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Accessory Review SlumberCool Mattress Protector

The SlumberCool mattress protector by SlumberShield is not only designed to keep your mattress free from spills, allergens and bacteria, but also keeps moisture and heat away from the body. We were able to try the SlumberCool protector out for ourselves and found it was a wonderful product for many reasons.



This mattress protector combines a top layer of Jacquard fabric that has channels that allow for airflow as well as HeiQ Adaptive material that was designed initially for clothing but the thermo-regulating technology proved to be a great fit for bedding as well. This Adaptive layer allows for a quick response to heat and moisture and keeps them away from the body to help keep cool and comfortable all night long. Besides the comfort layer on the top of this protector it also has a breathable barrier on the bottom to keep the mattress free from stains and liquids, dust and allergens and even bacteria. This layer not only shields the bed from unwanted damage and debris but also is able to breathe and not trap any heat.



This protector is a little on the thicker side, which some may find beneficial while others may find that a drawback. It is just a bit of padding that won’t necessarily change the feel of your mattress, but may add a little bit of softness to the top. It is a very comfortable mattress protector that along with keeping your mattress clean allows for a thick cover that doesn’t retain heat and wicks away moisture. This protector may appeal to someone who likes a little thicker feel opposed to someone who wants a minimal layer between them and their mattress. It also had deep pockets to fit over a thicker mattress and didn’t have any noise and from that perspective was hardly noticeable. This protector is a great added layer that gives for a little extra softness while protecting your bed.




The SlumberCool mattress protector did a wonderful job of keeping the bed clean. When it comes to protecting your mattress there are two main categories of how you will want this to be achieved. One way is protecting your mattress from liquids. Having a protector that is waterproof and has a barrier that resists moisture is key. The other is keeping small particles, like dust mites and allergens from getting to your mattress too. We put this protector to the test to see for ourselves just how well it did. We used a liter of water to test both the initial effect on the barrier as well as a prolonged effect of 8 hours. This protector passed both tests. The initial spill was contained as well as after 8 hours of sitting nothing penetrated the protector. This protector does what it is intended to do and keeps the mattress stain and moisture free



This protector may range in price depending on where you get it from. On Amazon it ranges from $70 to around $99 for a queen, which for this protector is a good value. It not only keeps your bed clean and free of harmfulallergens and bacteria but also adds a layer of comfort and coolness.



This mattress protector is easily cared for and is machine washable and dried. We would recommend using a low setting for drying though.


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