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May 11, 2018

Allswell Luxe vs Bear Hybrid

In this comparison, we’ll be taking a look at choosing between the Allswell Luxe Classic memory foam mattress and the Bear Hybrid mattress. Both mattresses come from well-established companies and provided a great level of comfort for their targeted audience. Below we thoroughly go over the different categories to give you the best idea of the two mattresses. In our Allswell Luxe vs Bear Hybrid comparison review is everything a consumer needs to know. From the materials each mattress is made of to the overall cost and value of each product.

The mattress have both been tested and looked over by our experts for maximum accuracy. Below, we have listed 8 important categories, with an ending review summary for reading ease. Each mattress has its cons and best uses clearly listed in each category. Making it easier for you to make the best choice for your bedroom.

Allswell Luxe Delivery and Off-Gassing:

allswell luxe vs bear hybridThe Allswell Memory Foam Mattress will cost you around $25 to ship. And you can also upgrade to a White Glove Service for $99. If you have a current mattress you want removed, by adding on another $50, you can have your old mattress out of your house as soon as the new one arrives.

The Allswell mattress in manufactured overseas. Meaning it will have a worse chemical smell when opened. Allow the mattress at least 12 hours to air out in an open space. This will ensure that any strong odors or chemicals have removed themselves naturally.

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Bear Hybrid Delivery and Off-Gassing:

allswell luxe vs bear hybridThe Bear mattress weighs 110 pounds and will need another person to properly maneuver around your house. While this mattress doesn’t have a special delivery option like the Allswell, it’s made in America. The Bear mattress has noticeably less odor than the Allswell, making it perfect for sensitive noses. This mattress can take up to two days for full expansion and you may find that sleeping on it the first night may be a little rough. The mattress will need a flat support to be used properly but does not require you to purchase a box spring.

*Both mattresses will come compressed compactly in a square box. This makes it easier on the consumer and delivery process to transfer the bed into your home. Be sure to give both mattresses ample time to expand for best enjoyment.

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Allswell Luxe vs Bear Hybrid Delivery & Off Gassing:

The White Glove delivery option is a wonderful feature that is great for women or buyers who don’t have a helping hand. Allswell does a good job by offering catered services for its customers. On the other hand, the Bear mattress seems to be made of slightly better materials. Causing it to weight 110 pounds compared to Allswell’s 70. Both of these mattresses come shipped in a rolled form and will have some off-gassing. The Allswell mattress has a noticeably stronger smell than the Bear mattress and is manufactured overseas.

Materials And Layer Comparison:

These two mattresses use a different construction and materials that make them less similar to each other. The Allswell is targeted for people who want an all foam mattress with a medium to medium soft fee. The Bear on the other hand is a true medium feel and a hybrid mattress. As well as being targeted to people with a more active lifestyle and need help recovering from their long days. The Allswell Luxe Classic Mattress is less thick than the the Bear hybrid mattress by two inches. While this does not hugely affect the support, the Bear’s interesting combination of layers will still give you a more restful night sleep.

Allswell Luxe Classic Materials:

The Allswell Memory Foam Mattress is a 5-layer bed made for those who primarily sleep on their back or side. The foam layers used in the mattress focuses on contour and pressure relief to cater to these sleepers. The first two layers are made of memory foam. While the third switches to air flow foam to add a cooler feel to the mattress. The fourth layer is made up of super soft foam for deep comfort. And the fifth layer is made of high-density foam. The last layer gives the mattress a solid core and overall helps give the Allswell mattress its medium soft feel.

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Bear Hybrid Materials:

The Bear Hybrid Mattress is made with multiple levels of material to give you superior comfort while you sleep. It is 14.5” thick to give it more room to pack in the support. It has 5 layers starting with a hand tufted quilted top. The second layer is made of breathable performance foam. With memory foam infused cooling gel underneath to make up the third layer. The 4th layer is a 1300 plus mini coil system. And the final layer being made of high-density support foam to nicely wrap everything up to create a medium hybrid firmness.

bear hybrid mattress review

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*It should again be kept in mind that these are different types of mattresses. Hybrid mattresses use a combination of layer types including foam. This gives a hybrid mattress a different feel from a full 5 layered foam mattress.

