September 19, 2018

Brooklyn Aurora vs Bear Hybrid

This comparison review features the Brooklyn Aurora vs Bear Hybrid mattress. Though both may fall under hybrid category these two mattresses have several differences. With their close price point but unique qualities comparing them side by side is a great way to see how they stack up against each other. Keep reading our in depth review to see our personal opinion as well as the benefits the Brooklyn Aurora and Bear Hybrid mattress have to offer.

brooklyn aurora vs bear hybrid
Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Overview:

brooklyn aurora vs bear hybridThe Brooklyn Aurora is a 13-inch mattress with 5 different layers. The layers are a combination of comfort foams and coils. This bed comes in three different firmness levels for you to choose from as well, soft, medium, and firm. This helps the Brooklyn Aurora match a wider variety of sleepers than they would just by trying to go for a universal fit.

It focuses on using innovative and technology driven materials for ideal support and comfort. As well as truly sleeping cool all night long, keeping the feel temperature neutral even for the hottest sleeper. The mattress is made in the USA and comes to your home in a compact box. No matter what your sleeping preference is the Brooklyn Aurora is prepared to help you find the perfect fit.

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Bear Hybrid Mattress Overview:

brooklyn aurora vs bear hybridThe Bear Hybrid is a thick mattress at 14.5 and is also a hybrid model. It uses a combination of multiple foam layers with a micro coil layer to create its level of comfort. The mattress is made to have a universal feel and hits a little above the middle zone of the firmness scale. Giving it ideal support for all sleepers as well as a comfort that many really like.

The feel of this mattress is very appealing to many sleepers, making it a great option for couples. The Bear Hybrid ships free to your home and is a rather heavy product. This mattress will contour to your body while you sleep to help give you a deep feeling of comfort while giving you support where you need it most.

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Brooklyn Aurora vs Bear Hybrid – Delivery & Unboxing:

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridThe Brooklyn Aurora mattress is shipped to your house completely for free. The mattress will arrive in a compact box at your door. Once you received this product you will want to recruit some help to help you get it inside. The Brooklyn Aurora mattress weights around 100 pounds at the queen size making it even more awkward to maneuver once it has fully expanded. The Brooklyn Aurora is made in a factory in the USA to help it have guaranteed high safety standards. All you need to worry about once you get your mattress is safety unpacking it and picking where you want to set-up your new bed.

Both of theses mattresses will come shipped to your house completely for free. The Bear is also shipped in a cardboard box to your home, once it gets there all you need to do is begin the unboxing process. The Bear is a little heavier than the Aurora with the queen size weighing in at 110 pounds. The mattress is also produced in the USA as well, which helps cut down on shipping times to your home. The heaviness of these models does mean that the materials used in them are more high-quality.

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Brooklyn Aurora vs Bear Hybrid – Off Gassing:

bear mattress reviewOne of the biggest things you may be worried about during the unboxing process is possible off-gassing. Luckily, neither of these models will have a lot of off-gassing or chemical smells to them. The Bear Hybrid will have some, but it should dissipate rather quickly. This makes either of these models a good choice for someone who is sensitive to smells. Once you unbox these models though you will need to give them around 12 hours to expand. After this, it will still take a few days to have them get back to their full firmness. Be sure to give your mattress around a week before making any judgments on its comfort level.

Materials And Layer Comparison:

Both the Brooklyn Aurora mattress and the Bear Hybrid mattress are made of a combination of different materials to create their comfort levels. The Brooklyn Aurora is the thinner of the two at 13 inches while the Bear Hybrid is 14.5 inches. They both have the same amount of layers in them and use materials that generally sleep cool. The Brooklyn Aurora even uses a latex and foam mixture called TitanFlex foam. The Bear Hybrid on the other hands uses more traditional types of foams in its layers. Out of the two, the Brooklyn Aurora mattress has the more enticing layers out of the two.

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Materials:

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress is made up of 6 layers that and is 13 inches thick in total. The mattress is a hybrid model making it a combination of both foam and coil to achieve its comfort level. The first layer of the Brooklyn Aurora is made of 1.5 inches of CopperFlex™ foam with TitanCool™ technology. This layer is made with phase changing material along with a cooling surface to help the mattress retain a neutral temperature while you sleep on it. The second layer is made up of another 2 inches of TitanFlex foam just made a little firmer than the first. This layer is made firmer in order to help give you pressure relief along with giving the mattress support.

