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October 11, 2019

8 Things To Remove From Your Bedroom

What you keep in your bedroom can have an effect on your sleep. There are eight common things we see people keeping in their bedroom that really could be ruining their sleep. Do you have any of them in your bedroom? Keep reading our guide on the 8 things to remove from your bedroom to help you get better sleep.

things to get out of your bedroom

1. Your Work

So often we find that people are trying to save space by putting a work space in their bedroom. While this might be a space saver, this is a sure fire way to ruin your sleep. The things we set around us sets the up the kind of actions we should be doing within that space.

this could be ruining your sleep

Having a bed in your office is not conducive to good work, and having a desk in your bedroom is not conducive to good sleep.It may seem harmless, but when you put your work space in that same room as your bed, it can make it difficult to do either task.

While you work, you will be tempted to jump back into bed and relax. Then while you are trying to get a good nights rest, you will see your desk and it will make your mind wander toward work. You may find yourself thinking about an email you forgot to send, or a deadline that is stressing you out.

In short, getting your work life out of your bedroom is vital for your sleep and your work life.

2. Electronics

get electronics out of your bedroomThis is a hot topic for a lot of people. Many folks out there swear by their electronics. “I have to have my phone by my bed. It helps me fall asleep” “but my phone is my alarm clock” “but I always go to sleep with the TV on”. Trust us, we understand it is difficult to break the addiction to electronics. The rituals of playing a game on our phone, or watching a relaxing TV show can be fun and difficult to let go of.

However, whether you are on your smart phone, tablet, or watching TV, these electronics are highly disruptive to quality sleep. Not only is the content highly stimulating to your brain, but the lights back lighting is blue based and with tell your subconscious that it is still daylight outside and to stay awake.

Once you break the habit and get your electronics out of the bedroom (by the way there are better alarm clocks out there than your smart phone.) We promise you will get to sleep faster and feel better rested when you get up in the morning.

Want to learn more about the disruptive effects electronics have on your sleep? Check out our page Technology and Sleep: The Blatant Hypocrisy

3. Clutter

clutter could ruin your sleepYour messy room is ruining your sleep. When you go to sleep in a clean room, it is a relaxing and zen experience. Trying to fall asleep when you are surrounded by junk, is distracting and difficult. Trying to fall asleep with a constant tidying up to do list, is simply no good for you. An untidy room full of clutter has been proven to cause anxiety which makes it very difficult to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Want to take tidying up to the next level? Check out our article How To Maximize Your Minimalist Bedroom.

4. Heat

heat is ruining your sleepSleeping in the heat is no fun. Not only will you find it more difficult to fall asleep in the heat but if your mattress or pillows like to retain body heat you may find yourself waking up for overheating during the night.

If your bed is making you too hot to sleep, it is time to kick that mattress out and invest is a mattress that can keep you cool. We also suggest having breathable bedding as well. Stick with natural materials like sheets made out of cotton or eucalyptus fibers.

Looking for a cooler mattress? We’ve got you covered, check out Best Mattresses For Hot Sleepers to discover our favorite cool sleeping mattresses.

5. Your Kids

get your kids out of your bedroomWe know you love them, but there comes a time when they are old enough to stay in their own rooms. Getting your children to sleep in their own bed can be a difficult task, and you may loose a lot more sleep before you start sleeping better. However, allowing your kids to sleep in your bed or in your bedroom is more than likely lowering the quality of the sleep you’re getting.

If they are sleeping in the bed with you, simple the extra moving from tossing and turn, the occasional kick in the side. It all adds up to less sleep. Eventually they will be all grown up and on their own. It is important to show them healthy sleeping habits so they grow up knowing how to self sooth and get quality sleep as well. So as much as you love them, it is time to move them into their own bedrooms.

6. The Old Mattress

get that dirty mattress out of your roomIf you have had the same bed for a long time, you may not even realize that it isn’t comfortable anymore. The average lifespan of a mattress is 7-10 years. However, depending on your weight, the quality of your mattress, and how well you take care of your bed it could last longer or breakdown even faster. The biggest factor is whether or not you are still sleeping comfortably, or not. If your mattress is causing you pain, then it is time to move on. Find some of our favorite online brands HERE!

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7. The Wrong Bedding

the wrong sheetsHaving the right bedding is a vital part to getting the quality sleep you deserve. In the summer, it is important to have extra breathable sheets that wick away moisture like sweat and oils from your skin so you can sleep more comfortably. While during the cooler months it is important to have warmer bedding so you can stay warm throughout the night.

Even in the winter it is important to have sheets that are breathable in order to not trap excess heat and moisture. Even in the winter this has the potential to make you uncomfortable while you sleep.

So get the wrong bedding out, and the right bedding in if you want a good nights rest. Just remember, natural fibers are always best.

8. Your Pets

sleeping with petsThey are your children too, we understand that you love them and want your pets near by. However, keep in mind that even once they are fully grown, unlike human kids, your pets will never move out on their own. So they have the potential to sleep in your bed for the rest of their lives. Which is why it is important for your pets to have good sleeping manors.

However, if you pets are very large, or covered in allergies, or have a habit or waking you up constantly. Then it is probably a good choice to teach them not to sleep in the bed with out. If they are really disruptive, you may even have to kick them out of the bedroom.

On the other hand, if you’re pets are well behaved at night, not taking up the entire bed, not covered in allergies, and able to snuggle up quietly all night long. Then congratulations! You either got very lucky, or you are a very good trainer and you can continue sleeping in the same room/bed as your pet.

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8 Things To Remove From Your Bedroom To Sleep Better

If any of these eight things are making it difficult for you to sleep, we hope you find a way to get them out. However, if you find that sleeping with your kids isn’t disruptive right now, or that you love your mattress or if the heat doesn’t bother you. Then don’t listen to us! While there are a lot of common issues we hear bothering people and disrupting their sleep, everyone is different. The same things that bother some people, may not bother you. So make sure you listen to yourself and keep track of your own sleeping habits.

get the best sleep ever

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