Allswell Luxe Comfort and Firmness:

allswell luxe vs bear hybridThe Allswell Memory Foam Mattress features a just below medium feel. It ranks at a 4.5 on the firmness scale, putting it just half a point below a perfect medium.  The mattress is soft on top, allowing you to sink into the foam while it contours to your body. Meanwhile the firm base gives you the full support you need to rest comfortably. If you sleep on your stomach however, this mattress may not be a comfortable fit for you over the long haul. Occasional, stomach sleeping will not have a problem, but the mattress is primarily for either back or side sleepers, due to the lack of heavier support foam.

When testing this mattress it was found that it did a great job of supporting your pressure points.  The topper was incredibly soft and the bed didn’t sink too much while it was slept on. It was a consistent sleep throughout the night without any nasty aftereffects in the morning. Leaving us with a smooth sleeping experience.

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Bear Hyrbid Comfort and Firmness:

allswell luxe vs bear hybridThe Bear Hybrid Mattress also features a medium feel. The mattress is a 14.5-inch thick bundle of layers that line up perfectly to give you a solid night’s sleep. The bed does notably well at venting itself out. The coil layer, combined with the cooling gel layer, does a wonderful job at routing heat out of the mattress while it’s in use. It has a firmness rating of just 0.5 points above the perfect medium of 5.0, giving it just a little bit of a firmer edge.

The different layers in this mattress make it perfect for all types of sleepers. We found that this mattress works great for all shapes and sizes of sleepers when testing it out. It gave us a pretty ideal level of comfort and is easily suggested for people that like to vary the way they sleep. The Bear mattress also does a wonderful job at giving you pressure where it’s needed, so you don’t wake up with aches and pains.

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Allswell Luxe vs Bear Hybrid Comfort & Firmness:

The Allswell mattress is a little better for side sleepers than the Bear. On the other hand though, only the Bear mattress can work well for primary stomach sleepers and offers a very rounded level of softness and support for all sleeping positions. The Bear mattress also has a better variety of layers to give a truly lovely amount of support throughout the night. They have about a 1 point difference in firmness with the Allswell mattress being the softer of the two.

Allswell Luxe vs Bear Hybrid Motion Transfer:

Both the Allswell Memory Foam Mattress and Bear Hybrid Mattress have very little motion transfer. Like most mattresses to use foam, there will be little to no vibrations or movement felt when your partner decides to get up or change positions. The Bear mattress does feature a tiny bit more movement thanks to its coil layer, but it’s still not enough of a vibration to wake a sensitive sleeper. The two mattresses are pretty much tied in this category with the Allswell just barely pulling ahead due to its completely foam interior. These are both ideal for single sleepers and couples.

Allswell Luxe Temperature Regulation:

allswell memory foam mattress reviewThe Allswell Memory Foam Mattress stands up pretty well in its category. A few of the included foam layers contain aeregated pockets within themselves. This makes airflow move a lot more easily throughout the layers and is a feature many other memory foam mattress lack.

The mattress still may retain a certain level of heat and can be a little hard to change positions in, thanks to all of the layers of soft foam. Since your body is held in well, it is easier for the bed to envelope you more causing you to become warmer throughout the night.

Bear Hybrid Temperature Regulation:

The Bear Hybrid Mattress does a wonderful job of keeping cool throughout the night. Thanks to the coil layer, the mattresses have more room to air out the trapped in heat. The added layer of cooling gel also adds additional comfort.

The mattress tends to keep a very neutral feel throughout the night and is great for people who dislike heat retaining foam. The mattress also has a denser feel that lets you change position easily and won’t engulf you, leading to a much cooler nights sleep.

Allswell Luxe vs Bear Hybrid Temperature Regulation:

The Bear Hybrid Mattress has noticeably more heat release than the Allswell. This is of course because foam mattress will always retain more heat in their layers than a mattress with a coil layer will. On the reverse side, the Allswell mattress is more enveloping, leading its buyers to a softer sleep. This can be a huge plus in colder weather or with sleepers who don’t get hot easily at night.