The third layer of the Brooklyn Aurora is made up of an inch of swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. This layer has a lot of response to help the bed perfectly contour to your body. This layer also helps to prevent motion transfer from disturbing you or your partner. This all sets on the coil layer of the hybrid mattress. This layer is 8 inches of Quantum edge pocketed coils to support you. This creates a solid foundation while isolating any remaining motion vibrations. This is all wrapped in the two way stretch cover. This cover will keep your mattress from spills while being soft to the touch and breathable.

All of this mattress is wrapped in a super smooth top weave material. They put the same TitanCool™ technology into this finishing layer to keep the bed cool next to you skin.

brooklyn bedding aurora vs signature mattres

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Bear Hybrid Mattress Materials:

The Bear Hybrid mattress is an incredibly thick 14.5 inches with 5 layers to help give it a medium-firm feel. The Cover feature innovative Celliant technology for ideal recovery. The first layer of the Bear Hybrid mattress is a Hypersoft Cooling-gel foam right under the Celliant woven cover. This layer add a soft and plush feeling immediately on the surface. Nest is a premium comfort foam layer that adapts to all body’s types and sleeping positions. This layer cradles your body so you can rest undisturbed. Beneath that is a layer of responsive transition foam. This layer offers airflow and pressure relief.

Next is the Quantum Edge Coil System. For the mattress it provides superior edge support alignment, but for the sleeper it provides superior lumbar support, optimal spinal alignment, and unparalleled pressure relief. Finally, all of that sits atop a high density bandages e foam. This layer is crucial for ensuring that all layers stay in place, and is necessary for the long lasting durability of the mattress. You’ll be happy that the Bear mattress is a big purchase that provides even bigger results in durability. 

bear hybrid mattress review


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Brooklyn Aurora – Comfort and Firmness:

brooklyn auroraIf you don’t want to go for the medium-firm universal feel then don’t worry because the Brooklyn Aurora mattress is available in three different firmness options. The mattress comes in soft, medium and a firm option for you to choose from. These options help this mattress truly be great for a variety of sleepers out there.

First off, let’s take a look at the soft option of the Brooklyn Aurora. This option hits at a 3 out of ten on the firmness scale. This makes it perfect for side sleepers who like to sink into their mattress. This firmness option won’t be good for stomach sleepers as their back will bow and back sleepers may want more support than the soft option can offer.

The medium-firm option of this mattress hits right in the medium of the sleep scale at a 5 out of 10. This is the universal option that is popular with the most types of sleepers. It will evenly support all sleeping types, but stomach sleepers will still find themselves wanting a little more support at this level.

The firm option of the mattress hits at a 7 out of 10 on the firmness scale. This option will offer a wonderful amount of support to back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers may find that this option is too firm for them though.

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Bear Hybrid – Comfort and Firmness:

bear hybrid vs luft hyrbidUnlike the Brooklyn, Aurora Bear focuses on having one perfect universal feel for its hybrid mattress. This mattress is a medium-firm option that is between a 5.5 to a 6 on the ten-point firmness scale. This makes it supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers while having enough sink for side sleepers to be comfortable on it. This firmness is thanks to the coil layer being combined by the supportive foam layer.

The Bear Hybrid mattress is also made to comfortably contour to your body as you sleep. This helps you find the perfect spot no matter where you decide to lay on this mattress. It also helps with pressure relief and gives you support where you need it the most. Additionally, this is a responsive bed that lets you easily move around without feeling like your stuck in the foam layers.

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Brooklyn Aurora vs Bear Hybrid – Motion Transfer:

brooklyn auroraWith any mattress, motion transfer is going to be a huge worry. This is even truer if you are going to share your new bed with a partner. No matter how perfect sleeping together may seem, your partners tossing and turning can quickly create disharmony in your home. Most mattress companies have taken note of this and strive to create motionless products. Both the Brooklyn Aurora and the Bear Hybrid mattress fall into this category and are perfect at making sure your movements don’t affect your partners sleep habits. In fact, hybrid mattresses almost completely isolate any motion that happens on top of them.

Brooklyn Aurora vs Bear Hybrid – Temperature Regulation:

brooklyn auroraAnother huge step in picking out a mattress is finding one that won’t have you burning up during the night. It’s a well-known fact in the mattress industry that while foam is comfortable, it likes to retain any heat it can. Many mattress companies go to great lengths to make foam beds that keep a normal temperature as you sleep. With Hybrid mattress this is a bit easier as they use materials that don’t retain heat well with the foam layers. This makes it much easier for the companies to regulate heat

Every material in the Brooklyn Aurora was meticulously chosen for coolness. From the top-down, the two layers of TitanFlex foam use a latex alternative that is naturally aerated and non-heat absorbing. In addition these layers use TitanCool, which is a water based substance that draws on conductivity to draw heat out. It also features CopperFlex™ which has more cooling properties than usual. All of these add up to a very cool mattress that will stay cool all night long.

