory Foam Mattresses page. All of these beds offer ample and supportive sleeping surfaces and solid edge support to boot. 

Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Value:

The Brooklyn Bowery Mattress has a 10-year warranty that comes with it and free shipping. The Brooklyn Bowery comes in the following sizes and prices:

  • Twin – $449
  • Twin XL – $499
  • Full – $599
  • Queen – $699
  • King $849
  • Cal King – $849

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Love and Sleep Mattress Value:

The Love and Sleep mattress comes with a 10-year warranty and free shipping to your home. The mattress will come in the following sizes and prices:

  • Twin – $399
  • Twin XL – $429
  • Full – $549
  • Queen – $599
  • King $749
  • Cal King – $749

The above prices don’t reflect any current promotions or coupons offered. However, for the best and latest pricing on the Love and Sleep mattress head over to or click the image below.

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Brooklyn Bowery vs Love and Sleep Value:

The Love & Sleep and the Brooklyn Bowery are both great mattresses made out of premium materials. The Love and Sleep prices do range a bit cheaper, but the Bowery also has a coupon that makes it less expensive in the end. It also seems to be a little more durable out of the two. Both mattresses come with a 10-year warranty and will ship to your home completely for free.

Brooklyn Bowery s Love and Sleep – Additional Information:

The Love and Sleep and Brooklyn Bowery both come from reputable companies. With both models, you will have an easy return process if the mattress doesn’t work out for you. Love and Sleep give you a 100-night sleep trial to work with while Brooklyn gives you a 120-night sleep trial. Both companies also regularly put out coupons for you to make your purchase cheaper.

brooklyn bowery
Brooklyn Bowery vs Love and Sleep – Summary:

Both the Love and Sleep and Brooklyn Bowery mattresses have a lot of good points to them. The mattress has the same 10-year warranty and easy returns if you find that the mattress wasn’t right for you. They also both ship to your home for free in a cardboard box and have minimal off-gassing effects. Both models also do a wonderful job at keeping you cool during the night, so hot sleepers could go with either option. There are still some key differences that set the products apart and make the Brooklyn Bowery slightly better than the Love and Sleep mattress.

The Brooklyn Bowery seems to slightly edge above the Love & Sleep in just about every category there is. The Love and Sleeps biggest upside is the fact that it is a cheaper option than the Brooklyn. Still, they are both cheaper mattresses and the fact that the Love and Sleep doesn’t have good edge support is a huge disadvantage. The Love and Sleep do have three different firmness options to choose from, but the Bowery’s one option is a universal fit that most sleepers will love.

If you are looking for good quality on a tight budget these are both great options. See for yourself in our full review of the Brooklyn Bowery HERE and the Love & Sleep HERE!

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