Allswell Luxe Edge Support:

The Allswell Memory Foam Mattress is not made with edge support in mine. The soft foam is best used for sleeping at least one to two inches away from the edge. If you try to sleep on the edge of the mattress, you might feel as though it’s dipping you into the floor slowly. This mattress also won’t hold up well if you like to sit on the edge of the bed and watch T.V.. The edge can also cause wear if you constantly sleep on it over a long period of time.

Bear Hybrid Edge Support:

best mattresses 2018The Bear Hybrid Mattress is very suitable for edge sleeping. The hybrid layers and extra firmness found in the mattress supports every inch of the bed perfectly. The bed still won’t support long-term edge sitting though and this should be kept in mind if you tend to sit on the edge of your bed while watching your favorite shows.

Allswell Luxe vs Bear Hybrid Edge Support:

The mattresses are on polar opposite ends of the spectrum in this category. The Bear is perfect for edge sleepers and has the same amount of firmness all the way across. The Allswell mattress on the other hand, offers a very soft feel, perfect for sleeping away from the edge. While the Allswell does allow for plusher sleep, the fact that the Bear mattress is well rounded all over makes us lean a little more towards it for this round.

*Please keep in mind that neither mattress can withstand long edge sitting, and this will cause the support to wear down faster.

Allswell Luxe Mattress Price:

The Allswell Memory Foam mattress comes in twin, full, queen, and king sizes. The prices are as follows in order from the smallest to the largest size:

  • Twin – $425
  • Full – $720
  • Queen – $855
  • King – $1035

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The Allswell mattress has a flat rate of $25 for shipping and offers the White Glove service as an additional add-on for $99. The bed features a 10- year manufacturer warranty to give you extra peace of mind in case anything happens unexpectedly.

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Bear Hybrid Mattress Price:

The Bear Hybrid Mattress may not have special service but does offer free shipping. The mattress only comes in three sizes, Queen, King, and California King. California King size mattresses are a little hard to find and are a welcome addition to the sizes offered, the pricing is as follows:

  • Queen – $1350
  • King – $1650
  • California King – $1650

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You can also add on a mattress protector to your purchase for just $125. The Bear mattress has a 20-year manufacturer warranty. This extra long warranty gives us a huge confidence boost in the long-term use of this mattress.

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Allswell Luxe vs Bear Hybrid Value:

While the Bear mattress offers a more limited range of sizes, the extra long warranty is a nice addition. On the other hand, Allswell has pretty much any size of mattress you are looking for at a much cheaper price than Bear. The addition of making California King size is nice from Bear though, and the fact that it isn’t any extra then the California King size is a very interesting selling point. The Allswell White Glove service is a wonderful addition, but the Bear mattresses free shipping is also a very welcome service!

Allswell Luxe vs Bear Hybrid Additional Information:

Both mattress companies offer a 100-day buyer guarantee. This gives you an ample amount of time to try out your mattress to make sure it’s the right fit for you. Both companies offer an easy return policy to help you get the right fit for your lifestyle if it doesn’t end up working out. Each brand also offers ongoing sales and offer coupons to help you save the most money when shopping for your next mattress. Both companies also offer great customer service for any extra questions you have involving these two selections.

*Additionally, Allswell offers its customers curated bedding sets. Allswell’s site features a bedding section to help you complete your new rooms perfect look.

Allswell Luxe vs Bear Hybrid Summary:

Both the Bear and Allswell mattresses have their own qualities that make them great. They both run pretty close in each category and have very little difference in firmness. The major differences only show up with edge support and the materials the mattresses are made of. With only 1 point in difference on the firmness rating scale, you can clearly see that they cross over into the same target audience with many of the categories as well. Still, the Bear does overtake the Allswell mattress in some select traits. Also, they manufacture the Allswell mattress overseas. This makes it have a longer processing time, which leads to more off-gassing.

The Bear mattress offers a much cooler feel and is better made for ventilation. It also is the only one out of the two to support edge and stomach sleepers. The Allswell mattress is a softer bed overall though and can be great for consumers who love the feeling of sinking into their mattress after a long day. The two also have a noticeable price gap between the mattress sizes, with the Allswell being several hundred dollars cheaper. It should also be noted though, that for the extra money you spend on the Bear Hybrid Mattress, you get an extra 10-years on your warranty compared to that of Allswell’s 10-year warranty.