Not to mention the hybrid build that allows for plenty of heat to dissipate. The coil system means that there is a sufficient amount of air flow and heat doesn’t get trapped. The option of choosing a firmer feel will also help keep heat at bay. Allowing you to stay closer to the surface and sinking in less. Giving the Aurora top marks for sleeping cool and even taking our #1 spot for the Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers!

The Bear Hybrid mattress uses cooling gel in its foam layers to try and keep things cool. Additionally, they made the performance foam used in the top layer of the Bear breathable. All this combined with the coil layer helps the Bear Hybrid be comfortable to sleep on even in summer months.

Brooklyn Aurora vs Bear Hybrid – Edge Support:

saatva vs bear hybridEdge support is one of the most overlooked parts of the mattress shopping experience. Edge support is extremely important though as it can tell you a lot about a bed’s overall level of comfort. A mattress with little to no edge support can be a nightmare when you try to sleep on it with a partner.

Without edge support the mattress will force you to sleep more in the middle of the bed, making you give up inches of the surface to keep yourself from sliding into the floor. Luckily, Both the Bear Hybrid and the Brooklyn Aurora do well at letting you use the entire surface of the mattress for sleep. The firm option of the Brooklyn Aurora can even help support edge sitting for longer amounts of time.

Brooklyn Aurora Value:

The Brooklyn Aurora mattress ships to your home completely for free in a compact cardboard box. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty too. This high quality, ultra cooling and durable mattress comes in at a great price point. It has several comfort options and multiple benefits for all sleepers. And don’t forget to utilize our 20% OFF coupon to make it even better. The mattress is available in the following sizes and prices:

  • Twin – $999
  • Twin XL – $1249
  • Full – $1549
  • Queen – $1699
  • King – $2149
  • Cal King – $2149

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Bear Hybrid Mattress Value:

The Bear Hybrid mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial, a 20-year warranty, and free shipping. They made this mattress with high-quality foams that feel consistent and dense. It’s a durable mattress that will feel well made and solid for a long time. All of this is included in a reasonable price. Save even more by using the latest coupon. The current pricing for each size available without coupon is as follows:

  • Queen – $1390
  • King – $1690
  • Cal King – $1690

This super thick hybrid mattress is a wonderful feel for almost all sleepers. The combination of several foam layers paired with the mini coils offers ample benefits. Learn more and get the latest pricing & coupon at BearMattressacom.

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Brooklyn Aurora vs Bear Hybrid Value:

best mattresses for back painThe biggest thing you will notice when looking at these two is the lack of size options with the Bear Hybrid mattress. With the Aurora, you can pick from just about any size you need while the Bear pretty much limits you to the larger bed sizes. The Bear Hybrid is also the less expensive of the two beds with a longer warranty though. Both models come with free shipping, so you don’t have to worry about factoring it into the overall cost. Overall, Bear does exclude a lot of shoppers with its lack of sizes and comfort options, which does give us more reason to lean towards Aurora.

Brooklyn Aurora vs Bear Hybrid – Additional Information:

Both Brooklyn Aurora and Bear Hybrids customer support are friendly and willing to help you out with any questions you may have. Both beds offer free returns if things just don’t work out, as well as, sleep trial periods. The Brooklyn Aurora mattress comes with a 120-night sleep trial period. The Bear Hybrid comes with a slightly shorter period of 100-nights. These periods will give you time to try out the beds before locking your purchase in for good. Keep in mind that most companies want you to try the bed for at least 30 days before requesting a refund.

Brooklyn Aurora vs Bear Hybrid  – Summary:

brooklyn auroraBoth the Brooklyn Aurora and Bear Hybrid mattresses have quite a few similarities when you first start to examine them. Both mattresses are hybrid models that use a combination of layers to give them their overall feel. They also both come with free shipping to your home and are made in the USA instead of overseas. They also both offer a wonderful amount of edge support that makes the whole surface of these beds usable for sleep. In fact, both of them also have about the same amount of motion transfer making them a perfect choice for couples who are sharing a bed.

The differences between the two do exist though. The Brooklyn Aurora is the cooler sleeping out of the two making hot sleepers prefer it. The Bear Hybrid is lacking in most mattress sizes limiting itself with some buyers. The Bear is the cheaper out of the two but only comes in one comfort level. The Brooklyn Aurora comes in three different firmness levels making it give a variety of firmness options that meet a wide audience of sleepers needs.

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