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August 19, 2020

Bed In A Box Mattresses

The term bed-in-a-box is no longer just a term, it’s literally an online mattress brand. And when it comes to the online Bed In A Box brand you’ll get a choice of 6 amazing mattresses to choose from. With such great options you might be wondering which is for you? Which is why we are here to help!

Below we are going to give a concise and well rounded look at each mattress. This will give you a great idea which online bed is best suited for you. As well as an easy at a glance way to compare price, build and comfort. Keep reading to find out about each mattress offered by this easy to remember mattress company.

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Bed In A Box: Side by Side

Currently Bed-In-A-Box offers 6 unique mattresses. Ranging between 9″ to 13″ with a variety of all foam and hybrid beds. Each mattress will appeal to different sleepers. Below is an at-a-glance side by side view and brief description of each of them.

bed in a box mattress review

Essential BedInABox

essential bed in a boxIf you are looking for the most affordable bed in a box option than the Essential is the one for you. This 9″ all foam bed uses two layers, pairing 3″ of pressure relieving CoolRest memory foam foam over 6″ of Sure Align base foam. Topped off with a smooth knit cover and durable side panels you’ll get a new mattress that won’t break the bank.

This mattress is offered in one universal feel that is right around a medium-firm feel. The memory foam contours to your body and adapts to all shapes, sizes and sleeping positions. Giving you a mattress that is designed to align and support your spine as well as offer optimal comfort.

Learn more about the Essential mattress at

Original BedInABox

original bed in a boxWhen it comes to a name it sometimes says it all. Like most online mattresses most brands started with one option. The Original Bed-In-A-Box is where it all began. Offering an 11″ all foam mattress that combines two layers for a universal medium-firm feel. Similar to the Essential this mattress pairs 3″ of CoolRest memory foam but with 8″ of Sure Align base foam.

This mattress is a great option for so many sleepers due to it’s ideal comfort. With just enough contouring comfort but also plenty of spine support. You’ll never sink in too far and the foams are CertiPur-US certified for cleaner sleep. This bed is also a great affordable option that won’t leave you stressed about the price point. Making it another great option for so many.

Learn more about the Original Bed In A Box mattress at

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Azul BedInABox

azul bed in a boxIf you are in the market for a memory foam mattress but looking for something on the softer side the Azul could be the one. This mattress is also 11″ but offers 3 layers. Starting with the same top layer of 3″ of CoolRest memory foam, but than uses a 2″ layer of Pluralux transition foam over the 6″ Sure Align base foam. Giving you a mattress even better suited for dominate side sleepers.

This mattress also uses a UltraCool layer directly under the breathable soft knit cover. This added layer ensures that you never get too hot. Even if you are sinking into the bed a bit. It uses multiple PCM’s, or phases change material, to ensure you stay cooler longer for better rest.

Learn more about the Azul Bed In A Box mattress at

Tranquillium BedInABox

tranquillium bed in a boxGoing in the opposite spectrum is finding a mattress that is firm and super supportive. This is were the Tranquillium mattress stands out. It has a similar three layer build as the Azul. Only the layers use are a denser foam overall and offers slightly thicker base foam giving you an all foam feel that doesn’t let you sink into the bed. Making it great for back and stomach sleepers who like a truly firm feel.

Another factor that differentiates this mattress is the Tencel cover. Not only is this cover softer but also is more breathable and allows for better moisture management and longer lasting durability. Even with a slightly firmer feel this mattress is great for many sleepers. Especially for sleepers on the larger side looking for a quality all foam mattress.

Learn more about the Tranquillium mattress at

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Dual Hybrid BedInABox

dual hybrid bed in a boxIn our opinion hybrids stand out compared to the all foam alternative. Which makes the 13″ Dual Hybrid option our favorite of the 6. This is the only hybrid offered by Bed In A Box and though you may have to pay a little more you’ll certainly get more too. This mattress combines 5 layers of strategically paired coils and foams to create a bed that is cooler, supportive and long lasting as well as pressure reliving and comfortable.

Though it is only offered in one medium-firm feel, the materials create a balanced sleep surface that works great for all sleepers. The flexible dual coil systems paired with the pressure relieving memory foams make for a nice mix of adaptability. This ensures that regardless of your sleeping position, that you’ll be super comfortable all night long. Making it a great choice for couples who share a mattress.

Learn more about the Dual Hybrid mattress at

Eco-Lux BedInABox

eco lux bed in a boxThis day many people are searching for a cleaner mattress. Meaning one that is made more sustainably and uses materials that are more earth friendly. The Eco-Lux gives you a mattress that uses renewable materials to create the first and only Bio-Preferred memory foam mattress. This is the newest addition to the Bed in a Box lineup, and certainly a well received one.

Though the build of this bed is almost identical to the Original Bed in a Box, the 3″ of BioLux memory foam differ. And the 8″ of BioLux base foam an 100% organic cotton cover also make it unique. Working together these layers also provide a medium-firm feel, but they also create a bed that offers green certifications that go above and beyond the others.

Learn more about the Eco-Lux Bed In A Box mattress at

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Bed In A Box Basics

Whether you get the Essential or the Dual Hybrid, every bed in a box mattress offers the same basics. Each USA made bed will ship for free right to your door. You’ll also get a 120-night trial to test out the bed to make sure it is the best fit for you. On top of that each mattress uses CertiPUR-US foams for a cleaner bed. And you get a 20 year warranty on any mattress.

bed in a box basics

The perks that are included with your mattress purchase don’t stop there. If you are no financially in a spot to full out buy a mattress you also have the option of financing. Bed In A Box is partnered with Affirm to quickly and easily get you financing to help you start sleeping better sooner. Also, make sure to take advantage of the latest Bed In A Box coupon by following the link below for the best savings.

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