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Accessory Review Malouf Sleep Tite Five-5ided Mattress Protector with Tencel & Omniphase

A mattress protector isn’t exactly glamorous, but it sure is nice to have when you understand how much it can benefit you and your mattress. This Five Sided Sleep Tite Mattress Protector by Malouf is a great prouct. It protects all while maintaining a comfortable, non plasticy feel and is a perfect addition for any bedroom.



This protector is a five sided water resistant mattress protector, meaning that the material that protects the surface of the bed is used on the entire protector to ensure that even the sides of the bed have the utmost resistance to liquids, allergens and dust mites. The surface is TENCEL  and OMNIPHASE material, The TENCEL is super soft and light and is more absorbent than cotton. The OMNIPHASE helps regulate temperature by absorbing, storing and releasing heat for the best comfort. This soft, breathable layer is backed by a Lab-certified H2PRO membrane. This combination allows for ultimate protection and while still maintaining the ultimate comfort and softness. It is also made with a high quality elastic band around the edge to allow it to stay snug on any mattress between 6 to 22 inches thick. This makes the protector easy to use on pretty much any and all mattresses.



This protector is great when it comes to comfort. It hugs the mattress making sure that there is minimal to no bunching under the sheets. It also is thin enough to not alter the feel of the mattresswhich is always important. The TENCEL is breathable and helps wick away moisture and is also super soft and feels silky and luxurious. The OMNIPHASE regulates temperature and keeps the bed the perfect temperature while sleeping. The smooth top not only feels great but also is quiet and unnoticeable while moving about. This mattress protector not only functions as it should, but it also leaves a comfortable surface that feels nice too.



When it comes to protecting your mattress there are two main categories of how you will want this to be achieved. One way is protecting your mattress from liquids. Having a protector that is waterproof and has a barrier that resists moisture is key. The other is keeping small particles, like dust mites and allergens from getting to your mattress too.

The Malouf Sleep Tite Tencel & Omniphase Protector has a lab certified liquid proof membraneto resist and block all liquids, dust mites, allergens and even viruses from getting to your mattress. This protector claims to be able to absorb up to one liter of liquid so we have tested the protector ourselves to see just how well it does. We tested both the initial effect on the barrier it has as well as a prolonged effect of 8 hours after to see how well it did. This protector passed both tests. The initial spill was contained as well as after 8 hours of sitting nothing penetrated the protector. This protector does what it is intended to do and keeps the mattress stain and moisture free.



The Malouf Sleep Tite Five Sided mattress protector with Tencel & Omniphase comes in around $65. Which for a high quality, comfortable mattress protector is a great value. It also has a 15 year warranty.



This mattress protector is a breeze to care for as well. It is machine washable and allows you to periodically rid your bed of all the sweat, dust mites and germs that you luckily have kept from getting into your mattress. When drying line drying is recommended but if you dry do dry on a low setting with other laundry for best results. The ease of being able to through this in along with your sheets makes it that much more valuable.


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